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Found 9 results

  1. I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1. My Malwarebytes’ Web Protection is off, and it can’t be turned on. On Malwarebytes’ webpage “Malwarebytes for Windows Real-Time Protection turns off” Malwarebytes offers two workarounds for this: 1. Upgrade to the latest version of Malwarebytes. 2. Add Malwarebytes to your anti-virus’ exceptions. #1 is of no help to me, since I’ve already got the latest version. So I tried to implement #2. To declare exceptions in my anti-virus app, I can select processes from a list, or manually enter them. The only Malwarebytes process that appears in the list is C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamtray.exe I selected this process and saved the configuration, and even rebooted, but Malwarebytes Web Protection still won’t turn on. So can anyone tell me what additional Malwarebytes processes I need to enter manually, in order to rectify the problem? Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi there. Like dozens of other MWB users, I have been getting that notification 'Real Time Protection Turned Off' and like dozens of MWB users I have reinstalled several times. Used the MWB tool to clean the program off to then reinstall. Rebooted dozens of times, and finally listed all the recommended 'exclusions' to Kaspersky (see screenshot). Nothing is working. I'm paid up PREMIUM for two years. For the first couple of months it was fine. Now I get the notification every day, several times a day. I have the latest version (reinstalled... again... yesterday). Please can you help me?
  3. For some reason MB Premium blocked PayPal right in my inbox. I created an exclusion for: epl.paypal-communication.com. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  4. I just purchased a 2-year license for 2 devices.The first time I purchased a license was last year (2 1-year licenses) and dealt with Cleverbridge. Now I have to deal with Avangate. Here are 2 screenshots which apparently contradict each other. So my account on the software shows auto renewal as not turned off, and my.malwarebytes account shows auto renewal as turned off. Does anyone know which is correct or how I can resolve this?
  5. I am unable to use the Renew Now feature. When I click on renew now, I end up with the following: File Not Found The page that you requested cannot be found on this server. This might have the following reasons: The link you are using is not valid anymore or wrong. You have not entered the URL correctly. The page does not exist anymore. If you have gotten to this page over a certain URL, please inform the owner over the page that offered this link so that he can update his page.
  6. I have Malwarebytes Premium. Can it be used as your only virus protection, without AVG or any other program?
  7. This appears to be a fairly widespread problem among users of Malwarebytes Premium, irrespective of which version they're using. In the Version 3.2.2 that I have loaded on my computer, it's the same old problem: The Real-Time Web protection feature will not start. This problem cropped up after I updated to the latest version of Windows 10. In addition to Malwarebytes, I have AVG Internet Security Version 17.7.3032 and Webroot SecureAnywhere Version, as well as the built-in Windows Defender Antivirus. I am well aware of the fact that many computer experts say one should not have more than one anti-virus or anti-malware software package on their computer, but it's a well-known fact that no single program can stop every single virus or malware or ransomware. Moreover, my computer -- a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet -- is connected to the Internet at home by an open (unsecured) Wi-Fi hotspot (Comcast), thus it's foolish, in my opinion, to have only one AV program. That said, I'm wondering if my problem is being caused by a conflict between Malwarebytes and AVG. I had to uninstall both Malwarebytes and Webroot in order to get AVG -- which I selected as my computer's primary security program -- fully functional before reinstalling them (Windows Defender, consequently, operates in passive mode). In any case, does Malwarebytes have a solution to this problem -- which seems to be quite widespread?
  8. Hi. Can anyone tell me if I have a ransomware infection and if so why Malwarebytes has or hasnt stopped it?? I have Malwarebytes Premium on Windows 7 and everything is up to date. This week I noticed my C drive suddenly losing its last 20G but weirdly fluctuating a bit around the last 100meg. I used a junk file removal tool which found and cleared the issue, restoring the 20G. Next day it happened again. In User/me/appdata/local/temp I found a 20G bunch of my movie .mov files from D drive with random letter/number additions to the filename and the .crypto extension. I deleted them thinking something to do with malfunctioning cloud backup. Luckily I screengrabbed the top of the list and my cloud backup support guy told me I was actually undergoing a ransomware attack. No Malwarebytes (ransomware detection switched on) or Eset Nod32 antivirus notifications were received and nothing showed up on scans I just ran using both tools. The few files from temp I screengrabbed all seem to be intact when I checked just now but maybe they were still being processed by ransomware when I deleted them. No demand received by ransomware. There is no easy way that I could find online to bulk check what files might be affected. I have 17000 picture and movie files alone so can't check manually. And before I get the inevitable ticking off about backing up, sadly my wife chose last weekend to drop and break my backup hard drive, whilst my cloud service has separately gone faulty when it comes to picture backups. But of course it will be my fault if our baby pics evaporate. Aaagh! Any advice on whether this looks like an infection, any easy way to bulk check files for ransomware encryption, any idea why malwarebytes isn't picking anything up much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  9. Hello! Sorry, I figured this was the most appropriate part of the forum to ask this in, and I have no idea about this sort of stuff, so I was wondering... Can anyone tell me if malicious websites can try to access your computer when you're browsing Google Images? And I mean just browsing by scrolling down and enlarging Google Images itself, not directly accessing the actual image links or websites they're on. Malwarebytes Premium blocked a domain called 'error.fc2' twice (both at the same time) and I was looking for an image at the time - all my other tabs are sites that I trust, and had been open for a very long time, so my only explanation was that perhaps one of the images I'd enlarged was on some sketchy website that could try to access users through Google Images. I've never seen this appear before now, nothing strange appeared on my screen, and running a scan revealed no threats. I ask so that I can be more wary of what I look at in the future. In saying that, if Malwarebytes ended up blocking it in the first place, nothing would have got through to my computer, right? Thank you to anyone for any answers or assistance, and sorry for the noob-ish/paranoid questions, ahaha.
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