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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Ad blocking / pop-up blocking / cosmetic filtering is still a weak point of Malwarebytes Browser Guard. I wish to see it be good enough at those things one day to avoid having to use an ad blocker like uBlock Origin or Adguard or Ghostery et cetera alongside it. 1. Are there any plans on using a list of websites that commonly have annoying ads of various types that constantly try to get past ad blockers (like various adult websites, bootleg streaming video websites, et cetera) and ad blocking test websites to regularly test / train Malwarebytes Browser Guard against to improve its ad blocking & keep up with the advertisers? Some ad blocker test websites: Ad Blocker Test (d3ward.github.io) AdBlock Tester: test your AdBlock extensions (adblock-tester.com) Test your blocker (raymondhill.net) https://canyoublockit.com/ And various real world websites like I mentioned with constantly evolving annoying ads that are submitted to you that you can add to a special list to use for real world testing. 2. Any plans to integrate / use some open source superior ad blocking techniques, filter lists, code, APIs, whatever from uBlock Origin or Brave Browser(?) or Ghostery(?) or Adguard(?), et cetera; like how Avira had teamed up with Adguard for ad blocking in their extension I think (which now has better ad blocking than Malwarebytes Browser Guard)? Anyway, it would be great to see Malwarebytes Browser Guard improve to match or surpass those ad blockers. I am also curious to see what happens if you open up Malwarebytes Browser Guard's heuristic ad blocking for all websites instead of just YouTube, and train it against the previously mentioned websites & real world ad filled websites. Thank you, — John Jr
  2. Hello, I am curious if Malwarebytes Browser Guard is ready for Manifest V3 (Welcome to Manifest V3 - Chrome Developers)? Adguard Browser Extension (AdGuard publishes the world's first ad blocker built on Manifest V3) and uBlock Origin (uBlock Origin Minus: an experimental Manifest v3 compatible extension - gHacks Tech News) already have experimental Manifest V3 compliant versions of their web browser extensions. Even with the limitations of Manifest V3, I hope that Malwarebytes Browser Guard will improve in ad blocking / pop-up blocking / cosmetic filtering to at least equal uBlock Origin & Adguard Browser Extension & Brave Browser's built-in ad blocker; then I can finally use Malwarebytes Browser Guard by itself, and can recommend it by itself to others. Keep up the good work, — John Jr
  3. Here is one example https://quora.vern.cc/ The person owns vern[dot]cc is who has hosted many instances for open source private front-ends. These instances are blocked falsely because of suspicious top level domain. Please allowlist them. Regard.
  4. Hi everyone, I need support with Malwarebytes Browser Guard. The extension is automatically installing itself without my knowledge. SITUATION Few months ago, I have installed Malwarebytes Antivirus and in the installation window I could also select to install Malwarebytes Browser Guard and I did it. I uninstalled Malwarebytes Antivirus because I didn't need it anymore and, also, I have removed the extension on all my browsers. Unfortunately, when I open browsers, or I create a new browser profile a notification pops up. The notification says: A program it's trying to install the extension "Malwarebytes Browser Guard" with allow or remove it buttons. This situation is really annoying me, is there some way to delete this Malwarebytes program? I have already deleted Malwarebytes folders [in Programs and Programs (x86)] but it doesn't change anything. So, it means that the program that install Malwarebytes' extension is located in another place on my PC. I attached some photos to show what I see on my browsers when I open them. Information summary: BROWSERS: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (updated at last public version) HOW IT HAPPENS: Installation with Malwarebytes Antivirus, as an addictional feature. WHEN IT HAPPENS: Opening of new browser window or creating new browser profile. WHAT I HAVE ALREADY DONE: Folders Programs and Programs [x86] are deleted. Extension in my browser was manually removed (but a program is still adding it). Browser cookies are removed. Malwarebytes Antivirus is unistalled. IMPORTANT NOTES: Photos’ content is in Italian, but the content is explained here above. Malwarebytes Browser Guard was NOT installed through "Chrome Web Store", instead was installed by Malwarebytes Antivirus. Thanks in advance for your support, Bye
  5. a security tool being blocked as of today I thinks , however the developer is also from Kaspersky company . I will post an screenshot of the block .
  6. Hello! Please whitelist and remove the website https://automotivedefense.com/ as it is a false positive. Thank you!
  7. Hello I would like to report the first False positives for SoftOrbits software which are first-time blocked by the Malwarebytes Browser Guard version 2.2.13 screenshot is attached
  8. Hello all, Could I please ask for Community assistance to check for a false positive from Malwarebytes Browser Guard? The MBG warning "Website blocked due to a suspicious download" occurred as I clicked on a download link from Aquantia Corporation. For quick reference, Aquantia Corporation was recently acquired by Marvell Technology Group (in September-2019). The Aquantia brand seems to be in-process of being assimilated under the Marvell Technology Group corporate umbrella. Currently, the "www.aquantia.com" home page redirects to the "www.marvell.com" main website but the original Aquantia downloads area is still actively providing drivers for Aquantia-branded products. Concurrently, some Aquantia drivers are also available via Marvell's download page. Reference URLs: Marvell Technology Group: https://www.marvell.com/ Marvel downloads: https://www.marvell.com/support/downloads.html Aquantia downloads: https://driverdownloads.aquantia.com/ Thank you for your assistance! Best regards, Tommer
  9. I am still not 100% used on this Android device which is a full of Bu**t annoying ads everywhere on such new mobile . and I’m looking for an ad-blocker but there is a lot of fake ones on the Google play store . in meanwhile Google is also blocking an search item for "Malwarebytes Browser Guard" on my Android device . so I have no clue what ad-blocker is recommend to the Android device . could some one help me with this above ?
  10. Hello, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked any downloaded files from https://mega.nz/ , I'm using mega.nz to upload my personal files and before uploading any of them I scan with malwarebytes, the problem is when I come to download any of my files Malwarebytes Browser Guard block the file and tell me that there is a scam in the website. I think it is a false positive because I used the MEGA for 2 years without any issues check it. Regards,
  11. I started using Firefox on macOS (I already use it on Windows) as your extension is already present on this browser and because I got to appreciate its privacy settings. Also, having started using DuckDuckGo in place of Google, I wasn't sure that GoogleSafeBrowsing would continue to do its job properly. But I wanted to ask if Malwarebytes Browser Guard also contains features against macOS threats or only as regards Windows threats. I thank as of now who will clarify my ideas. Good afternoon Massimiliano
  12. Malwarebytes Browser Guard version 2.0.7 is blocking all of those downloads and websites as well . website : https://macrorit.com/ download link : https://disk-tool.com/download/mde/mde-pro-setup.zip and website : http://www.efficientstickynotes.com/ download link : http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientStickyNotesPro-Setup.exe and website : https://www.greatis.com/ download link : https://www.greatissoftware.com/unhackme.zip
  13. From https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/255169-win7-system-hijacked-through-firefox/?do=findComment&comment=1352928: Good question. https://www.malwarebytes.com/products/ positions Malwarebytes Browser Guard as supplemental to desktop security and mobile security. However there's a long tradition of people assuming that a desktop solution will be comprehensive, so I suspect that: many readers will not page down – many people simply do not discover Malwarebytes Browser Guard. From the blog post Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers | Malwarebytes Labs: – quite verbose (five paragraphs, 163 words) followed by a large animated GIF. In retrospect it might have been better to have an unambigous "Yes" plus a link to relevant product information. However … … the product page https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ does not mention that it can/should be installed alongside desktop or mobile solutions. This page might benefit from a simple table – not too verbose – that lays out the additional protection when Malwarebytes Browser Guard is installed alongside a desktop or mobile solution. No mention of Malwarebytes Browser Guard at https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac/ or https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/. ☑ https://www.malwarebytes.com/chromebook/#cms-section-2 does recommend installing the extension. The press release Malwarebytes Press Center - News & Events | Free Malwarebytes Browser Guard Combats Privacy Abuses, Tracking, Clickbait, Unwanted Ads and Tech Support Scammers: described Malwarebytes Browser Guard as a comprehensive browser security solution did not hint that the solution is supplemental (to desktop and mobile solutions). Side notes No RSS or XML feed for https://press.malwarebytes.com/ or https://blog.malwarebytes.com/. This can make it quite difficult for people to catch up on things. UX: the LOAD MORE button at https://blog.malwarebytes.com/ is unnecessarily far from the foot of the page, so I can't simply key End before using the button. It's necessary to key Page Up after going to the end. The product page describes Malwarebytes Browser Guard Premium but there's no such product (it's free, not premium).
  14. the website itself isn’t blocked by the Malwarebytes Browser Guard version 2.0.1 but it blocking all of the audio4fun downloads links as well and I think it is a False positive .
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