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  1. So with the suggestion of my friend, I have downloaded Malwarebytes to see check my PC. Upon downloading and using it; Malwarebytes has found mostly PUPs and I saw a glimpse of a rootkit somewhere in there. Due to my pc lagging ever since I installed Malwarebytes, I have uninstalled it and it has been fine ever since. But I am worried that I have left the rootkit there and I'm anxious about it. I have download MBAR, followed the steps both in the wizard and website; and I have found no malware. A few questions I have is that is my pc clean now? And why can't I reinstall malwarebytes?
  2. My cp usage will randomly spike to 15-20 per cent usage while idle, help me please thanks in advance
  3. I have these two programs called Idle Buddy and SSO on my computer. I ran a scan with Malwarebytes and cleaned up 18 threats, two of which were Trojan.Roraccoon, and the rest were riskware or PUPs. After rescanning my computer with Malwarebytes, Emsisoft, Norton, and other scanners, only a few things popped up and I cleaned them up. After another rescan everything seemed clean... So I uninstalled the programs and thought I was safe. However, just today malwarebytes came up with two new threats, this time in the admin account in my computer, both riskware. This prompted me to rescan everything
  4. My browser is being redirected, see attached image. Malwarebytes scan did not fix
  5. Hi, A couple of weeks ago I clicked on that video in facebook messenger and my computer is just not running well since. The reason I notice that it is not running well is that Dropbox now takes forever to sync and firefox most of all stops dropbox from working. I have tried everything uninstalling dropbox and firefox and reinstalling but dropbox is still very slow to sync so I imagine that there is still something lurking in my system. Please can you help me. I would be very grateful indeed for your help. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Sam
  6. Ok, so, Malwarebytes failed to detect the red screen. I ran the premium scan and nada. So I went with the Farbar recovery and have attached the files here. I have to say this is all very disappointing......what a pain in the patouti this is. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hi, I'm having kind of the same problem as seen in this post : https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/151076-im-infected-cant-install-malwarebytes-or-others/. I ran the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit like you instructed BNBarnes8 back then. I will add the logs from the Mbar. Can someone help me out here? system-log.txt mbar-log-2017-10-30 (11-11-14).txt Thanks in advance!
  8. I've been trying to remove malware in my computer for days now but I can't seem to completely get rid of them I can't even download malwarebytes, I've deleted all the Untrusted Certificates and I've deleted some in the trusted ones too cause I recognized the virus put it's self there. When I try to download malwarebytes I get Runtime error at 351:120 Could not call proc. Please help me i'm considering to dust the whole pc cause I can't get rid of these viruses
  9. I ran a malware check using malware byte. After the check the laptop restarted but I cannot access the internet through edge browser and windows store is also not working. I am working on windows 10.
  10. I Have cleaned this Web page and Removed all the suspicious data from this site. Its just Information Technology site. Check This URL https://www.msnbilling.com/
  11. Hello MB community. I need some help to remove malware infecting my laptop. How to begin? Please help me asap. I need to submit my mini project next week!! :(((
  12. Hi, I'm new to the forum, and I don't know where else to look. Got a new computer, it was running fine until I installed, or tried to install quicktime player a few weeks back, I immediately deleted and traced back files as well as I could, as well was ran a few different Virus scans. I would do a factor reset, but have some important school info on here, and I don't know what files are infected so I am scared to back them up just to have the hardrive infected and then the computer once again after I put them back on. The computer was running fine, but all of a sudden a giant chrome search bar
  13. My firefox has been hijacked by this browser I went to Microsoft as It came up in a search, to remove it , and tried all of the solutions that they said to do , but no joy. In the process I ran Malwarebytes as well Can you help please Looking at another post I ran Fanbar and these are the results Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. Hello. I just installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and ran it for the first time to remove malware. After the requested reboot, my wifi doesn't work. In fact, my PC can't even find my wifi adapter. I've seen other related threads here, but each have required individual troubleshooting. Please help ! Here are some pertinent info ... let me know what logs are required and where to locate them. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware database version v2016.08.30.12 Here are Windows errors that show no wifi: Settings -> Network & Internet -> Airpl
  15. I have recently bought an O+ phone and installed it Malwarebytes mobile and it detected two malware: Android/Trojan.Andup.e/system/priv-app/SysCore_AD_OverSea_ad_ibd_001_20150212_V7.2.4_001.apk which displays as Android System version 7.2.4 Android/PUP.Riskware.Batmob.me/system/app/Lovelyfonts/lovelyfonts_huaquin_noicon_4.apk Malwarebytes mobile can't delete it and I'm not sure what to do at this point. I can disable it thought, but not removed. Would it be removed when the phone is reformatted?
  16. I have some questions about malware/malware removal. I am running a Windows 7 home premium OS. I was using Google Chrome. I have McAfee antivirus standard edition on my computer. I was using the public library's network for the second time. I was searching yahoo.com for instagram. The search results showed instagram.com and had the little green search safe checkmark next to it so I clicked it. It was definately instagram too because I checked the spelling. Then a strange page came up: 18004727563callnow.404calltollfreenowtodiagnoseyourpcforunwantedissues.304calltollfreenowto
  17. The issue I have is that I have been remotely updating a 2 year old laptop that belongs to my fiancee's mother so her son can play Minecraft, She lives in the U.S. and I'm a U.K. resident. Everything was going fine until I noticed the CPU suddenly started hitting 100% and staying there. Here's a list of what I had done before this happened: - Installed Opera browser with adblock. - Updated all Java platforms (32 and 64 bit) including online and offline versions. - Adjusted the performance settings to best performance in advanced settings. - Replaced AVG with Avast which updated and ran a
  18. Avast keeps bleeping saying it has identified a threat about 14 times in a row. It shows as svchost.exe. but I am having no luck removing it even after following other forums advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Hi, I keep getting a message on internet explorer (banner at the bottom) asking me if I want to run or save impressionViewed.json I can see that there are some files on my temp folder with this name, and I tried to shred it with McAfee and I've also run Malwarebytes which didn't find anything, but now it's back. There are only 5 entries on google, and one is for exterminate-it and it also references malware called manifest.json. I can also find manifest.json in my temp folder Anyone know what this is, and how I can find and permanently remove it?
  20. When i try to download my McAfee Antivirus, i get the message " This Page Cannot be displayed " but internet is working fine. I also tried to check for Windows Update but windows says " could not search for update ". I have two computers one with Windows 7 and the other one is Windows XP & i am facing same problem on both. Please help me i have done the FRST Scan on my Windows 7 computer now and attached the files with this topic please check........ FRST.txt Addition.txt
  21. Hello everyone, new user here. I've been having some issues in google chrome lately, and was thinking it might be related to malware. I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me out. Here's the stuff that's been happening lately: -When entering a website or advancing to a new page on the website, sometimes something redirects me to a new page, either on that same tab or on a new one. Example: readytwos.com -When viewing a website, some words are highlighted in Blue letters for no apparent reason, and upon clicking on them takes you to an ad. -Other weird stuff
  22. I turned on the computer this morning only to find out that it is informing me that my Product Key is invalid, yet I had this computer for 5 years and this never happened. Attached are the logs the FRST came up with. I also installed Malwarebytes and scanned before I use the FRST scan. How do I return my product key to normal? FRST_21-03-2015_13-25-31.txt Addition_21-03-2015_13-25-31.txt
  23. Both my laptop and my phone have been acting odd lately, my tablet downloaded a random cameratest file out of the blue and I believe that there is spyware on one or more of the three devices. I have HijackThis on my laptop and ran a scan, and I'd really appreciate the help of one of your experts please. I'm waiting for your respone before I upload the HijackThis log so that I know I'm showing the right person.
  24. I just signed up and this is my 1st post. If I posted my question in wrong area, I apologize in advance. Hi, After few online searches I found a this site. After reading some post on bleepingcomputer and some on this site, I started the following process to delete all unwanted items on my computer 1st Step: Download & Run "Security Check" and copy Report 2nd Step: Download & Run "AdwCleaner" and copy Report 3rd Step: Download & Run "Roguekiller for 64bit" and copy Report 4th Step: (Pending) Download & Run "Malwarebytes" Since the post I read was based on Report specific
  25. Hi, so I ended up downloading a "bundle" that included the binkiland.com search hijacker and have tried unsuccessfully to uninstall the program. All I succeeded in doing was removing it from the list of programs on my computer, but the actual working parts are still hidden and active. Help? My pc is a Dell XPS 8700 running Windows 7 on a 64-bit operating system. Thanks in advance for your help! ~Oregonian~
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