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Found 7 results

  1. Malwarebytes found a critical issue in my phone. I run a full scan and the result was that a malware was issued in the application known as VivaVideo. I appreciate the help. I tried to research this through the web but basically no information was found. What is this malware about?
  2. Hello , I purchased a HP laptop 2 weeks ago. It came with Windows 10 Home & Student 2016. I have been facing these problems since the time I installed google chrome(from google.com) Random tabs keeps opening up after every while or so. I noticed mainly these: pipeschannels , one which redirects to ucbrowser, eatyellowmango which redirects to Flipkart.com and cpmofferconvert. Whenever I search in google chrome address bar, it automatically changes my default search engine to Yahoo.com. Every time I remove yahoo search engine from chrome settings but it gets back automatically. Same things I have been facing in Microsoft Edge also. What I have done so far I have uninstalled chrome and installed it again and also stoped syncing data from my google account. I have not signed in till now. I have checked my the extensions. At present I have only 1—Evernote web clipper. I have reset chrome’s settings. I have Scanned my system using Mcafee. I have scanned my system using Malwarebytes,Zemana, and one more such tool. Please guys help me. I have searched a lot on internet but nothing seems to be working. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  3. Hi, I recently removed some malware from my system using MalwareBytes and AdWare Cleaner. Ever since I receive multiple Bad Image errors when opening certain programmes, and (not sure if this is related) some of my USB devices have stopped working (integrated webcam, wifi adapter). These USB errors seem to be caused by a failure to update to the latest drivers, however I cannot manually update them as I receive further errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated, happy to provide any useful information. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm very computer proficient and a virus that was attached to a fake EXE file I downloaded has severely messed up my computer. I ran the standard soiree of programs to get rid of malware: MBAM - it detects multiple viruses and i would quarantine then delete each one, only for it to reappear again during a new scan (usually found in the System32/drivers folder) Adwcleaner - it runs and detected 50 or so threats the first time, now each time I run it it will detect one threat in the Local app data folder (%appdata%\IPNinja\exitnode\exitnode.vbs) Hitman Pro - I can't install this! says access denied JRT - cannot run, access denied Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA - it again says the disk is encrypted or otherwise access denied It is clear to me I have a rootkit installed that is preventing any sort of anti-malware programs from running. It is disabling the ability to install EXE files or otherwise run EXE files from multiple types of software. Furthermore, I have tried running system restore (it does not start), creating a system image of this disk (does not run, says error accessing the C: drive; fyi I'm trying to run a system image so that I can restore a 3 month old system image but still be able to look into what I currently have in terms of all my application settings / new apps etc.) and windows defender scan shows up nothing. I've noticed I had 90GB of free space before this virus behavior (from installing that rogue EXE file that contained it), and now my free space is down to 45GB all of a sudden. Before I ran the initial run of Adwcleaner and MBAM, Microsoft Edge and Chrome were completely crapped out. I noticed the ipv4 settings in both my ethernet and wifi adapters (i have them both connected all the time) were set to rogue addresses. I changed the ipv4 back to Google DNS defaults ( and and after using MBAM/Adwcleaner the first time and reinstalling CHrome, now internet works on chrome but Edge seems completely messed up. Nothing loads on edge no matter what. I'm a bit confused right now on what I can possibly do to fix my computer. I see three alternatives: Wipe my hard drive, resinstall windows 10, then restore from a system image a Win10 image I created 3 months ago that is missing a lot of my data and settings. This is not ideal but I'm hoping I can make this work as long as windows 10 doesn't crap out on me I'd like to make a system image of my current config (with virus) before I wipe this drive, since I have so much sensitive data and I can't really collect what I will miss if I wipe it with my 3 month old system image. Find a way to get rid of the rootkits so i can install Hitman Pro, JRT, Malwarebytes Anti-rootkit and eventually figure out a way to get all the trojan backdoors, rootkits and other PUPs off my computer. If system image fails me and I can't get rid of this malicious virus, I may need to start from scratch :(( Any help here is much greatly appreciated. I am truly stuck - and I'm afraid I have exposed my machine to logging into chrome with certain passwords that I wouldn't want any backdoor virus capturing. Any advice on how to proceed (turn off all internet connections? leave computer off until ready to troubleshoot?) is much appreciated.
  5. For the past month, Avast has been blocking threats in Chrome, usually with the same log description as the screenshot I've attached. I did a scan with Malwarebytes and it couldn't find any threats so I decided to start a free trial to activate real-time protection. Now Malwarebytes constantly gives me notifications that it has blocked redirects/pop-ups from www.tradeadexchange.com and popcash.net. I reinstalled Firefox and immediately upon opening it, Malwarebytes blocked the redirect so I don't believe this a Chrome issue. I have tried disabling Adblock/Ublock from Chrome but it has not made a difference. Avast, AdwCleaner, Windows Defender, and Spybot have not found any real threats beyond browser cookies. I even purchased Hitman Pro but it too has not turned up anything concerning. I don't have any unknown programs or processes and according to Avast's logs, this issue began around August 4th, 2017. No significant changes were made to the system at this time and I did not install any unknown programs. Today's Malwarebytes log shows two new domains blocked: www.liveadexchanger.com and www.1-1ads.com. the 8/31 log shows a threat from preview.ibb.co. I also added the following to my hosts file but it hasn't made a difference: www.tradeadexchange.com popcash.net Any help in getting rid of this annoying issue would be welcome. I'm tired of seeing threat notifications. I am currently scanning with Sophos Virus Removal Tool and will post the log here when it's finished. Cheers AdwCleaner[S3].txt HitmanPro_20170901_1356.log malwarebytes8-30.txt malware9-1.txt malwarebytes8-31.txt
  6. Using version 3.1.2 premium. Under the Real-Time Protection module, the Malware protection module will not stay started. It appears to start but never does. What to do?
  7. Url: http s://www. commercmicrosoft. com /commerce-microsoft-com-payment-options.php http s://www. commercmicrosoft. com/ htt p://www. commercmicrosoft. com/Microsoft-Payments-and-Billings.php http ://www .commercmicrosoft .com/about-us.php Please fix this problem. This URL getting detected as suspicious in this antivirus. It is an informational and technical support website. Please fix this issues and remove from malicious list. Thanks
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