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Found 13 results

  1. Twice in the past two days Malwarebytes has prevented me from accessing a reputable website via a link in an email. For example, today I could not access my American Express statement via a link in an email from AmEx. For years I routinely used these links with no problem. What is most frustrating is that I get only a screen that says "Malwarebytes blocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program." There's a link to click for more info, but it just takes me to a generic page -- https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/ip-blocking/?ipblock=true -- and does not provide me with the URL or IP that was bl
  2. Today, I've noticed that mbamservice.exe uses a lot of CPU. I've searched for a solution and all I've seen is that Malicious Website Blocking is the cause. Here is the CPU usage comparison when enabled and when disabled: WHEN ENABLED: WHEN DISABLED: How can I fix this?
  3. I don't know what to do, I have malwarebytes pro and did a scan and it came up empty. Skype.exe has been blocking for awhile, I figured it was normal because skype uses port forwarding etc and can randomly connect to malicious websites by chance(or atleast that's what I was told). Recently svchost.exe started popping up, and upon the restart of my computer my malicious website blocking module keeps getting turned off. Not only is it annoying, but worrisome. Here is some of the log from today, it was too long to post all of it... thats how much this this is repeating now. Malwarebytes Anti-Ma
  4. I have had an ongoing problem with Malwarebytes Pro for the last week now & I am not sure what is causing it. I noticed about a week ago that I could not enable malicious website blocking no matter what I tried. I uninstalled & re-installed Malwarebytes Pro & that seemed to fix the problem until the next time I had to shut down & restart my computer. Once restarted, I was once again unable to engage malicious website blocking. I am running Windows XP & so yesterday, I deleted all my past restore points & ran a full scan of my system with Malwarebytes Pro, Avast an
  5. Malwarebytes pro will not let me check Malicious ebsite Blocking. I read some other post from the forum, so I attached a log file from mbam-check. CheckResults 1.txt
  6. I've got an issue with MBAM pro which I purchased during the recent black Friday sale. When I enable the malicious website blocking feature, the ndis.sys driver's DPC latency skyrockets. This causes audio dropouts and crackling. Without blocking enabled: With blocking: The high pagefaults are due to my torrent client and can be ignored. They don't cause problems. Info about network interface: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller RTL 8168 (PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&REV_01) Driver 8.20.815.2013 (realtek provided newest win 8.1) DxDiag.txt
  7. Malicious website blocking and filesystem protection keeps getting turned off. Also, I'm having to go in and do updates manually, even though I have the Pro version.
  8. I have purchased the full MalwarebytesPro on 4/13/11 and now for some reason I cannot enable "malicious website protection" module on the setings. What is causing it? It has always been enabled and now it's not. Tried to restart and change it in safe mode and still the same thing. This is perplexing to say the least.
  9. Hello, I am unable to start the malicious website blocking with malwarebytes PRO on my Windows XP SP2 64bit. I have done full scans with no malware identified. Any help is appreciated! -rufino
  10. I have read the FAQs, and I don't see this -exact- question there. I understand that IP blocking is not the same as a firewall. But what about "Malicious Website Blocking"? The word "Firewall" suggests a wall against bad stuff coming in from the outside. So isn't Malicious Website Blocking a kind of firewall? And is it redundant to a good firewall, which I hope Windows Firewall is?
  11. I have used MBAM several times in the past and decided to purchase a copy for each of my three computers. Two of them installed fine and are working without issues. One of the computers it installed ok but for whatever reason I can not enable malicious website blocking. I click the check box, and nothing happens. I read through the forums and found people with similar problems. I followed the steps they took and have now run a full scan from MBAM, mbar, rouguekiller, tdsskiller, and combofix. Just about all of them found various issues and all (except rouguekiller which I only ran for
  12. I recently bought Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro and installed in my laptop. However, the protection is only partially enabled and I can't add malicious website blocking component. Based on the feedback in the forum, I used "mbam-clean.exe", uninstalled the software and restarted the laptop. Still I can't enable malicious website blocking protection. I ran dds.com/dds.scr and included the requested files for your reference. I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Attach.txt CheckResults.txt DDS.txt
  13. Aloha, I just purchased MBAM Pro and for some reason it will not allow me to enable the malicious website blocking. How do I go about fixing this problem? Thank you very much for your help in advanced. Mahalo, Matt
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