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Found 1 result

  1. Something is confusing me here on one of the problems plaguing Malwarebytes 3.0. It's that some of my fellow users are running scans and these scans are getting stuck on various files. But, what's more disturbing to me, when someone allows a scan to continue for 24-32 hours, and apparently this is par for the course for Malwarebytes 3.0. I'm not an expert, I'm an average user, but when does a scan last 32 hours? I can understand if I was wiping my hard drive using a multi-pass overwrite program. But, I've never had a security scan last more than three hours, and I have a 500 GB hard drive. If it's normal for a Malwarebytes 3.0 scan to last 24-32 hours, even just 6 hours, than disregard these comments. Only those of you with very large hard drives and tons of files can tell me whether a scan should last more than, let's say, three hours. But, if 24-32 hours seems out of the ordinary, Malwarebytes needs to tell everyone there's a problem with the scanning engine. There are many users who don't know scans should not last 24 hours. We all have different levels of experience, but when you scan your system with version 2.0 and it takes an hour and a half, and when you scan your system with version 3.0, and it takes 32 hours, what happened? What's a novice user gonna think? This must be normal because it's a new program. That's not normal. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I know when my scan is stuck. But, again, someone with less experience may not know. Those of you running scans, keep tabs on the time and which file is being scanned. Only you know how long it normally takes. But, if the same file is being scanned for a very long time, something could be wrong, and the scanner could be hung-up. I posted my own comments (Malwarebytes 3.0 Nightmare) concerning the problems I had with 3.0. Listed below is what I said about scanning with 3.0. "- Scan lockup using all three scan types. The scanner time continues, but the program is frozen on a file. The frozen file was different on each scan. Each time I had to cancel the scan. I was able to scan most of the time, but it froze on me at least every third scan. And, yes, I ran the scan multiple times each day to see if the problem persisted. It did." Based on scanning with version 2.0, I knew something was wrong when my scans were taking too long with 3.0. I also knew something was wrong when the time ticker continued, but the file being scanned did not change. I know some files take longer than others, but not that long. Especially more than an hour. There's something wrong with the Malwarebytes 3.0 scanner. From what I've seen, we all have had scans freeze on different files. There's no common file we all have that's locking up the scanner. Just as I said above, my scans were not consistent. I was getting freezes on all three types of scans. I ran a Hyper Scan with 3.0 and I returned to my computer assuming it was complete, but it got hung-up on some system file, and the timer continued to run...it was over the two-hour mark. On my system it normally takes 10 minutes. What I'm curious about...are the folks at Malwarebytes getting scanner hang-up on different files using 3.0 on their computers? Because I have not read this on any of the comments. If someone at Malwarebytes has had the same problem, I'd like to know. If comments were made about this, then I just didn't see them. A computer is a computer, and most of us run similar software. Windows 7 64-bit, which I have, seems to be a thorn in Malwarebytes 3.0's side. I run scans daily using all my applicable security programs. That's what I'm paying for. None of my other security programs are getting hung-up. Just the now uninstalled 3.0. I've run all three scans with the reinstalled version 2.0, and all complete their scans in the same times as before. Scanners should not get hung-up on different files on different computers. So, logic dictates it must be version 3.0. I just wish Malwarebytes would let folks know it's not normal for a scan to last 32 hours. Of course, if I'm wrong, again, disregard.
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