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  1. Hi, I had overheating problems in my windows 10 laptop for about a week. I updated my bios and upon restarting, a window popped-up, with a certain WINRMSRV asking for permission through my firewall. I got suspicious and i run a malware scan with malwarebytes, who found 31 menaces and currently 27 are quarantined. Windows firewall and windows security are not working right now (I didn't realize they had been disabled, I see a blank page when opening windows security) , as well as AdobeReader, which I now uninstalled. I would like to know if I can delete these files from qua
  2. Mohave 10.14.6 Macbook Pro 2018 Cloud Malwarebytes Customer steady flow of console logging on a MacBook host of this sort: error 13:20:28.570043 -0500 kernel Sandbox: RTProtectionDaem(108) System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/admin/Library/Messages error 13:20:28.570237 -0500 kernel Sandbox: RTProtectionDaem(108) System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/admin/Library/HomeKit error 13:20:28.571947 -0500 kernel Sandbox: RTProtectionDaem(108) System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/admin/Library/Mail error 13:20:28.585037 -0500 ker
  3. Hello, I had issues with my Malwarebytes updating. The error windows that pops up with, "An error has occurred." I uninstalled Malwarebytes and deleted the Malwarebytes folder under Programs. I downloaded and installed the mb.support tool and clicked "clean". After my my computer rebooted, I accepted the re-install for Malwarebytes. The install fails and the error windows that pops up with, "An error has occurred." and "Malwarebytes for Windows installation was aborted." I don't have a license, I use the free version for my pc. I have extracted and attached the logs. Please rev
  4. Hi everyone, good Night! Due to the fact that Malwarebytes does not remove viruses completely, I have used other tools to assist in the analysis and complete removal of viruses that still exist. I ask the help of the analysts on duty, where below the logs generated for analysis and disinfection of the system. The logs shown in the link below by malwarebytes indicate viruses in browsers, where they open malicious pages. https://www.cjoint.com/c/IBbxTmaeTHM Obs: A infecção ainda continua Can you help me solve this problem?Is it possible to be a false positive of ZHPClean
  5. I found trackerLog.txt file in documents folder this file contain this text 2018-07-01 12:19:28: reciver boot reciver,the mobile will power on 2018-07-01 12:19:28: BksService has onCreate 2018-07-01 12:19:28: PollingService has onCreate 2018-07-01 12:44:56: reciver shoudown brocast,the mobile will power off 2018-07-01 13:35:35: reciver boot reciver,the mobile will power on 2018-07-01 13:35:36: BksService has onCreate 2018-07-01 13:35:36: PollingService has onCreate when I delete this file it appears later by itself. file found on "Alcatel Shine Lite 5080x" phone.
  6. I installed Premium last week and two scans have run. The first one took about an hour 40 mins (1:39:27) and scanned 520,805 objects - per the log report. Tonight the scan ran again but took 3:21:52 while also reportin 520,805 scanned objects. I didn't use the PC during tonight's scan but when I looked in on the progress at one point the app was reporting well into 900,000 objects scanned. Can anyone explain the discrepancy in the 900,000 vs the reported 520,805? And, why tonight's scan took almost two hours longer? (The first scan I *don't think* I was using the PC either - but maybe it went
  7. Hey all, We configured our syslog settings to forward logs to our logging server. It appears to only sort of be working. We'll get a detection at 2:08AM, but they aren't forwarding to our logging server until a few hours later. And we're noticing sometimes nothing gets forwarded. Is there any better documentation outside of the "just put your syslog server settings here" that is in the Management Console? Or any hints or tips on how to make this work better?
  8. Where are the logs for MBAM for Mac stored? (the file path/directly location)
  9. Hello, The log file shows "Protection: Disabled". The admin console listed this PC is protected with no errors. What Protection: Disabled is or means? Management Console v 1.5.2701 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MEE) www.malwarebytes.org Database version: v2017.08.04.03 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x64 NTFS Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18697 XXXXX :: XXXXX [administrator] Protection: Disabled 8/08/2017 10:28:50 AM mbam-log-2017-08-08 (10-28-50).txt Scan type: Flash scan Scan options enabled: Memory | Startup | Heuristics/Extra | Heuristics/Sh
  10. I have this trojan called Imminent it won't leave my system it comes back everyday! It hijacks firefox's logs and won't leave please help! here is a log from the scan, The file is usually about 30 bytes for some reason but it wont go away! Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 10/10/2016 Scan Time: 3:15 PM Logfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Malware Database: v2016.10.10.07 Rootkit Database: v2016.09.26.02 License: Free Malware Protection: Disabled Malicious Website Protection: Disabled Self-protection: Disabled OS:
  11. Hi, Im wondering if there are any registry entries, that shouldnt be removed. (File as attachment) Note: Its okay fo rme that it deletes unnecceary parts of AVG. Greetings and thank you already! AdwCleaner[S1].txt
  12. Right now my company is using the corporate edition of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version I have been wanting to write a script to process the log files, right now the log files are in a text file format. I see in the consumer version 2.0 they changed the log file format from text file to an XML file format. I would like to pursue making a script to process text files on the corporate edition, but need to know if Malwarebytes plans on sticking to the text file format, or is there a planned change in a near future version to switch to the XML format? Any input would be much apprec
  13. This is my log. Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarewww.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 11/23/2015Scan Time: 5:20 PMLogfile: d.txtAdministrator: Yes Version: Database: v2015.11.23.09Rootkit Database: v2015.11.23.01License: FreeMalware Protection: DisabledMalicious Website Protection: DisabledSelf-protection: Disabled OS: Windows 10CPU: x64File System: NTFSUser: Bryce Scan Type: Threat ScanResult: CompletedObjects Scanned: 348568Time Elapsed: 10 min, 37 sec Memory: EnabledStartup: EnabledFilesystem: EnabledArchives: EnabledRootkits: DisabledHeuristics: EnabledPUP: EnabledPUM: Enabled Pro
  14. # AdwCleaner v5.016 - Creato file registro eventi 01/11/2015 in 23:50:53 # Aggiornato 01/11/2015 da Xplode # Database : 2015-11-01.2 [server] # Sistema operativo : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (x86) # Nome utente : Gakutenou - FROSTIE # In esecuzione da : C:\Documents\Downloads\adwcleaner_5.016.exe # Opzione : Analisi # Supporto : http://toolslib.net/forum ***** [ Servizi ] ***** ***** [ Cartelle ] ***** ***** [ File ] ***** ***** [ DLLs ] ***** ***** [ Collegamenti ] ***** ***** [ Attività pianificate ] ***** ***** [ Registry ] ***** Chiave Trovato : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Micr
  15. Hi, please some expert would help me with this hijackthis log. My computer is slow and the task manger is showing 100% of disk usage. Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 16:59:42, on 05/08/2015Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.02.1008)MSIE: Internet Explorer v11.0 (11.00.9600.17840) Running processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXEC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Internet Services\iCloudServices.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exeC:\Users\hp touch\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin\Dropbox.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\YouCam\YCMMirage
  16. Hi, Today I scanned my computer and MBAM found javaws.exe and called it a Backdoor.Bot. I'm thinking this is a false positive because a little research said that it was Java Web Start. It is digitally signed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. In the zipped attached you will find the log file and the detected object. The object was found here: C:\Windows\System32\javaws.exe
  17. will someone look at my log and see if I need to do anythingCheckResults.txt
  18. Incredible software. TY!! Quick scan found 300 PUPs in over 30k files. Do I only delete the 3 software selected checked ones or the entire 300 list from the MalwarBytes results log? Are any of them important to keep? Below are the 3 selected 'Adware's followed by two similar software-unselected PUP files. All dealing with FlashPlayer. After that is the entire list of 300. My problem is tons of ads popping up and an especially upper right hand screen corner rolling down in various degrees to reveal an underlying ad. Further, my cursor and screen freeze. C:\Users\N\Downloads\Flash
  19. Hello everybody, I installed MEE some time ago. Great Software. No problems. Until now. We had some problems with a workstations browser functionality. I analyzed the problem and found that the MySearchResults.com search engine was installed. I started a totalscan from the management console. Totalscan was started (blue) Totalscan finished after some time (green) Nothing found. We use MEE-Client in silent mode. I installed the Client again with a new policy so I could start it on the Workstation. I started totalscan directly on the workstation again and it found over 30 infections. I
  20. Hello, i have ran malwarebytes/hijackthis and i think i have a virus on my computer but i have no idea of what this code below means i would appreciate if someone could check it for me and let me know if i do and how to get rid of the virus. Thank you, Matthew. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.5 Scan saved at 04:54:37, on 16/11/2013 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505) MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421) FIREFOX: 25.0.1 (en-US) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\PANDA SECURITY\PANDA INTERNET SECURITY 2012\WebProxy.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\P
  21. Hello everyone, Today I performed a full system scan with MBAM which detected several , about 100 infected registry keys , I know that deleting registry key can be very dangerous to the functioning of the OI, so I do not know if I should delete all the files appearing in the scan.Which one of them will be SAFE to delete ? Should I delete all the files from the Scan or just some of them, How I should continue? Thank you very much, I'll appreciate any help or suggestion! Here is the Log Database version: v2013.09.29.01 Windows Vista Service Pack 2 x86 NTFS Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16
  22. I suspect that my colleague has installed a keylogger or similar software that sends him information about my activities on the PC to my laptop. Can you please check my log? Thank you so much in advance! Logfile of random's system information tool 1.09 (written by random/random) Run by Renca at 2013-06-22 14:08:22 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 System drive C: has 193 GB (81%) free of 238 GB Total RAM: 3033 MB (57% free) Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4 Scan saved at 14:08:36, on 22.6.2013 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505) MSIE: Internet Explorer v10.0 (10
  23. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4 Scan saved at 10:26:50, on 09/04/2013 Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504) MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16700) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\Windows\system32\taskhost.exe C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.1000.157.105\Bin\ccSvcHst.exe C:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exe C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtDCpl.exe C:\Windows\System32\igfxtray.exe C:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exe C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD9\PDVD9Serv.exe C:\Program Files\Roxio\OEM\Ro
  24. Protection log and Scan log doesnt log the realtime scan which detectes malware and shows a red pop up. Also I have seen that some files (like packers), tagged as malware are never logged in any place. It will be nice to add a exclude option in the red pop up warning for detected malware and not having to exclude it manually.
  25. Hi guys, I'm trying to fix a friend's laptop. Appears to be affected with the Ukash virus. I can't follow the instructions as per the 'guide' in the other forum - since I can't boot to safe mode with networking. It automatically logs me off as soon as I enter either safe mode or safe mode with networking. I found another thread with a similar issue and the user was asked to use FRST.exe to diagnose. I've followed those steps and have attached it here. Please let me know if there is something else I need to do. Appreciate any help with this. FRST.txt Search.txt
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