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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, What is the best way for me to contact Malwarebytes for help? I have contacted them multiple times over the last few weeks via the 'Help' tab from my account and I am yet to receive a response. In summary, I purchased 5 lifetime license back in 2016, directly from their website. Not a third party site, directly from Malwarebytes. 4 of those licenses have always been used and they show on my account page when I log into Malwarebytes. I recently purchased a 2nd laptop but I am unable to activate that fifth license. I have the original Invoice and email supplying the invoice when I purchased it directly from Malwarebytes. My other 4 licenses work but no the 5th. Can someone please direct me to the best contact method for Malwarebytes so I can attempt to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance, any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi I have lifetime key and It got blacklisted if anybody knows why I would like to know Also if someone know where can I buy life time keys contact me
  3. I bought a lifetime license for MBAM back in 2010 back when the paid version of MBAM was called MBAM Pro. And I'm wondering how long are they good for? The reason I ask is because a friend of mine told me that there only good for around 10 to 20 years. Is this true?
  4. this is the second time this has happened to me. It works and then whoosh it takes away my license key and says i'm using a free version, i didn't do that, I can't enter my license key because it says blacklisted. my license is suppose to be a lifetime license. I need help please. Need ssupport ticket, site taking me in circles, don't know proper place to go to get support ticket
  5. Recently I was alerted that my Lifetime license, which was purchased from Amazon Digital Services, Inc., is Blacklisted. support ticket: 2695584
  6. I followed the link to upgrade to version three, on completion of installation my Malwarebytes has reverted to the free trial period. I tried to activate by manually inputting my ID and license key but got a message that "I have exceeded the maximum allowed number of installations allowed. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license." I clicked on the button "Deactivate other devices" and I was diverted to the Malwarebytes website which had a message "OOPS something has gone wrong". I logged into my account to attempt to activate my licence from there but that also failed and my licence details on my account showed " number of devices activated 0/1 (none of one)" I have a lifetime licences for the product which I bought on 24 October 2013, this is the Malwarebytes invoice number date, I also have the documentation from Cleverbridge; Your cleverbridge reference number: 51158243, this was paid for with Paypal. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Malwarebytes but this does not help. I would welcome help from other forum users and also from Malwarebytes staff. Can you please help me to resolve this activation issue, the trial period left is now twelve days and I wish to have the activation completed before this "trial period" expires. Regards, ChrisJC
  7. So I am stuck here on this one as well. Wishing things just worked as intended instead of fighting with everything. I noticed last night that for some reason malware bytes was uninstalled from my computer. Weird but ok (I blame windows 10) so I downloaded the installed activated my key, checked for updates, and ran a treat scan. This morning it pops up with Real-Time Protection layers turned off. I found the options on Malwarebytes and try to turn it on. It gives me the Starting... but never changes and the dumb pop thing for Malware keep notifying me its off. It is also not scanning properly when I click for it to scan. Scan not files for 1 to 2 sec and then says finished. I have uninstalled it already this morning, used the mbam cleaner tool (mbam-clean- and reinstalled it to no success. I don't know if this is the most up to date cleaner or not. I have checked the compatibility Porthos mentioned earlier in this thread. I have also went into Windows Defender and added the exception for the files. I have windows 10 64bit, windows defender and soon to be a different malware software if they cant get their crap together. I don't get to spend a lot of time on the computer and when I do I when I am trying to fix someone else mistakes specially when I have paid for the service. It like paying someone to wash your car and they expect you to run the hose, fill their buckets, and grab their rags for them when they ask for it. Sorry for the rant and I did read you Quote, Porthos, so I do thank you for your time although Malware should be putting a check in the mail for you. At a loss here.
  8. I originally purchased Malwarebytes Premium in 2011 under a lifetime license. It seems MB Prem is now billed annually. Will updating to v 3.x cause me to lose that lifetime license and I'll have to start paying an annual fee? I'm having the same issue as many others regarding real-time web protection shutting down. Support had me run through several tests, and is now suggesting I do a clean install of the latest version, using the MB clean tool. Just wondering if doing so is going to force me into an annual license? TIA
  9. Hi all I have a 1 lifetime Anti-Malware license for PC which I got back in the day. It's dutifully upgraded over the years, most recently 7 November, when I got version I'm runing Windows 10 Home (Build 16299) and Norton Premium. Today (Sat. 18 Nov) was a big day for updates. I got a Windows update, Adobe Reader 11 (and changed it for Acrobat DC), 100 MB of Norton - I think that's it. At one point my Outlook 2013 client (I was online at the time) got fed up with working and disappeared. (I mean its open windows did - its icon stayed on the taskbar and kept launching textboxes at me when I asked it to reopen saying no, it wouldn't). It was about then I noticed the orange popups in the lower right corner screaming there was no realtime protection. I had recently clicked accidentally on a link in an email I distrusted and, although nothing happened except the Microsoft "something's-happening" wheel rotated for a bit, I've paranoically worried since I've thereby downloaded spyware which will call back to mother next time I go online. I've done a compatability check, repeated scans in and out of Safe Mode. Found nothing - changed nothing. I'm only unable to turn real-time protection on. All other settings except Delay real time protection ... I've turned or left on. I'm writing this from another laptop. So, long story short, help??? ausgumbie
  10. I have a lifetime license for three computers. I had one of my computers hard drive fail and I have to re-install windows on that computer, but now when I register it says that I do not have anymore licenses available. I sent a report inquiry last week and I have not heard from anyone yet with regards to my situation. I event tried to log into your website to reset my license, but you website says I do not have an account. Who can I talk to about this to get this resolved? Thanks Arthur
  11. I have a lifetime license for Malwarebytes for windows. My Malwarebytes for Android just updated to a new "Premier" version, which after 30 days will require a paid license. Are lifetime licenses available for this product if I have a lifetime license for your the Windows Version. If so what is the cost for people with lifetime licenses for Malwarebytes?
  12. I found this website that sells lifetime malwarebytes license, I did like to do a check on here to see if they are authorized resellers and if it is safe to purchase it or not. The website looks very promising and legit. It also have alot of good reviews, I did some research on the reviews of that website. -> https://www.itfactory.ca/malwarebytes-anti-malware-bilingual-retail
  13. Malwarebytes 3 (MB) upgrade: Lifetime Licenses DO NOT WORK beyond 24 hours, WILL NOT UPDATE! I purchased 3 lifetime subscriptions to MB in 2013 and 2014. NONE of them work with the MB version 3. Since 4/25/2017 I have installed Malwarebytes 3 every day to do a scan on my computer. The next morning, Malwarebytes will not update, I cannot reinstall MB over the existing program, so I uninstall MB, reboot my computer and download a new version of the program to do a scan. I have tried all 3 lifetime program keys and id's, and none of them will update or function after 24 hours. I deactivate the license to free - and it doesn't work either. I have sent the support team all three of my MB license numbers - and still none of them work, beyond 24 hours. I have spent hours attempting to fix the problem with the support team. I have simply given up.
  14. Hi, A couple of years ago I purchased a lifetime license of Malwarebytes. I was under the impression that it allowed me to install on up to 3 PCs, and indeed, it did work on my desktop and two laptops with no problems, until recently. Suddenly, the licenses on my laptops are 'trial' licenses which gave me a 30-day grace period, but have just expired! What gives?! Did I buy a 3 PC lifetime license and the terms suddenly change, or did I never have a 3 PC lifetime license that is now suddenly being policed?
  15. I have Malwarebytes on my Tab S and first of all I'm a lifetime licensed user but can't find where to put in my registration code in the app on my Tab. The app quits when I turn on WiFi, but runs when I turn WiFi off, but can't update database with WiFI on (my Tab is WiFi only). Basically the app "stops working" when I open the app on WiFi but opens when WiFi is off. Thanks.
  16. Hello Malwarebytes, I have a lifetime license that is not working anymore, It says it has been used so many times, but I only use it on "one computer" one at a time. Meaning I don't use the license on "two" active computers. I had to reformat my computer the other day, and when I used my license it says cannot use it multiple times. Please help... I already send a request but no one is answering. Thank you >> >> reference to Case #1188908 <<<<
  17. Hello, how can i check my license duration? It says under license details, status: "licensed" only, neither an expire date nor "lifetime". I have: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Premium) Windows XP 32bit
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