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Found 11 results

  1. I'm currently running Malwarebytes Management Console v1.7.0. For each client deployment, it picks up a large number of false positive PUM registry keys. The PUM registry keys are the same, but with slightly different ID for each computer, therefore, malwarebytes keeps picking up the same PUM registry key over and over again after each Quick Scan although the registry key has already been added to the Ignore List. My question is, is it possible to add registry keys to the ignore list using a wildcard? Take for instance the following registry keys. Instead of adding three separate registry keys, is it possible to use one registry key with a wildcard? HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-300489223-253122308-953900138-1072\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM|NoDispScrSavPage HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-300489223-253122308-953900138-2782\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM|NoDispScrSavPage HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-300489223-253122308-953900138-1146\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM|NoDispScrSavPage HKEY_USERS\*\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM|NoDispScrSavPage
  2. Is it possible to exclude the PUM object type 'NoSMHelp' from being flagged and removed? Our current policies have the scanner action for PUMs set to 'Show in results and check for removal'. I of course understand that changing the action to 'Show in results list and do not check for removal' or 'Do not show in results list' will exclude it, but this is undesired as we do want PUMs to be logged and flagged for removal; just not 'PUM.Optional.NoSMHelp'. I also understand that we could find the object in the threat list and right-click the object and select 'exclude this object' or manually add it to the ignore list. However, the object itself is going to be for the specific user account, with a unique SID, under which the scanner detected the setting. With this scenario, the exclusion would only apply to that specific user account on that specific machine. The exclusion would not apply to other machines or accounts as the SID in the registry entry would be different for every user on every machine. This is simply unsustainable over time. Even though I am fairly certain this wouldn't work... could editing the ignore list entry to replace the SID with an asterisk work? e.g. HKEY_USERS\*\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\EXPLORER|NoSMHelp Or would simply adding 'PUM.Optional.NoSMHelp' to the ignore list accomplish it? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I installed the newest version of MBAM today, and ran the scan. It found 2 " PUPs". I wanted to move them to the ignore list, but the only option given on the FREE edition was to remove them. Did MBAM get rid of the ignore list option with the newest update? How do I get it to ignore them and not just close the program???? I checked and there are still items in my ignore list from before, under History.
  4. The title is kind of self-explanatory already as it is. So, does the ignore list accept system environment variables such as %userprofile% and regex expressions? Thanks, S
  5. Hi, these questions both apply to the 1.75 version of Pro, and the 2.0 version of Premium (as we currently have both in use). If any of these answers to these questions, are different by version, please let me know! When adding a subfolder to the Ignore List: 1.) Is the ignoring, fully recursive? ie, if I list "C:\testfolder" as ignored, is c:\testfolder\subfolder and c:\testfolder\subfolder\subfolder2 - both also ignored? 2.) If the answer to #1 is yes for folders, does this ALSO apply to all files? ie, in the same scenario, would c:\testfolder\subfolder\subfolder2\yourfilename.exe - is that also ignored then? 3.) If the answer to #1 and #2 are yes, then, does this apply both to the active/real time scans, AND the scheduled scans? We have some web server software that runs on our systems that cannot have their files be "touched" by scanners or they go awry. It's imperative that we can whitelist certain folders on our systems and have them completly ignored. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, so basically I've accidentally put some PUPs into the ignore list - what can i say, i'm a clumsy dolt. Anyway, I apparently ought to have just deleted them when they popped up in scan results, because there's an extension I've allowed that's now creating a problem with my profile on chrome... Anyhow, I can't find any option to place them back in quarantine, or mark them as unfriendly or whatever. If anyone is aware of an obvious answer (because I can't find any person on these forums with a similar issue) you're reply would be very welcome.
  7. Protection tab: (1) Enable website blocking checkbox selected (2) There is no way to list exceptions to websites that I deem safe for me that you do not think safe (3) logical conclusion: Try the Ignore List tab Ignore List tab: (1) There is not way to list websites that you consider malicious but I know to me ok for me. (2) In fact, there are no options to scanning any websites (3) Suggests to me that this tab was not meant to list any websites that I specifically do not want scanned If I select the Enable Website Blocking option under the Protection Tab, I must accept without exception what you consider to be malicious. All of the browsers I use have this type of protection or similar protection and have an exception list (White List) that I can make exceptions to their black list. Is this by design or am I missing something. It is tiresome to have to disable the option every time I used said site (never a problem with it) and then re-enable the option when I am done. If it is by design, please consider it as a future option to the software. Thanks
  8. I wish to ignore certin file types whih are very large. Namel, camera photo RAW data files *.nef. I set AntiMaleware to ignore anythig in the "My Pictures" files are located but that causes two problems 1) It will exclude ANY file in that directory (i.e. executable files), and 2) The .nef file types scattered about the hard drive will not be exculded. Is there a way to exclude specfifc file types in the ignore list:? If not, would you PLEASE consider adding it? You already have quite a bit of code invested in the current "Ignore File" section. It should not be too much trouble to expand upon it to add 'specific' files. Respectfully
  9. On the following thread: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=113700 This was mentioned: I visited this link and read down to the bottom, but found nowhere you can block IP addresses from a specific process (such as Utorrent). I can only see where I can turn off the IP blocker entirely. Is there any way I can block a specific process from the IP blocker ("Website Blocking")? I tried entering the process and its folder both into the ignore list of the Malwarebytes client, but it seems that list is only for the scanner and protection module, and not the IP blocker. Thanks for your time.
  10. Should Carbonite be on MalwareBytes "Ignore List" ? If yes, Which Carbonite apps/locations/programs do I include? Thank you
  11. a slight perspective change from http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=106183&st=0&p=527089&hl=ignore%20list&fromsearch=1entry527089 --i would have the following questions to be next-questions, but i don't see them having been asked.
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