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Found 14 results

  1. I’ve had this problem for a while and nothing is helping! I go on my task manager and see 2 types of apps running in the background. Both called vmxclient. It won’t go to process if clicked and it won’t kill process....nothing. I notice that sometimes it appears and disappears from the apps tab. When it appears I hear my desktop fan going off the roof! When it’s gone it’s very silent. I also notice in my process tab a IGFXMTC.exe and a dwioaem.exe (4 processes). Nothing happens when I click on them. They just appear and disappear on their own. Please help!!!
  2. Hello, My laptop has been infected by a trojan malware. It seems that once I connect to the internet, it starts some new services (windows process manager) and starts utilizing my memory resources. I did some initial check about this malware and I tried using few anti viruses but I am not able to remove it. Further, there are three folders in Appdata/Local path - igfxmtc, pshcrzw and dwotuil. When I try to access these folders, it says access is denied. Though in the task manager, I find only igfxmtc service running, I suspect the other two are malware as well. I have attached FRST.txt and Addition.txt files after running a scan using FRST64. I did this step as per the discussion done in this thread. - Please help me in removing the malware. Thank you so much. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hello friends of the internet. I have a virus on my computer how fun xDD. I tried using multiple anti-virus softwares to fix the problem but it didn't work. I located the source of the virus, which is in the AppData folder but it says that I don't have permission to delete it. I tried using unlocker to allow me to get access to it but that didn't work either. I tried going into safe mode to delete the file located in App Data but it still says I don't have permission to delete the file. The three files that I think are causing this are rtnsok, igfxmtc, and tikuocb. It makes my CPU go up to 100% so everything I do runs pretty slowly :'( In the task manager when I right click on "Windows Process Manager" and click on "Go to Details," it shows me multiple files of this thing called wirhmbs - Copy.exe. I try to end the process but it always says "Access is Denied." Someone, please help me because I have no idea how to fix this problem. I can provide more information if needed!
  4. It looks like I've picked up a few viruses that are proving very difficult to remove. They seem to be keeping me from restoring from fresh start even changing advanced boot settings. I've been able to get to safe mode by going through msconfig, but no luck on removing the viruses. I've included the various scan logs below for reference. Any one have any ideas? Addition (FRST).txt AdwCleaner.txt FRST.txt malware scan.txt roguekiller scan.txt
  5. Hello, I've been infected with (a few) malware that I can't seem to get rid of. udiskmgr seems to be one of them, up until my last scan a few minutes ago - I no longer see it. However igfxmtc related infection still seems to be still there. I've tried deleting the vdbpuir and the igfxmtc folders under the \appdata\local folder using linux livecd editions , however they seem to be coming back. Chrome seems to be changing all searches to bing. Latest FRST.txt and Addition.txt files attached for your review. I'm about to pull my non-existent hair out - so I'd appreciate if somebody can help assist me in getting rid of theses malwares along with recommendation for a good tool/AV to never get them again. Thanks and Regards, CO Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hello, I've been infected with the smartservice thing like a lot of others I've seen lately. Particularly the igfxmtc one. I've already followed the first steps from the What to do If You're Infected page and have run the FRST. I've been putting off posting here for a while, so I'm a bit worried that it's been on my system for far too long. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. I believe that I am infected with the Windows process manager virus, Yelloader. I am unable to remove the files in Appdata\Local\igfxmtc, and dwduvpr. The processes will cause CPU usage to go to 100% making everything stall. I cannot turn on Norton Firewall or Windows Defender Antivirus. I've run multiple malware and virus removal programs which have cleaned up a lot. But I can't get rid of this! Addition.txt FRST.txt mbar-log-2018-01-07 (09-32-52).txt system-log.txt
  8. Hello, My blight is almost identical to this thread I have run MBAR maybe 10 times. It finds the igfxmtc files and reference in the registry, but it cannot remove them permanently. I have attached the latest MBAR and the FRST log based on the info you provided in the thread above. Feeling completely frustrated at this point. Thanks in advance for any advice. Doug mbar-log-2017-12-23 (19-50-10).txt Fixlog.txt
  9. For the past 2 weeks I've been looking for help on removing this virus that I've obtained due to my stupidity. What this virus does is that an exe that has different names after resetting my computer every time will appear in task manager and in the system32 folder, at the moment, it's called wdesziusvc.exe; when i hover my cursor over it it, it says TOSHIBA CORPORATION. After that appears, I won't be able to make restore points, download certain anti-viruses, and go into a recovery environment the normal way (I'd have to tap Shift + F8 upon start up). if wdesziusvc has internet access, it'll use my computer's resources to bring forth another exe called igfxmtc, which will run in task manager and have it's own folder in Appdata/Local folder which i cannot access nor delete. In the task manager, igfxmtc doesn't seem to do anything; idk what it's for but after a few after that, wdesziusvc will use resources again to bring forth this thing called Windows Process Manager (32-bit) with multiple clients, which slows down my computer by A LOT and also has it's own folder, wibxtrg. If i reset my computer to factory settings, you know, wipe everything, They all just come back with with different names except for igfxmtc. I know all this stuff because of the 2 weeks i've had with this problem. Here are some pictures and a FRST and Addition txt attatched. If there's anyone willing to help me out it'll mean a lot to me. 1.) I do have a flash drive that's bigger than 4GB 2.) I do have access to a clean PC Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hello! A few days ago my AV was disabled for a period of time while I was configuring an anti-cheat for a game. I’d forgotten to turn it back on, and it appears I was infected in the meantime. I removed most of the malware, but (similar to another thread I see) I have not been able to remove these final pieces - the tagged files. They are located in my Appdata folder (and one in my System32), but I can’t delete them. I’ve tried every way listed on how to gain access short of booting to Linux. Malwarebytes, Avast, and Kaspersky all come up negative. OS: Windows 7 Home Edition Thank you so much in advance!
  11. i have the same virus and issues ive tried everything in all the threads and i cant get rid of it their is another one for me to and i cant get rid of it either my avast picks up one called serxovp
  12. Hello! I really don't like asking for help with malware as I can usually remove it myself, but these two specific programs have been taking up my CPU [and ESPECIALLY my memory] and i'd love to finally get rid of these guys as this is both my work computer and my computer used for gaming, editing, all that jazz. I'm assuming one of which is using my computer as a bitcoin mining machine, which may be why the memory is always at 70% - 100% My MBAM logs don't seem to detect them, so i'm not sure if I can really send anything yet, but from what I can tell all of these buggers are in the local appdata folder, each with their own folder being named "iadnzsu" "igfxmtc" and "pwnmebi". Any help would be much appreciated, I've tried removing them myself but even in admin mode it locks me out of those folders and those folders only. Thanks! - Oso
  13. Hi all, I have the same issue I have been battling malware since infection last night and I have zeroed in on 3 folders in the AppData/Local folder: "auovemb", "csaentd", and "igfxmtc". These folders are locked up good. Can't delete/rename, or even look inside them. In order to look inside them, I installed Ubuntu bash terminal and cd'ed inside to peek around. I tried deleting these using sudo and chmod 777 but no dice. Of these 3 folders, only igfxmtc has an executable that's running in taskman. Can't end that process either. I also had two unnamed processes in taskman that, when I opened their file location, it brought me to SysWOW64/svchost.exe . I ended those tasks and the issue with my Chrome browser redirecting with ciytpage was non-existent....til reboot of course. I've since used alot of tools to scan, and they've all found a few things, but nothing has detected these three folders and their contents. That said, I'm patiently watching this thread to see if a solution occurs. thanks.
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