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  1. Please change the current blue tray icon to either a grey, or black(light mode) and white(dark mode) icon for the system tray as it is pretty hard to look at the icon when system tray is also blue in color. I hope this would be taken in consideration.
  2. I noticed that after one of the recent updates (forget which) the main MWB UI does NOT now open directly using a left-click on the Tray Icon like it used to. The left AND right clicks now act the same, that is, they BOTH provide the Context (options) menu. Most other tray driven apps provide a main UI open for left click, Context with Right Click. Does any one on here know WHY this design change was made? OK, it is only an extra click to get the main UI, but it just "feels" a bit odd. Were there complaints for the more "standard" way?
  3. Hate to waste your time on what is probably paranoia, but this icon is appearing in the popup menu on my taskbar, alongside the Malwarebytes, Java and Bluetooth icons as well as other recognizable images. When I mouse over it, it disappears, which is frustrating, so I was wondering if anybody could tell me what this is. Reverse image search has been no help whatsoever.
  4. Hi, I have downloaded latest version of antiransomware (. and it runs OK. My problem is that the icon in system tray does not appear on on startup, so I have to bring up the program to make sure it is running. mb3service.exe is active. Thank you to help me
  5. Well, I've got some bad news. After turning on self-protection and restarting my computer, the tray disappeared again. And I have the latest version too.
  6. Hi guys. you can consider for the antimalware starts with the system in the free version , once you completed the 14 days off, and stay icon on the taskbar?
  7. Can anyone please provide instructions on how to remove the Malwarebytes icon from the status menu on a MacBook Air? Thank you. Maureen
  8. After the latest Malwarebytes update, the system tray icon stopped showing up. The program still runs fine; it still blocks malware, and it still scans as it should, but now the system tray doesn't show the Malwarebytes icon. Is this a bug or a feature? I ask because one of the improvements listed is "improved memory usage." The system tray icon for Nvidia Geforce experience disappeared when I updated it last, and according to the forums this was to "reduce the system footprint," so I'm wondering if Malwarebyte's missing system tray icon is meant to improve memory usage or because my update somehow screwed up.
  9. Hello, I just updated to MB 3.4.5 FREE on Windows 7. I have a mbamtray.exe process running but no taskbar icon. I also have Norton Security. Should I have a taskbar icon? Thanks
  10. "Search for the files or folders which contains the name of target app or the vendor in the following locations and delete the matched items: /Library, /Library/Caches, /Library/Preferences, /Library/Application Support, /Library/LaunchAgents, /Library/LaunchDaemons, /Library/PreferencePanes, /Library/StartupItems" It works !
  11. I have Malwarebytes version running at a client with 5 users. On one client desktop the taskbar icon is no longer showing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the managed client, and it appears to be talking to the server and getting updates, but the icon is missing and the user can't confirm status. What should I be checking on this? Thanks, Joe
  12. I have the same problem with one of our workstations. I went into settings and turned off Notifications and it shows up in the system tray instantly. Is this just a bug?
  13. Hi I'm having some really strange issues with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware... I'm running W7 64: A few days ago I saw my MW wasn't on the system tray and I wasn't getting any warning for any prohibited websites, so I decided to do a clean re-install using mbam-clean- and activate the newly installed version using my key and, only one day later I'm right back where I started, which is: I can't see the icon in the system tray I can see that mbam.exe *32 AND MBAMService.exe are running in the Task Manager but... I don't get any warnings at all. When I execute the desktop icon, nothing happens. Malwarebytes also disappeared from my wife's PC a couple of weeks ago (she just had it reinstalled and we'll see how that goes) I think I'm not protected now and this is really frustrating because I feel like I need to be vigilant constantly so that "something" doesn't go wrong... Can someone help me please? Thanks
  14. PROBLEM I had this very same problem -- no Malwarebytes icon in the system tray -- after taking the update from Malwarebytes 3.1.2 (May, 2017) to 3.2.2 (August, 2017). The MBAMService.exe program WAS shown to be running in Task Manager. And I was able to execute a Malwarebytes scan successfully by running Malwarebytes off the desktop icon. However, the mbamtray.exe program was NOT shown in Task Manager to be running. I also checked the StartUp tab within The System Configuration Tool (msconfig.exe) and there was NOT any kind of entry for mbamtray.exe, as there should have been. CAUSE Part of the installation -- that part that sets up mbamtray.exe to run at every startup -- failed. I suspect it failed because it was blocked by my other security software (ie, ZoneAlarm), since mbamtray.exe wants permission to run at every startup. SOLUTION I created a new string registry entry within HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run I named it mbamtray -- and I gave it a string value of C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamtray.exe [ I also deleted the entire ZoneAlarm permissions line-entry for mbamtray.exe ] I rebooted. The Malwarebytes icon appeared in the tray. The mbamtray.exe program WAS shown in Task Manager to be running. The StartUp tab within msconfig.exe reflected the property entry for mbamtray, with a checked box beside it, to run at every startup. Problem resolved. For someone not comfortable with registry editing, he/she could accomplish pretty much the same thing by right-clicking on C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamtray.exe then creating a shortcut that will be dropped on the desktop. Then drag&drop that shortcut into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\
  15. I uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes due to performance issues that I believe were caused by the adware/malware yelloader. After reinstalling I clicked on the Malwarebytes icon but the program would not come up on screen. I could access the program by going to the web site and pulling up my account there. I call that the Back door entrance. This yelloader thing is very destructive from what I've been reading. Is there a way to completely (roots and all) get it out of the computer? I fell it is STILL affecting my computer even though Malwarebytes says it has it quarantined.
  16. I just installed 3.06 in a Wndows 7 system. It appears to be working except: When I right click on the system tray icon, there is NO selection to Open Malwarebytes! Only to hide or exit.... This is a trial version so far but that should do this should it? What's to be done? Thanks
  17. Hey look at this. The app is I am all fine and secure, but the taskbar icon show a red '!' and this in fact has been going on for at least 2-3 times now.
  18. My Malwarebytes system tray icon drop menu is dysfunctional. When right-clicking on the icon, the (drop) menu expands DOWN below the edge of my screen instead of UP like it should. I have not experienced this with any other system tray icons, EVER. I have tried going through Cleverbridge Support in the past, and no solution has come of it. The only way I can access the dropdown menu is to temporarily grab the windows bottom notification bar and drag it up to see the Malwarebytes dropdown menu items, then drag it back down. This is inacceptable. My first guess is that Malwarebytes is still not supporting 4k resolutions. Again, no problem with every other system tray icon. They all 'drop-down' UP as they should. Only the Malwarebytes wants to 'drop-down' DOWN. System: Windows 10, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (latest drivers), screen resolution set to 3840 x 2860, Dell P2715Q 4k monitor.
  19. I updated my MbAM Premium to the version and chose to have a desktop shortcut. Now I want to exclude the shortcut, but it is impossible! A pop-up says that I need administrator rights in order to exclude it. I am the administrator!!! Please orient me on how can I exclude the shortcut? My O.S. is Windows 10 Home. Thank you.
  20. With the most recent update I also had Malwarebytes add a Desktop shortcut (I don't remember if that option was selected by default or I selected it). Today I tried deleting the shortcut but I get this error (oddly, the location it references is to Malwarebytes itself, not the Desktop shortcut; also it should be noted that I am on an Administrator account): Things I've tried (without success): - Putting in Recycle Bin. - Shift+Del permanent deletion. - Running cmd as an Administrator and attempting to delete through there. 1) The shortcut isn't even listed when you use 'dir'; 2) I tried deleting it anyway but it didn't do anything (because it couldn't be found). - Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN - Right-click > Properties > Security tab > tried changing owner, but I receive this error:
  21. I did the latest update to and accidentally let it create a desktop icon and now I can't delete it, move it or change the permissions in the icon properties so I can. As the only user on this PC it makes no sense that I can be locked out of a simple icon move or removal. Any ideas? Otherwise MBAM works fine.
  22. Durring the upgrade install I accidentally allowed for a MBAM desktop ICON to be created that I did not want. Now I can't delete it, move it or change the permissions so I can. I'm the only user and this makes no sense to me. Any idea how to get rid of the desktop ICON?
  23. greetings this all started yesterday night when my laptop showed my system was no longer protected ... then i checked my family's other 2 systems ... i had to do a clean reinstall on mine (win7 - laptop) and i just repeated the process with the other two - (1) win7 desktop, (1) vista64 laptop - the system tray icon shows up and all looks as if it is running normally only on the win7 systems. on my vista64 laptop, i also did a clean reinstall. however, the system tray icon is no longer present (as i have read on other threads) and the system is not on windows start up (msconfig) though the services state they are running. all the appropriate boxed are checked in the program. for now, i have told whoever runs the vista64 system, whenever you start the system, immediate lauch MB and do not minimize as it dissapeares and there is no way to tell if it is running. fix? p.s. - been using MB for years ... years ... this is the first real issue i felt i needed to create an account to list this on the forum.
  24. Hi, Since I upgraded to MBAM 2.x, I can not delete the public desktop icon. Windows 7 SP1 PRO x64 FrenchMalwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO (Paid version)In a administrator CLI : C:\>del /F /Q "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.lnk"C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.lnkAccès refusé."Accès refusé." mean "Access denied".C:\Users\Public\Desktop>icacls ".\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.lnk".\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.lnk BUILTIN\Administrateurs:(I)(F) AUTORITE NT\INTERACTIF:(I)(RX) AUTORITE NT\Système:(I)(F) aal-PC\aal:(I)(DE,DC)1 fichiers correctement traités ; échec du traitement de 0 fichiersC:\>icacls /? [...]DE - SuppressionDC - Suppression de l’enfant[...]"Supression de l'enfant" mean "Supression of the children". So, I'm supossed to be able to delete the file, but can't... The user "aal" is in the admin group: C:\Users\Public\Desktop>net localgroup AdministrateursNom alias AdministrateursCommentaire Les membres du groupe Administrateurs disposent d’un accès complet et illimité à l’ordinateur et au domaineMembres-------------------------------------------------------------------------------AdministrateuraalLa commande s’est terminée correctement.Even tried to suppress it with an admin Cygwin shell: aal@aal-PC /cygdrive/c/Users/Public/Desktop$ rm Malwarebytes\ Anti-Malware.lnkrm: impossible de supprimer « Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.lnk »: Permission denied"impossible de supprimer" mean "impossible to suppress" Unlocker was not able to delete the file. Even at reboot. The file is on a clean SSD (no bad cluster). The computer is not infected at all and was not infected in the past. Tried to delete the file without MBAM running and did not work either. I have the problem with this only file. Is this a bug from the upgrade? How can I delete it within Windows? (I know I could use a live boot CD/USB key with Ubuntu (for instance) to delete the .lnk, but I want to know what happend...) Thanks.
  25. Today, a strange icon has appeared on the toolbar at the bottom of my screen and I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it. I fear it may indicate some kind of infection, so I'm posting an image here to see if anyone recognizes it and can tell me what it augers! It's the little black and white icon between the Firefox and the McAfee icons bottom right. Although it has an X in the upper right corner, clicking it does nothing. I can close the browser and it will go away for a while, but soon returns. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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