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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I am infected with something and I've reached the limit of my knowledge. My memory usage on my computer is high. Partly that' is not an uncommon occasion - I am a tab-a-hollic and can have 20-50 tabs open in Chrome, But I recognize that behavior, Its old and familiar. This is something new and different. The memory compression process is using 400,000k-700,000k on average and I've seen it use as much as 1200k this week. All the time. It's normal to see memory compression pop up when I close a memory greedy tab or two but it goes away after a minute or so. Now it's here all the time. McAfee's Module Core Service and MMSSHOST process are also using a lot of working set memory too. At first, I found the Memory Compression service was using a lot of both working and privet set memory almost mirroring each other. Then I found a bunch of system protected hidden folders on my C:\ drive. There was even one in my recycling bin! I used McAfee's file shredder on what I could, and when the system prevented me from doing so, I switched to using the Comand Line with Admin authority. When I got all of the hidden system folders I hadn't created deleted and rebooted, Memory Compression's Privet Set usage fell from 400,000-700,000k to 999k
  2. Hi, I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 3 Premium in my Windows 7 (SP3) Pro laptop. The former versions (2.0 to 2.2) were working without troubles for years. After updating to 3.0 MBAM now does not usually start after power on when it is set to start with Windows. It may need nearly 10 tries to get MBAM started with Windows. When MBAM fails to start it cannot be started by any means. The shortcut on desktop does not work, the small toolbar icon does not appear at all and mbam.exe will not run when double clicked. In addition to that the laptop became very slow and with MBAM 3 installed it now takes 4 or 5 times longer to load Windows and get the desktop open regardless of that if MBAM is starting or not. Another strange thing is that whenever MBAM succeeds to start the process MBAMService reserves approximately 300 KB of memory all the time. I have uninstalled MBAM a couple of times with MB Clean tool before reinstalling it again, but the problem persists. Turning the laptop off causes MBAM to fail to start again after power on. Only if MBAM is set not to start with Widows, it can be started manually. The laptop is running Norton Antivirus but adding the whole folder C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\ to its exclusions did not have any effect, nor disabling the antivirus program temporarily. Apparently Antivirus is not causing any conflicts. Regards Hannu logs.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  3. Hello. So I've been searching google and the forum but was unable to find answers. My task manager is currently showing Mbamservice.exe at 261,176k, And why is it that there's both mbamservice.exe and mbam.exe? the mbam.exe runs at 42,000k is this normal?
  4. Hi, Newbie here to anti-virus and malware that won't go away/doesn't have an update or scan that removes it. I have used a Windows PC for about 15 years now and have had occasional issues but been able to solve them using postings that have been from reliable sources. Yesterday I started getting CPU Usage Pop Ups (I use Norton for anti-virus; it came with the laptop otherwise would probably use Avast; laptop is an HP Pro Book 6406b; 32 bit; Windows 7 Professional; Intel i5-2520M; 2.50 GHz - sorry for all the data but not sure what you will need). The pop ups indicates high memory usage by COM Surrogate; another pop up said it was high memory usage by Internet Explorer; another said dllhost.exe; and another high processes for windows services. I have also been getting pop ups asking me if I want to debug whatever web page I am on (I have always answered No). (The CPU usage box requires no action when it pops up, just needs to be closed, its a Norton prompt.) I have also gotten a Norton message today that it blocked a Trojan attempt on three or four occasions from I don't know what that sites is - Norton labeled the attempts "high" and indicates it blocked them. Norton also says it blocked an effort from but labeled that "info" - this one happened about 15 times today according to Norton's history log. I have run Norton Full System Scan (takes an hour) and it found 16 "low risk" (per Norton) cookies however I always dump my explorer history before I run the scan and did so this time too, which means the cookies should have all been gone but were not this time. 15 minutes after the full scan ended, I ran it again, having had limited (if any) internet usage and it found another 14, also seen as "low risk" by Norton. Whatever this is seems to replicate. In Googling this topic, the solutions seem unique to each user and more than one site said to use a malware forum and speak with an expert. So here I am. However frustrating this is on my end, I want to say "thanks" in advance to whomever will be assisting me. I have a feeling this is not a "paying position" for you so I really appreciate the time you are taking to help. fyi; as I was typing just now, I just received a COM Surrogate pop up from Norton that it was using a ton of my memory. Thanks again. Mark
  5. Hi, vista sp2 norton security suite IE9 Mbam.exe at fresh start is 18.7M after scan itis up to 47.9M never returns to a lower value. also note that IE9 gets to a point over time where it taked over 15 seconds for pages to load. If I restart IE9 it works fine for a while and yet progressively gets slower. Right now, my question would be, is it normal for Mbam.exe to progressively accumulate memory?
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