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Found 16 results

  1. Folks, I am a Premium user, currently running v4.3.0.98. I have always had Administrator privileges on my Windows account, and everything has worked well. Today I thought that I would remove those privileges and run as a standard user. And then the Malwarebytes Service went totally berserk. It constantly ran at approx. 40% CPU. I restarted the computer. Same thing. It crossed my mind to uninstall the program and reinstall it, but first I thought I'd put back the Administrator privileges and see what happens, and then Malwarebytes went back to normal. Is it not possible to run the program as
  2. Hi, recently i noticed that my cpu usage went up to 90% above, but everytime i run the task manager, the CPU usage automatically go down to 30-40%+. But if i close the task manager, the whole pc is starting to experience lag. I tried using the malwarebytes to scan. But i still experiencing this issue. malware.txt adw.txt
  3. Hi. I've been noticing high CPU temperatures and fan speeds on my laptop (which I recently cleaned and reapplied thermal paste to). Every time I open the Task Manager, the CPU usage is on 50 - 90% for a moment but immediately drops down to 5 - 10%. I'm suspecting this is a bitcoin miner virus, mainly because the symptoms are identical to what was described in this thread. Should I follow the same steps given to the person in that post? Thanks in advance for any replies. (My system is an XPS 15 9560, Intel i7 7700HQ, Nvidia GTX 1050, 8Gb RAM, Windows 10 Version 2004)
  4. Hello, Recently my PC started acting weird and I was wondering what's the problem. I found out that when I turn on Task Manager processor usage drops instantly from 100% to normal rate. I had this problem many years ago on a different PC (it turned out to be a bitcoin miner) and Malwarebytes scan worked like a charm, but now it doesn't help. What should I do to make my PC working like it should? Sorry for my poor English, i'm not native. :) Thanks for any help, I appreciate it. :)
  5. Hello. Please help. my friend bought this PC. I found the presence of a probably Trojan horse. The processor is overheating. It keeps going 100 percent even when no program is on. Temperatures reach 80 degrees without load. when I turn on a game, the temperature jumps to 100 degrees. Sending attachment. Thanks for your time and for your answers. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hi, so just a few days ago i accidentally ran some weird softwares and I experienced weird behaviours so now I am trying to remove the virus. I suspected rootkit after reading many websites and followed the instructions from here: but I experience weird things where malwarebytes unable to connect to service after a restart, so i tried to uninstall malwarebyte but failed as the progress bar gets stuck (same thing as in safe mode). So i restarted and reinstalled malwarebyte and for now its working but I saw some things not being able to be removed. The problem with high cpu usage persists.
  7. Hello, I recently noticed that when I am running my PC and open task manager I see the CPU usable at 70-100% for a moment before it drops to about 10%. I've followed the advice on https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/241749-cpu-usage-high-until-i-open-task-manager/ (as best as I can) which hasn't been able to fix it. I've ran multiple scans of Malwarebytes and while its detected 1 or 2 things it hasn't made a difference. Thanks, Hawk Malwarebytesfile.txt
  8. Hello, I built a new pc a month ago and it's been doing great until a few days ago that I noticed my cpu at 50% plus when idle/browsing with no heavy programs running. Everytime I run the task manager or similar programs I downloaded online, the CPU usage will always go down to around 1-5%. I ran a total scan using avast and I dont see any malicious file. I can't see what process/program is the culprit because everytime I check it on the task manager, the usage will suddenly drop and I can no longer see which one is using all the cpu. I've seen similar posts online and here, and tried to
  9. Well, after installing the latest component package version 1.0.508, i noticed that for some unexpected reason the cpu usage went up to 75%. Looking at the taskmanger i found the Avira WebGuard Service causing this high cpu usage. Somehow it went away, and came back again and again (the highest cpu usage was 75%, sometimes is 50% and 25% ) I am using Avira Antivirus Pro, but because the problem occourred since the latest malwarebytes update, - switching off web protection immediately solves the problem. I allready uninstalled malwarebytes, but
  10. I found this thread here, with another customer having a similar problem. Only our with my PC's, the SCCOM.exe is using 50% instead of 100%. It's still enough though that the users are complaining about the the computers running slow. We don't use McAfee, so the suggestion didn't help. I did run the FRST utility. The two text files don't really tell me anything, but I am uploading them, just in case someone else might see something. Any help hew would be appreciated, as more and more of our computers are having this issue. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. I found my problem quite similar to another question on the forum. A blank process in task manager made my computer in high CPU usage (up to 100%). I have used Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner, but neither of them were successful. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes.txt
  12. Hello Im trying to figure out how to resolve my problem My issue is High CPU Usage (60%~) by a blank process in task manager I've ran Malwarebytes and tried a few others and they removed somethings after a long hassle However I'm completely stuck at this point. That being the High CPU Usage and also my computer randomly closes the browser from seemingly keywords or randomly Also with programs as well. I'm also unable to download Farbar (if thats what I thinkI need as I saw a similar post using it) so I'll have to use a usb stick or something (Idk) Heres some images Any h
  13. Hello who read this. Sorry if my English is bad. I have some big issue and probably some medium too. The major one is happened after my wife instaled office 2016 and tied to use some generator and it hacked our windows too, i realized it today when my gpu went back from repair and i was searching game proces cuz it was generating much use nad i saw some strange procces there called KMS-R@1n. Thats how started out conversation and she told me what she did. Medium issues is probably the ones i dont know about them cuz there always such. So please if u have time check my log and help how you
  14. I noticed Chrome was slower than usual and that my cpu was unusually high. I did run the FRST. Logs are attached. I did the scan two times, with the 2nd time only containing the default checks. The 1st scan, I ticked all of the boxes on purpose just to see if I had any other files that were impacted. I have scanned with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and it hasn't found anything before except PuP, which I delete. I didn't run it first this time, because I was 100% convinced that Malwarebytes and Kaspersky wasn't going to find this one. And, FRST did find issues with the Windows Update
  15. When I turn on my computer, it turns on very slow and Norton antivirus is active but won't let me open the 'norton security suite'. Every once in a while ill get a blue screen...i had a windows 7 home basic so i decided to bump up and install windows 7 home premium...it does the same thing as before but the blue screens have stoped. Something i didn't mention before is that when i'm sufing the web on safari or firefox i always get this warning from norton saying that 'winrscmde high cpu usage'. Windows update fail constantly, norton warns me about high cpu usage. Can someone please help me get
  16. Hi. I'm not to sure how this works but im willing to follow instructions. I'm so fed up with this. My computer is about 3 years old now. It has been running like crap for @ least the past 6 months. I keep getting messages saying high cpu usage. One in particular has me thinking its a virus. High CPU Usage Winsch something or other. Based on what ive read and discovered I need HELP. Here are my logs as requested: DDS: DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16457 Run by William R. Tirado at 17:33:00 on 2012-12-18 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033
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