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Found 16 results

  1. here's the logs you need. i have no idea where i got the RAT from since i didn't download anything sketchy. I did a full system reset with settings to try and get rid of it but apparently they can survive those so i want to get rid of all rootkits/ rats/ hidden malware in my pc. thank you in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes log.txt
  2. Hi, so one day I was playing Minecraft and almost took a break but somebody was moving my mouse! So I went into airplane mode and scanned around but didn't find anything. I reset my PC with settings and I read that RATs can survive resets so I want to get my system rid of all rootkits and RATs and hidden malware.
  3. Hey Malwarebytes team/forum. Recently I've been receiving notifications from Malwarebytes saying that it has blocked an inbound connection. Great! that means it's doing it's job. Or at least until yesterday when i took an extra moment to see what exactly it was blocking. Upon inspection of the notifications i saw several from the steam gaming platform, and one from Nvidia container. yesterday i tried looking into this blocked connection that was using Nvidia and tried posting to the forum only to be blocked by the forum's spam filter, oh well. so i took it into my own hands and uninstalled
  4. A few days ago I restarted my computer before a long time without re-starting it (like 1 week with the pc on) and I noticed that "Explorer.exe" was requesting to initialize, but the real explorer.exe task was already running... I said no but then I checked the directory of the file and the system said that the file was on %windir%/resources/themes, well going into folder to check if the file exists I noticed that theres nothing more than aero themes in this folder. So did a scan in the folder using malwarebytes and it recognized svchost.exe malware and explorer.exe, before adding they do quare
  5. Hello, as described on the "I'm infected" topic (https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/) I did all the indications, I now need help to know what to do please. The laptop has been very slow for a long time but I want to clear everything now, basically when I make an analysis with malwarebytes or kaspersky antivirus or any softwares of this kind it doesn't find anything, but I see it: the pc is very very slow and isn't too old, on top of that it has great components (nvidia 740m, intel core i7 etc...) that's why after doing some research on the subject I th
  6. Hi, I desperately need help here. I am using Malwarebytes Premium installed on Windows 10 build 1809. Somehow this malware got through and it has been very persistent. Malwarebytes scans do not detect it and even after a system reset, it comes back. I notice that there are folders that should not be there and suspect that the virus has created a virtual drive from which to launch a fake copy of my windows system. The reason why I suspect I am infected is that everytime I click on an application file. I get a pop up with Chinese characters. So far it has been a irritant because it seems to
  7. So, I came to know about this issue yesterday when I returned from school and used my laptop. All the files and folders except C Drive are hidden and there is shortcut of everything. I click on the shortcut and then I can access the file. But when I try to copy anything from lappi to USB, only shortcuts are being copied. Also, an .exe file is being created on the name of the folder and file. Third, when I tried to show all the system protected files and folders, a junk of files and folders came up on the disk. Don't really know what went wrong. Day before yesterday, I inserted m
  8. Hello I have been having an issue with our server at work recently and cant get to the bottom of it. Two Powershell windows keep opening in the background running a script one of which consuming a lot of CPU power. I can end the task or suspend the process but it always returns. This machine hosts a domain and several users log into this server via remote desktop on the default port 3389 These are the scrips - the first one is the one using 70% of the CPU - the second one always appears first "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -N
  9. I am pretty positive I have a rootkit. It's a quiet and crafty sort; from the beginning there were no obvious signs of infection, there wasn't any slowing or memory leaking, no unusual traffic noted. I felt like something was off, but I couldn't pinpoint what until I got the first warning message from MBAM 3.0.6 Premium (see Exploit Blocking below). Now I notice that all my desktop icons are rearranged on relog and suddenly there is a bit of dead space at the bottom where I can no longer move any icons, though that's kind of the least of my worries. Sometimes the screen sort of freezes, almost
  10. Hello My name is Devon. Yesterday, when I started up my computer, a lot of error messages were coming up from various programs being unable to start. I restarted my system with a bit of suspicion, and all seemed well until the Chromium browser was installed without my doing anything. At this point, I did a quick scan with ESET NOD32 Antivirus4, which turned up nothing. However, a few minutes later, the live protection picked up on two things. I didn't think to take note of them at the time, but one was a variant of some malware being detected in a change of the cmd.exe in C:\Windows\
  11. so im 100% sure i have some sort of trojan or key logger on my pc but i cant find it anywhere, i currently use avast and its not picking up jack, ive looked at current processes running... nothing. i know its on here because ive had 2 game accounts with different emails and passwords hacked on the same day. not sure what else to include (let me know) but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The http://searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.netmalware is hidden somewhere on my computer and Malwarebytes Premium does not find it. It seems to affect Chrome and Firefox, but not IE. It hijacks my home page. Can someone help, please? Addition.txtFRST.txt
  13. Hi I am exeriencing a huge dose of the startsear.info bug. Not quite sure how this has appeared on my laptop, however i am having massive difficulty trying to completely remove this from my IE and Chrome. Steps taken thus far, i have run a Malwarebytes scan Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and the below was the result www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 25/04/2014Scan Time: 10:32:28 PMLogfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Database: v2014.04.25.04Rootkit Database: v2014.03.27.01License: TrialMalware Protection: EnabledMalicious Website Protection: EnabledChameleon: Disabled OS
  14. I have a a trojan on my computer called trojan.bitminer. It hooks onto my svchost and makes it use up unreal CPU. It then stops my display driver from working and eventually crashes the computer. I have browsed other forums and several people have had my exact problem. They download malwarebytes which finds the trojan. My malwarebytes can not find trojan.bitmine even though it is there. Please help me with what I should do Thanks in advance!
  15. Hereby as small suggestion to improve MBAM PRO. When scheduling a scan I'm presented the great option to "preform (the) scheduled scan silently from system account". I really like it since it is good for the 'forget it'-part of 'set it and forget it'. I also like the idea behind the option to "run a flash scan after succesful update". A new database update is a good time to run a flash scan. What I don't like about it is that (when I enable it) it loads the MBAM GUI to show this scan when I'm in the middle of something. (Good for the 'set it'-part, not so much for the 'forget it'-part). Howeve
  16. Hi there, Attached is a log file from Rootkit Unhooker run on an XP Pro SP3 machine - at the bottom are TWO unknown/hidden drivers. I hope this is the correct place to post this - please let me know if the DDS log needs to be posted BEFORE anyone can help with this issue. If the DDS is required, I will run it as soon as I can and post the log. RkUnhooker report generator v0.7 ============================================== Rootkit Unhooker kernel version: 3.7.300.505 ============================================== Windows Major Version: 5 Windows Minor Version: 1 Windows Build Number: 2600 =====
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