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Found 11 results

  1. Scan stuck on Heuristics portion of scan. I've downloaded the Malwaresbytes Support Tool and executed. Log files attached. Please advise as to next steps. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Hello, I use Malwarebytes 3 Premium Trial (8 days left). My main AV Program is ESET Internet Security. I disabled all real-time protection in MBAM 3, because I have ESET for that. When I do a Threat Scan with MBAM 3, than after all scans are done, the heuristic analysis takes only one second, than pop-up the scan result of MBAM 3. I made also a Custom Scan of C:\ after this scan, the heuristic analysis did take about 60 seconds, but the scanned files, did not grow alot during this heuristic analysis. I already made a clean deinstall and new install with the new MBAM Support Tool: mb-support- I also put the suggested MBAM excluded list to ESET. Any ideas to solve this? Or is that a normal behaviour of MBAM 3?
  3. Hyperscan does not scan startup files nor run heuristic analysis I have uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes and reactivated my license Reproducible every time Hyperscan is run I have attached the files indicated in your instructions Thanks very much Rick MB Logs 17_212.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  4. I am running Malwarebytes version on Windows 10 Home. Hyper Scan no longer runs the heuristic analysis. I'd like to suggest that the user be able to control which sections of the scan (rootkits, startup files, heuristic) he/she wishes to run. This could be set up in the Settings area. If that is not possible, then re-enable rootkits, startup files, and especially heuristic analysis in the Hyper Scan. Rick
  5. I just installed MBAM 3.0.4 on my Wndows 10 Pro x64. I also have Bitdefender 2017 Total Security installed and active. Twice I have tried, rebooting in between, to scan my computer with MBAM. It stalls on scanned item 394,179. "Pause"/"Resume" buttons work, but pressing "Cancel" does not cancel the scan, and then the "Cancel" button is greyed out. Clicking the "X" at the top right does successfully close the program, which then reported a successful scan the first time, but when the program was relaunched after the second time, it was continuing to scan. Any ideas? Thank you and have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  6. I seem to be stuck in Hueristic Analysis hell!!!! I am currently at 5,000+ Detected Objects, but during my initial threat scan nothing came up??? I've read this may be some sort of bug??? or glitch??? HELP, please!!!
  7. Hello, After some googling I installed your product ANTI-MALWARE. I noticed many websites refer to it as the "go to" product for malware scanning and removal. The Problem: I open the program, and go to the "Scan" tab. I select "Threat Scan" and then wait... The scan gets to a point where it is just continuously finding "Detected Objects" (currently at 3,222). My Questions: Are you aware of any known bugs which cause this? (As after some googling, I can see it is not a new issue). What do you need from me in order to assist me?
  8. I have ran MB twice now with the same result, sticking at heuristic analysis. I have seen this posted before but want to post my own logs to ensure any help I get will be as relevant as possible. Thread I referenced: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/147143-mb-gets-stuck-at-heuristic-analysis/ I ran MB yesterday & left it, it ran for about 20 hours & had crashed. Today I reached the same result in 25mins (I was out at the time of 1st scan so may have been the same both times. Thanks in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  9. Hey guys, Not sure what has happened here, everything was working as expected and now when doing a normal Threat Scan everything completes fine until the Heuristic Analysis part, which appears to go through and Scan all the objects, with zero detected, and just sits there...Normally a scan takes max 7 mins to complete on my system, but the Threat Scan symbol keeps spinning around and the Scanner Progress bar keeps moving but nothing is happening. I have gone through the process of the mbam-clean up as stated by other forum users, however this has unfortunately not helped me. Can support please guide me on the next steps I will need to take to help rectify this thanks.
  10. I have been running Malware Antibytes for almost two years now. Today, I decided to buy the Premium version and installed it on my computer. When I get to the Heuristic Analysis, the "detected objects" number goes crazy! It won't give me a "review list" that I can click and see what it is finding. The status bar keeps a blue bar that goes across a gray area on a continuous loop. In the time it took me to write this short message, I am now at 57,000+ items detected. I tried to "fix" this myself. First, I tried contacting consumer service. I wrote out a "ticket." Next, I went to the forum and read a few posts and decided to unistall the program and reinstall it. I downloaded the unistall from your website and then reinstalled the program. I reran the program and it acted the same as above. Next, I went to the forum and read some more. I thought maybe I'd download and run Chameleon. I ran Chameleon and it stalled after a while so I called the cleverbridge number. Cleverbridge said I didn't need Chameleon unless the Malware Antibytes wouldn't run at all. So, I went to the forum again! I decided to list under Malware Removal Help because, after 5+ hours of trying to fix this, I am going crazy! Other things I have done, I deleted Microsoft Security Essentials, disabled Windows Defender, AND ran the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. I even tried the old, "When all else fails, reboot." I am now at 62,000+ items detected! HELP! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. I am currently using Malwarebytes on 2 PCs. Two of them have issue with message Databases Out of Date. I did applied MBAM Clean Removal Process for those 2 PCs but did not help. Attached are log files that got for one with MBAM database out of date. Please help. Thanks CheckResults.txt FRST_17-08-2014_07-48-38.txt Addition_17-08-2014_07-49-14.txt
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