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Found 9 results

  1. My computer has collected some malware over the years. Most notably I accidently downloaded a fake anti-virus browser. Also, my Google was redirecting to Yahoo! and other searches. It got to the point I had to download Malware Bytes. Upon scanning there was around 90 Viruses/Malware Mostly Trojan. Everything in the scan was quarantined and I saved a log to my home screen. I then marked them for deletion using MalwareBytes and it promoted me to restart. So I restarted it and everything was working and no redirects were happening. I turned off my computer using normal startup menu. I come back in the menu and I kept getting no signal error on my monitor. I tried multiple steps to fix this but then just turned off the computer and unplugged it from its wall socket. I waited for 30 seconds and then plugged it back in. After that the usual boot screen came up but then came up with "Inaccessible Boot System" Error. I tried multiple methods to fix this. I tried 3 Different boot up methods from the Windows boot screen. I then did a pre boot diagnostic test which said that there was no hard drive connected. I opened up my PC And everything looked fine. I cannot get past this pre boot screen please help. I will provide extra details if I can.
  2. As soon as I insert my hard drive (corrupted with some pirate softwares but cannot delete, too slow), it installs the same pirated software directly onto my Applications folder, every time without fail. Then my cursor kind of becomes laggy and some bits on my google chrome (scroll, select and etc) gets modified on its own. Right now, it's fine since I've disconnected the hard drive forcefully. I'm not so sure how to go about this since it stores many of my important history of work, other files and so on. Will I even be able to retrieve those files- or will I ever be able to fix this corrupted hard drive ever? Previously my macbook pro was incredibly slow until I found installd on Terminal, running the CPU up to 235% or something similar like that and everything was fine after having had it force quit. I also wonder if your product can detect any mac bootkits/rootkits. If they exist also on mac os.
  3. I just added a Motherboard, Processor, Power Supply, and Memory to my old desktop. No problems so far. Malwarebytes is setup and runs great. Tomorrow I'm going to add a WD Black M.2 Drive and make it my Boot Drive. My current Boot Drive is WD 3.5 HDD. Is there any advice that would help transferring boot to the new M.2 drive? I also have a 5TB External drive connected by USB 3.0 I use for back up. I'd like to make small part of it a bootable partition for booting if I had a problem. (I also have a Recovery USB at a relatives house.) If anyone can give some guidance it would be very appreciated. I apologize if my descriptions or terms I used weren't exactly right. Windows 10 Pro all updates to 20H2.
  4. So my cousin bought a brand new pc with those specs: Intel Pentium G4560Asus H110M-RSamsung 8 GB 2133 MHzToshiba 1tb 7200rpm sata 3Inno3D GTX1050-Ti 4 GBLC Power 600H-12MS Phantom Prebuilt pc, it booted very slow first time having bunch of bloatwares we didn't need so I reinstalled the windows. It still feels very slow, i tried bunch of tweaks but nothing. How should and I approach the situation since i am not really sure what to do. I've checked with defraggler(also 13% of defrag takes like 24 hours to defrag which is like wayy to long, 13% on my 5200rpm takes like 20min), says disk state is good and brand new with 2 hours of use. Of course I updated the windows before doing anything and installed latest LAN,audio,chipest drivers still no help. I've tried few games they run ok but few micro stutters here and there which are 100% hdd related. Tried changing page file to size of the ram which is 8gb and putting max size to 16gb, but he said it's still slow maybe a bit faster. Pc is at his house atm. Any ideas how should I approach the situation and what to do so i can hopefully fix the problem, since i feel hdd is fine it's just something like bottlenecking it. Thanks
  5. History -- I have used Avast for years and the free version of Malwarebytes. My computer is about 4 years old. For the last year or so, it will not run when Avast is active -- it ties up the hard drive continually. So I switched to Sophos and it ties up the hard drive continually so I uninstalled them both. About the same time I was having trouble with the hard drive filling up, so I ran CCleaner. I've been using the Malwarebytes premium trial, but I am still having trouble with the hard drive filling up. I deleted about 30gb of pictures a couple days ago, have installed nothing and I am down to 2 gb. I am at a loss as to what to do. I am running Windows 8.1 (I tried to upgrade to Windows 10, but then neither my printer nor Photoshop Elements 12 would work so I went back.) It's a Toshiba laptop with an Intel Core i3, a 500 Gb hard drive and 16 Gb of of RAM. I use it for photo editing (personal) with PSE12, but I mostly use it for business -- Quicken, Excel, and Word. I usually use Firefox and Thunderbird for my web browser and e-mail application. Thanks.
  6. Due to the recent ransomware attack and general public insecurity, I am heavily set on the idea of purchasing the full version on MBAM. I plan on paying for 2 years for two PCs. One will be for my computer, and the other my parents. I do not have a very good track record when it comes to HDDs lasting very long and the longest I've had one is only about 6 months, before its passed on to the Big Server in the Sky. With the fear of my HDD failing me I would like to know how exactly the full MBAM marks a PC as using the key before I purchase. Is it hard drive based or is it hardware based? If my HDD dies will I be able to use the computers license on a newly installed HDD? Thank you.
  7. Hey guys, So unfortunately recently I got an 'artemis' trojan virus, which was detected and quarantined by mcafee. It was obtained through clicking a .exe file which was posing the firefox installer. (my bad!) Mcafee said it caught the virus immediately, but when i ran a scan later it said it caught it again. Anyways, so it states it's been quarantined twice. I was suspicious at this point so I was looking into different antivirus software to try (and my free preloaded trial for mcafee had expired) so I got AVG. i did a full scan, enabled all the options, came back clean. All along the blue loading circle next my to cursor is ALWAYS there. Something is being continuously written to the disk because i'm checking the number of bytes on my HD and the free space continuously goes down. Before you ask, i have disabled system restore so i don't think that's the issue here. I've ran TDSSKiller as well as TFC and the ESET online scanner. Basically most everything in this forum thread http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/519121/constantly-losing-hard-drive-space/. For some reason, everything comes up clean, but i'm noticing now the performance of the PC is slipping. Also, this loading circle was never really present besides immediately upon start up (i have an SSD and with like 500 MB/s read/write speed loading usually isn't an issue). I'm guessing it's probably a rootkit. Am I totally screwed?
  8. Hello, I want to ask about my hard drive, when I read the minitoolbox result, which I was using because I was asked from the malware removal forum, it detected some bad blocks, but when I scanned using 'chkdsk', it is saying no error was found? can anyone care to enlighten me on this mystery? thank you..
  9. Ok.. so first.. I love Malwarebytes.. Swear by it. Live by it .. etc.. Been Using it for like 3 years now .. I upgraded to Windows 8 2 months ago.. Everything was workin fine. All of sudden i dunno what the hell yall did.. but whenever it was my Malwarebytes Icon changed (after an update) .. Malwarebytes been doing some weird hidden stuff in the background.. and its making stuff not work on my PC correctly.. For instance I make music on my PC .. every since this new version of Malwarebytes installed.. now when Im recording or making music.. Malwarebytes is causing my Recording software to stall .. or like freeze for like 4 secs... and it happens like frequently .. so if im recording or playing back music using my audio interface thru my recording software ... it will just freeze for 3-4 secs.. and i'f have to press play again.. at first i didn't know wtf the issue was .. then i closed EVERYTHING and started testin it.. and narrowed it to Malwarebytes. . when its completely closed.. everything works.. if it running .. then my audio stuff freezes... Now i haven't really experienced no other issue outside of my audio software. .like if i just use other stuff on my PC i haven't specifically noticed anything else ... except maybe my Google Chrome been actin weird on youtube.. but i cant attribute that to MB ... although i cant thing of anything else that could be causing THAT either.. (another audio issue tho .. hmm) .. but those to applications use 2 different audio devices.. soo idk the co-relation... Is there any way to go back to the old Malwarebyte (red icon) ... if so how.. and will i be at risk? .. well right now my MB is OFF so it cant be any worse than this.. .. . Im just saying . Help? PCInfo http://valid.canardpc.com/2728175
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