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Found 11 results

  1. This is a follow up to the thread in the Windows Support Forum (please see link embedded below). I can not get to the Malwarebytes Gui, so I do not have a threat log to attach and we were not able to get a log file (mbst-grab-results.zip) from the support tool. FRST has been run and I have the FRST.txt and Addition.txt files attached. Please note that FRST locks up at the "Scanning Other Areas..." Step My at Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Running Malwarebytes Premium 4.04 on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit - 10.0.17763.914) and I can not get the Malwarebytes GUI to display. The trayicon is present and selecting "open Malwarebytes" does not open the GUI but the trayicon option changes to "Hide Malwarebytes". In addition to not being able to open the GUI, everything is incredibly slow (can take minutes to load a webpage that normally takes less than a second).
  3. I'm disappointed with the version 4 GUI. Why is it so difficult to add exclusions. Why not put an icon next to reported items to add it to allow list directly from report? Or from History (found reference to that location in another forum message). I tried adding a file by copying it from saved results text file and got error that I don't have permission to open file. I don't want to open it. I want to add it. And where do you add registry items? I know how to navigate programs and use advanced features but this is ridiculous. Why did you remove feature that worked?
  4. Add feature to resize the window because is too small. Also I experience some freezes scrolling in Configuration menu.
  5. Hello, so today I encountered a new problem with my MBAM, seemingly out of nowhere. Never had this before. So I woke up, turned my screen on and my PC was completely 'censoreded up'. Loads of things had stopped working, I checked task manager and MBAMService.exe was having extreme memory leaks. I tried shutting it down, unable to. Had to do go through CMD and do it. And everytime, I shut MBAMService.exe down, it automatically started itself again. And it was still leaking, everytime. It went up extremely fast as well, several gigabytes in 30 seconds. CPU, Private memory, RAM. Video example: I have now just tried reinstalling MBAM, restarting my PC several times as well. The memory leak is gone, that's great. BUT, everytime i open the GUI and I click something, it stops responding. Unable to do anything at all in the GUI for 5 minutes. Also MBAM is unable to contact the licence server for some reason. I checked my hosts file and nothing is blocked. UPDATE: As I am writing this, MBAMService.exe has started with the memory leaks again. It's right now using 8 gigabytes, going up fast. Please help, thanks!
  6. Is there any way to set the default view off of the dashboard and onto the scan tab? to make custom scan quicker to get to when drives are attached, which for me is always =) or a way to setup a custom scan as default from dashboard? (otherwise it only scans my local system and not my usb connected drives which get quite a bit of use and need to be checked as well, its gets slightly annoying after a while to always have to switch tabs)
  7. Hello. I like to run a Custom scan on a schedule that checks all my Drives and subfolders. However, in Malwarebytes 3.0 the checkboxes do not stay checked. An example would be to set up a Custom Scan on an Automated Schedule. Then Click the "Customize Scan" Button. Select "C:\Users" by checking off the checkbox next to it. Click "Save". Return to the Screen and expand the Drives. "C:\Users" is no longer checked. This is imortant to me because I want to know if "C:\Users" is going to get scanned if it becomes unchecked like that.
  8. I'm running Windows 10 on a Lenovo g700 laptop. I recently updated to the current version of 3.0 Free, and I'm having a GUI problem which I didn't have before. When I maximize to full screen and then try to return to regular size, the GUI returns to a larger size than it was before; when I try to drag the sides to shrink the GUI, the double arrow will not "grab" the side, so I can't drag it smaller. MB 3.0 is the only program I've noticed this behavior on. I've run DISM and sfc and updated my drivers, but there has been no chantge in behavior. Otherwise, MB3.0 Free works well. What can I do to resolve this (besides the obvious "Don't do that!" answer)? Thanks.
  9. I have a long running issue with MalwareBytes that started out of the blue. I run the premium version and one day a few weeks back I noticed that clicking on the MalwareBytes Toolbar icon, nothing would happen. Of course, i thought virus! And it was.. I ran GFI Cloud Antivirus (also installed) and midway through MalwareBytes popped up. The virus was contained and I've since run multiple scans with both tools and also Wise Registry Cleaner. However, the issue with MalwareBytes locking up for long periods of time persists. For example I just made a mistake today downloading Firefox from the wrong site and it started installing crap I didn't want (Binklands?) I aborted it but it managed to get it in. So I tried to run MalewareBytes and nothing.. later about 20 minutes or so it popped up. I ran it and it scanned. Reported numerious issues with Binklands. Offered to quarantine them. I clicked Quarantine and it sits forever (20 minutes plus) and all of a sudden the screen is active again. If I ignore the screen, eventually it freezes again. I started in safemode with networking and tried to run it. It just locked up.. Not sure what is going on.. I don't seem to have any active viruses per GFI or Malwarebytes. Any advice would be appreciated.. I've included the requested files.. Regarding FRST.. should I do a FIX after the SCAN? Not sure if it is removing everything in the list, is that all bad? I have visual studios installed for example.. Thanks Mark Addition.txt FRST.txt MBAM-CheckResults.txt
  10. Hi: I am concerned about the results of your new version (2.02.1012) of your Anti-Malware product. Your previous version had more options/tabs that provided the user with more information and functionality. Tabs: Scanner, Protection, Update, Quarantine, Logs, Ignore List, Setting, More Tools, and About. Ver. 2.02.1012 basically takes most of this information away. It appears to me that your previous version (the one with the tabs in the GUI) performed a deeper level of scanning. And...in the previous version, a scan of my laptop's 250 GB HD displayed these results: (see attachment) Previous Version: Scan type: (Full Scan): C:\ Object Scanned: 496764 Objects detected: 279 Scan type: Full Scan (C:\) Time elapsed: 5 hour(s), 28 minute(s) 16 second(s) Ver 2.02.1012 Scanned approx 335,000 items and took only 32 minutes ! It does not keep the window with the results for you to view on-screen, It is replaced with a window stating that the scan is completed. So, you can't view the results unless you are sitting in front of your computer when it finishes the scan. The results are not available to the user. And, for my Ver 2.02.1012 scan, all of the following boxes were checked...to obtain the best level of scanning. Use Advanced Heuristics Engines (Shuriken) Scan for Rootkits Scan with archives What is going on here ? is the new version not as accurate as the previous one ? Thank you DaleB Malware Results Screen.doc
  11. Hello, mbae-setup- SP3 I am a licensed user. Before installing, I turned off Avira AV real-time protection.At the end of the install, the setup doesn't ask to reboot. Is it supposed to? I manually rebooted. In procexp, 2 processes are running: mbae.exe, mbae-svc.exe Picking "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" desktop icon starts new mbae.exe process, which runs ~3 seconds, then closes. Per a suggestion in another post, ran chkdsk during boot, fix errors option. I've attached the logs. Please assist. Chris mae_Logs.zip
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