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Found 13 results

  1. I dont know whats wrong one day my Malwarebytes broke and now it cannot protect live and its name appears to be "Malwarebytes undefined 4.2.1" I'm attaching log down as I read other forums and I need to post my log here, I dont know which program could affect Malwarebytes in my system, I will be waiting your answers mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. hi guys i cant seen to remove this adware from my computer.I deleted both using malwarebyte and Manually but still it pop out each time is scan under memory section can anyone fix it ? i tried restarting still the same.Although i dont have and ad pop out of no where but still hate to see that thing any help will be great thx update: weirdly if i deleted the preference file by my self while chrome running the threat stop appearing however if i relaunch chrome again the problem persist
  3. i have windows 7 dual installed with linux working just fine, and then i downloaded a torrent file with a codec pack exe file, and the video would'nt still work, so i uninstalled software from the uninstaller in windows, and i ran a adaware from malwarebytes, and then it cleaned it all up and then it restart, and wont boot up again, grub boot menu comes up and when i choose linux it starts, but when i choose windows it comes only blackscreen with this _/- its "-" or "_" just blinking, nothing happends after that been on for hours nothing, when control alt delete it reboots. no sign of windows boot logo or anything else. how can i fix this asap? thx in advance for everybit of information that might help :)) im currently logged into my linux.
  4. Thank you in advance. Any solution for "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application" windows 7 error message? A malware was stealing Outlook account data and sending lots of spam to <random_usernames>@qq.com I quarantined 60 threats and reboot. Then now I cannot open almost any windows application: A lot of windows applications started to have issues opening: IExplorer starts to open then closes. It is possible to open Outlook, but just in safe mode. MS word looks normal. Chrome opens but do not allow to save downloaded files. I found a similar issue, but without anny answer at: Thank you.
  5. I have downloaded a torrent of sims 4 game it was 16 GB so I lefted 2 days downloading after the torrent finished the popups websites on google chrome keep opening and cmd saying it is transfering files and there was written simstransfer.info and many process then navigate to copied successfully of two files but when I tried to capture the process so I can put it here it goes away fast to another in cmd and then cmd stay opened and doesn't go by itself .. I then close it by myself... I have tried many antimalwares but they did nothing although I saw the reports and removed malwares but the problem still exist, tried Hitman and tried them in safe mode with networking but still the same what I have noticed is that cmd starts poping up and so for the websites pop ups when startup and then repeats in different times through the day. I uninstalled utorrent and any of the recent programs.In cmd says that is from system 32. If I can capture the cmd proccess I will put here... and thank you.
  6. I have done everything on this site. I am an advanced user and I began with 4 ELEX hits. I subsequently in october reset sync and chrome, looked up webdata in my appdata folder and deleted it. That got rid of one. Then I reset chrome and sync options as outlined by these forums did a clean install of the latest chrome (yes if you do the FIX the subsequent scan will bring on about 10 or so ELEX ShrCln. and A ton of othe pups That is because when you run FIX from the FRST it will eliminate your extensions, specifiacly adbloc and ABP if you use it. So I reinstalled those ran scan again got rid of all the miscellanous hits and was left with ONE ELEX. This one , however, will say it successfully removes and Malwarebytes initiates a restart, yet upon looking at the result, it does say it was actually replaced and or moved? So I am left with one stubborn ELEX that MAlwarebytee hotfixes listed in these forums and the work I am doing with a support tech wia email ad his hotfixes. Is MAlwarebytes going to resolve this issue or are we to continue with hacks? Thnak you.
  7. i need help on how to properly remove my lnk virus, and it is really affecting my work i cant pass anything through this laptop, and ive found a folder by lnk which is on my app data "Startup\Start.lnk" i cant delete that single folder with 1.09kb. i seriously need help immediately.
  8. So recently I tried to download a file, as stupid as I am, I visited a untrusted website and downloaded a file, that file then keeps opening random tabs with ads in it from internet explorer etc.. I have done every scan possible but they just cant find it! I'm running a 64bit operating system please help me fast!
  9. Real time protection layers turned off , final fix for me. Mbamtray.exe started , but MBAMService.exe ,do not started complete ,is the problem . solution : Change I/O ,CPU priority, afinity for MALWAREBYTES . setings: MBAM service.exe CPU priority - real time I/O priority - normal Afinity - all CPU setings: mbamtray.exe CPU priority - low I/O priority - background Afinity - one CPU Prio - download https://www.prnwatch.com/prio/ With this tool , you can change the priority of processes on the Processes tab of Task Manager . Watch the video/photosAshampoo_Snap_2016.12.17_17h50m32s_004_.wmv
  10. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FIX MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. PLEASE TRY REMOVING MALWAREBYTES WITH THE CLEAN TOOL AND REINSTALLING IT USING AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT. IF THAT DOES NOT WORK THEN USE THIS FIX. Steps: 1>Open your advanced Windows Firewall settings. 2>Navigate to outbound rules. 3>You should now see 3 rules called "MBAM." Right click on them and select properties then select allow the connection and press "OK." DO THIS FOR ALL 3 RULES! You should now be able to update Malwarebytes.
  11. Hello, I know that many people are having problems after downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on Windows 10 computers. You will try to run the program and it will give you an error message. If you're savvy enough to go into task manager, the process will be there but nothing will happen. This error could be due to a corrupt file when downloading the program, it could be due to an antivirus conflict, or it may have been due to encrypting the hard drive with bitlocker or truecrypt. Here is how to fix this: Go to your command prompt. (windows key, type 'cmd' , ctrl +shift +enter) - or Right click on 'command prompt' and select 'run as administrator' Type in 'cd' and then the location of the malware bytes file (it's usually under program files). For example: cd c:\program files (86x)\malwarebytes anti-exploit\ Type 'mbae-svc -install' after the extension. For example: c:\program files (86x)\malwarebytes anti-exploit\mbae-svc -install\ This should start working immediately. I was frustrated that a program I paid for was not working so I took a few minutes to play around with it. You're Welcome. -Lando.
  12. Infected with Fix Speedy Optimizer I Have an HP Laptop with Windows 8 that i recently bought of someone. It was infected with many viruses, in which i removed, but this Fix Speedy Optimizer will not go away. I have ran MBAM, JRT, RKILL, RougeKiller, Revo Uninstall, ADWCleaner, Spybot S&D. And nothing is working for this. Please help!!!. I also attached a picture of the Fix Speedy Optimizer
  13. A team member recently tried to help me with a problem on my machine. This caused two problems in itself. First, the fix routines make MANY changes to a computer’s configuration, if only to establish a base starting point to work. However, users change their preferences over years of time, starting with the install process. There doesn’t seem to be a user-readable log of changes made – essentially an ‘I changed this setting from this to this’ and ‘I deleted this’ so that the user could restore individual settings if desired when done. I now have folders that I expect to show that aren’t showing and discovered a month after the fix that System Restore was off. While most things operate as expected, some program’s options are changed within those folders that no longer show even by using the Search function. Since the fix there are things that happen that never have before. When Saving documents, I often get a message in the Save window something like ‘Generating List of Root Folders’ for 5 to 10 seconds before a save location appears. IE generates messages, and while there’s an option to not show the message again, I don’t know if it’s a new message or if I turned it off years ago. In my case, the attempt at a fix did not completely solve the problem I was having. Since many configuration settings can be changed from different places within Windows and many of them have similar names, being able to see exactly what was changed would be beneficial. Settings could then be individually restored correctly and avoid conflict. I also don’t know what I don’t know. Second, after the fix, I had many files saved to the Desktop (and elsewhere?) as instructed, and no instructions on what could / should be deleted, and if so, whether to Uninstall or simply delete them. Few programs do a perfect job with their housecleaning, but the user should be able to finish it up easily. Some programs are typically used for a quick clean before or during analysis that may not be desired to be resident under normal use. I’ve found nothing about their removal afterward. I’ve PM’ed the team member for instructions, and his time spent on my messages could be better utilized helping others. Suggestions: Have the fix routines generate a log readable by the user showing what was changed to include the as-found and the as-left settings using the same names that Windows uses. Create an easily findable forum Sticky / Permalink describing exactly which files downloaded or generated during the fix process can be removed, the proper method of doing so, and the order if it makes a difference. Create an easily findable forum Sticky / Permalink with common 'You may see these unexpected changes from your normal operation after a fix' and their solutions. My thanks go to all involved for their time and efforts.
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