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Found 11 results

  1. I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for 3 days and im pretty content with it, however its missing some other features that might help making this anti-malware/antivirus software stronger and better. 1. Password Manager - Norton, Mcafee, bitdefender and etc have this feature, this would be really helpful if you added this, you can like put your passwords in an encrypted vault and such, 2. firewall - now this is a thing that i've said, other antivirus/anti-malware programs have. if this feautre is implemented the next update with some cool and useful features inside it, that'd be great! 3. camera protection - we all know camfecting is a common thing nowadays, i am very paranoid when it comes to things like these, it breaks your privacy, they can listen to some sensitive conversation you're talking about, and way more things. this'd be a perfect feature in the next updates of malwarebytes. 4. microphone protection/monitorer - other than camera protection, this is also a very useful feature, it like alerts you when a app or your microphone is in use. this'd be again, a good feature to add in the future updates of malwarebytes. now i can list down all the things that you guys can possibly add, but i'd figure that'd be too long to read, so this is the only 4 feautures i listed down, yall at the malwarebytes team can think of more useful features you can add in this software. thats basically it for my first forum post.
  2. For security features, Quad9 and CleanBrowsing are certainly the best DNS servers. OpenDNS is more about parental control on its free version. I've been using Quad9 on my router for quite some time, but recently discovered CleanBrowsing, which one do you prefer?
  3. Is anyone able to spell out the feature differences between Malwarebytes and ClamXav. Specifically, what types of things each one scans for and protects against; what locations (drives, volumes, folders, etc) they scan; any user options and, most importantly, whether the two apps are compatible with each other and can run simultaneously and safely in the background. Thanks.
  4. I think there should be an easier way to disable the auto renewal feature on subscriptions. Right now the only way to do that is to contact Cleverbridge and tell them to disable it. Why is there no simple option to toggle it off. Renewals happen without notification so I never know when I'm going to be charged until it's already happened. There should be an option on the Billing and Payment tab on the Malwarebytes account page. Please add something like this, I despise software that has shady billing and renewal practices.
  5. Hi. My name is Foulest, and I love MBAM. It has helped me recover computers from viruses, malware, and trojans in the past. It is great, but when they released 3.0, I was astounded in their steps to being a better program. I would not personally replace my antivirus for it, but it is a good second layer of protection. I would replace it however if it had around four features that in my opinion would make it a better product. I feel like with the changes it could bring to the table; it would be a highly regarded anti-virus product. I know these will take a long time to implement, just need feedback if these would be good changes to make for MBAM in the future if possible. I added visuals to what these changes could look like as well. (I use Kaspersky). Okay, so the changes: 1. "Application Manager." The Application Manager would be very helpful to add to MBAM. It would replace programs like Unchecky in the Installation Manager tab and would make a more secure environment when installing software. If an application tries to change something outside of the application like modify system32, it would stop it and prompt the user with a warning. 2. "Firewall." The Firewall is pretty self-explanatory if you know a little bit about anti-viruses. A Firewall would make MBAM a complete product and in my opinion, would make people regard MBAM as an anti-virus product. I feel like the firewall is pretty necessary for an anti-virus; i.e. why I use Kaspersky. 3. "System Watcher." System Watcher is a pretty neat feature in Kaspersky. It rolls back malware actions, like deleting or modifying files. It has exploit protection, which MBAM won't have to implement because it already has something similar or better. It monitors applications to see if they produce malware-like activity, and prompts the user or does a set action. It also has Ransomware protection which MBAM already has, so that's fine. Just the central two features would be impeccable to have. 4. "Webcam Protection." Webcam Protection is pretty simple: warns the user when the webcam is used and has a customizable blocking feature for applications. So, what do you think? These features would take quite a while to implement, but I don't know. Could be cool in the future. I made all of these from Kaspersky in Paint and Pixlr. Thanks for reading!
  6. Is it possible to add an "add to blacklist" (+ if possible reporting) option for URLs and ip addresses instead of only having an "add to web exclusive" option. I was looking for this option after I started to get random redirects on websites (To be precise mostly on forums and recently sometimes 9gag, yet never on the websites that offer videos that showcase the performance of certain "activities", even the more shady ones). The redirects are almost certainly pure javascript based since: - Exhaustive scanning with antivirus and anti-malware tools only gives all clears - It is ONLY on those specific sites - Redirects are not instantaneous, they occur suddenly after 30 seconds to 5 minutes without the need to click on anything. However, sometimes they do not occur at all. - The go back button history is filled up with the malicious URL (thus rendering it useless to go back to the intended site) - The redirects keep quiet after an attempt but return after clearing history and cookies
  7. 1 EXCLUSION INTERFACE - is there any reason not to be able to add a folder, rather than just a file? For example, the folder for another security program such as Avast, Malwarebytes, Spybot etc.? 2 IMPROVE INTERFACE Also, just as for Malwarebytes Anti Malware -you could REALLY improve the interface by allowing the user to mark a whole series of folders with check marks (like Avast does for Active Protection \ Files System Shield \ Exclusions) so that all of the relevant folders under C:\PROGRAM FILES and then C:\PROGRAM FILES (x86) can be inserted without having to browse for each individual folder under these two root folders. This would speed up the process tremendously, for a single machine and even more so for multiple computers I notice that MBAB has already improved this process from earlier on, where the damn it did not, in the past, even remember the prior folder which you had opened. Now that was an incredibly frustrating process. 3 ALLOW EXPORTING of the excluded files, so those of us with more than one computer can copy the exclusion list from one computer to another. This might mean labeling the folder or file functionally, so if the process is not implemented via a menu, the users can simply copy the files. Possibly add some security feature so that malicious programs do not take advantage of this. 4 SIMPLE EXPLANATION Even though it is Beta, what harm is there in having at least a sentence or two about how the program functions (it's actively on guard, but does not require a scan, it does or does not get updates etc.) 5 READY BUTTON Maybe a Green button showing it is ready and armed vs a Red button showing that it is not ready to do its job. Thanks, Dan
  8. Okay I clicked on link got virus. Malwarebytes found it after I did damage. Is there a real time scanner in Premium to avoid this from happening again.
  9. The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Settings/Detection and Protections Options includes "Scan for Rootkits." Is this different from what is offered in the Anti-rootkit product? The Anti-Malware Settings/ADVANCED SETTINGS shows "Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts." Is this different from what is covered by the Anti-Exploit product? How are Threat Scan, Custom Scan, and Hyper Scan in the Automatic Scheduling settings different from each other? Under Threat Scan there is a Scan for Rootkit. Is this different from what is offered in the Anti-rootkit product?
  10. As the title states, please make manual updates of the scanner easier. There should be an expectation of being able to download a copy of the definations, and run it onto a computer. Google brings up posts from 2009. The update version is 1.8357.0.0. The website I got that from states to say in forums if it hasn't been updates http://malwarebytes.gt500.org and lists the last page update as 12-15-2011. running this update corrupts the database for mbam. Your program is otherwise excellent. You let yourselves down, as the first time I show people malware byte is normally after they have been infected, and they see what a hassle manual updating is.
  11. Right now we have a server running server 2008 standard with kaspersky antivirus software and we have 3 networked computers and 6 branch office computers.. Today at work I had an issue with some malware and was wondering what your opinions are for this software? Can it detect and stop malware from executing if someone clicks on a bad link? How much ram does the software utilize? Is it possible for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to be turned off by malware? Thanks
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