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Found 4 results

  1. CP 1.0.1672 may also be affected but I didn't get to test it and now it's too late as CP 1.0.1672 was only available in beta and never made it to stable. Issue only starts manifesting when re-installing so upgrading from an unaffected product version and CP hides the problem. CP 1.0.1683 beta is still affected. Snippet from Addition.txt ==================== Event log errors: ======================== Application errors: ================== Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:53 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:48 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:43 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:38 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:33 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:28 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:23 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. Error: (05/13/2022 10:39:18 PM) (Source: SecurityCenter) (EventID: 16) (User: ) Description: Error while updating status to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. I have good explanations for the other errors reported by FRST and I can provide them if necessary. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. FIrst I should note that I am running the free version of Malwarebytes. I received a notification that Malwarebytes detected an issue through my Windows 7 pop-up notification tray. When I clicked on it to see the status of Malwarebytes and the "issue" nothing happened. Now when I attempt to run Malwarebytes the program won't open. A quick Google search led me to Chameleon but that doesn't seem to be helping either. No matter what icon I click on provided in the zip file I can't see the Chameleon program I've seen in screenshots that shows the different Tests. I click on each one and a DOS window appears attempting to either download Malwarebytes or scan. The best result I've had was Chameleon successfully downloading and installing Malwarebytes once more but the issue persists. The program will not open. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some user error behind troubleshooting this issue, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Maybe I'm the only one facing this issue. I keep my PC very clean (IT Manager). I run SAS, CCLEANER, AVG, and MBAM regularly. Haven't been infected in years. (Note: I use the free version of MBAM so I'm not expecting help from tech support. I used to use the reg version at work and think the free version is adequate for my needs). So I run the aforementioned without issue and then MBAM which wants to update to the latest version. Sure no problem in 7 years. Now it does not work. Symptoms: Starts nice new interface. Hit update,,,, nice status bar rolling,,, closes. Try running a scan same thing. What I've tried so far (which is about everything). Note" same exact experience after each idea. 1. Remove MBAM reboot. Re-install, nope. 2. Remove MBAM reboot safe wn re-install. nope 3. Remove MBAM reboot run CCLEANER re-install. nope 4. Run MBAM Anti-Rootkit. nothing 5. Run TDSS-Killer. nothing 6. Windows update maybe a DLL or something, no updates. 7. WIN Firewall add all MBAM .exe. nope 8. Shutoff AVG remove and re-install, reboot. nope 9. Run RKILL. nothing 10. Smash head on KYBD, doesn't help. 11. Run MBAM removal, reboot into safe wn. no dice 12 Read every forum I can find. nothing really applies. 13. Post this message. Help if you can! I recommend my clients buy MBAM and have loved the program for over 8 years, I'm now thinking I've either got something nasty or MBAM is conflicting with something strange. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  4. WARNING: NOT A HAPPY PAYING CUSTOMER HERE! I have the latest premium version that was updated some time this month, and it SUCKS WITH CAPITALS SUCKS! Why you do me like this MBAM!? Whereas the previous premium version was discreete, non-intrusive and would update itself once in a while, this PREMIUM PAYING version FAILS EVERY FRIGGIN' DAY!! EVERY DAY IT FAILS!! EVERY SINGLE DAY, I HAVE A STUPID POP UP TELLING ME THAT MY VERSION IS OUT OF DATE AND ASKING ME TO UPDATE!! Why do I care!? UPDATE IT YOURSELF!! That's what the previous version would do, it had a tiny, discreet pop up and would tell me "your version has been updated". Maybe once every 4 months it would ask me to install updates or whatever it is it would do, I don't know because it wouldn't bug me for updates. If that weren't bad enough, EACH TIME I PRESS THE STUPID UPDATE BUTTON, IT FAILS!! IT DOES NOT WORK!!! IT HANGS OR FREEZES, but not polite enough to crash itself so I know. NO! Instead this STUPID PAYING PREMIUM VERSION LEAVES ME UNPROTECTED TO SURF THE NET WHILE IT HAS FAILED AND NOT TOLD ME. It just hangs there like limp noodle until I click on it to see what's up! I keep having to X out of this eyesore and relaunch it. But wait!!! THERE'S MORE!! Yes, like a bad infomercial, there's more crap thrown at me: Every freaking day I now have a bunch of stupid pop ups telling me 'WARNING STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, NON MALAWARE STUFF DETECTED" UGH! I go see and it's every day, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, some stupid PUP! WHY IN THE HELL DO I NEED TO BE TOLD?? The old one would do its thing then ask me to quarantine and delete. WHY WHY WHY YOU DO ME LIKE THIS MBAM!? We are PREMIUM PAYING CUSTOMERS HERE! And, you guessed it: there's more nonsense to contend with: THE BUTTONS TO QUARANTINE ARE DISABLED!!! Whereas the other button is lit and green, the "quarantine" button is disabled (gray on white) and it takes several times to click it to finally launch it to quarantine the PUPS! ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND ONCE I'VE WASTED ENOUGH TIME WITH THIS CRAP.... I DOES NOT TELL ME WHERE TO GO TO GET THE NON-MALWARE MALWARE DELETED! I've had to figure out by myself to go to "History" because I am brought to the dashboard and, folks, that's NOT where it's happening! So not only do you need a PhD to operate the "new and improved' MBAM but this thing won't quit b*tching at me, day in, day out!!! It won't quit yapping! Everything the OLD VERSION USED TO DO AUTOMATICALLY, IT NOW YAPS FOR MY ATTENTION!!! What the puck, Zane!? Hell yes, I am mad!!! Mad enough I had to create a stupid account on here!!! It took forever to find this stupid forum and find where to post this. Finally, for everyone's reading pleasure: I'M HERE!!! MBAM DEVELOPERS, YOU GOT SOME 'SPLAININ TO DO! What the hell is up with this b*tchy version?? IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT BUT IF YOU FIX IT, THEN FIX IT!!! DON'T MAKE A PAYING CUSTOMER'S LIFE HELL, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING!? There. Rant over. And yes I feel better. I probably should have posted this weeks ago, when this hell started, before I was this disgruntled; normally I wait for stuff to settle down but this is overkill. I wonder how much resources this obnoxious version is taking. Enough is enough. Fix the darn thing. WHY DO I HAVE TO PRESS BUTTONS NOW, BUTTONS THAT ARE DISABLED, MIND YOU, to get this thing TO DO WHAT IT WAS DOING AUTOMATICALLY IN THE PAST?! HELLO!!! This is my first time posting, I hope to get a reply from customer service, preferably with acknowledgment of all these problems and time by which you are going to take care of thsi nonsense and fix it. If my rant bothered you, save it! I don't care to read nonsense about my tone it is what it is. If you've had your work interrupted more than 10 times a day because of the stupid pop ups and MBAM failing, you'd be P.O'd too!
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