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Found 4 results

  1. I have cleaned malware on my Mac with your product. Without being able to scan an external drive, what do I do about scanning my Time Machine backups for the same malware I just removed from my Mac? Nothing? Throw them away? This is a serious limitation. I can't be sure when the malware got onto my Mac, so I cannot reliably restore anything from that drive. That is not good. 😞 PS: I have used Malware Bytes on PCs for many years and was a past network and system administrator, so I know not to ignore the back-ups.
  2. Hi Was looking at Malwarebytes for Mac for some home Macs, after experiencing McAfee's appalling customer service (having issues with McAfee detecting infection on an external drive, but not cleaning/quarantining) yet it seems that Malwarebytes cannot scan an external HD. Why not, what's the reasoning for that? I read an earlier forum where it was referred to as a 'feel good function'...seems like a basic, sensible function to me. Secondly, can anyone recommend a product that does scan and clean an attached external HD? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, the other day i opened my hard drive and found autorun.inf and another file, which i cannot remember what it was but i deleted them both because i knew autorun.inf was a virus - so i found multiple viruses on my own computer hard drive, found them by commnad prompt and deleted them in safe mode. But i remember that the other file's icon being blue, and it had name of seagate or something similar - something with a s maybe? My external drive is a seagate external hard drive, so i guess i thought it belonged to that (this is what i think right now - it could a misinception
  4. Using a friend's Acer Aspire 5733z manufactured 2.2012. Inexplicably they chose to not run an antivirus despite my protests. They had Norton & McAfee whose trials ran-out, needless to say they are great folks but interweb safe on an up to 45 MBPs DL speed FIOS line (verified via Speedtest.net) they surely are not. Had recommended free Avast! to no avail. Think they've picked up a fake Oracle exploit w/frequent pop-ups. On a P6200 2.13Ghz 64 bit OS There's 90% free space, only 4% fragmented files, 4 GB's memory, MS auto updates on WIN7 w Home Premium w/SP1. From a 2GB flash drive I serendi
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