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  1. Thing I’ve done before the issue is occurred is the only thing I do is to plugged back my USB flash’s drives to my laptop using a PORT USB HUB . so no any changes were made to the system or to anything related to the OS itself (the WINDOWS SYSTEM was reinstalled afresh:) ). and then I had to opens up a few portable software from the USB drive to do a checking for updates and some to fails to check for an updates and they being thrown an access denied errors . so I have to do closing all running applications from the system tray included Malwarebytes and the issue go away right aft
  2. Hello Everyone. I'm hacked with multiple hacking ways. A Malware infected to my Laptop with both svchost.exe and explorer.exe infection. I have deleted this for tenth times but its still downloading or creating itself. It was a hack tool for Point Blank (Its a online fps game). I downloaded it from www.sepok-cit.com . This site has too many good reviews and i believed them. Already I Tried a few ways to delte this sh*t from my computer but none of them worked. I TRIED: 1) Deleting its files (hidden files named as spoolsvc.exe , svchost.exe and explorer.exe) 2) Deleting it v
  3. A few days ago I restarted my computer before a long time without re-starting it (like 1 week with the pc on) and I noticed that "Explorer.exe" was requesting to initialize, but the real explorer.exe task was already running... I said no but then I checked the directory of the file and the system said that the file was on %windir%/resources/themes, well going into folder to check if the file exists I noticed that theres nothing more than aero themes in this folder. So did a scan in the folder using malwarebytes and it recognized svchost.exe malware and explorer.exe, before adding they do quare
  4. Hi Question about the "protected application list", why is "explorer.exe" not there and would it be safe to add it? Thanks
  5. What is OSDSoft?The Malwarebytes research team has determined that OSDSoft is a crypto currency miner. These miners are designed to earn cryptocurrency by using system resources.This particular one is a so-called XMRig (Monero) miner.How do I know if my computer is affected by OSDSoft?You may see a file called explorer.exe with this icon:How did OSDSoft get on my computer?Miners use different methods for distributing themselves. This particular one was installed by a bundler.How do I remove OSDSoft?Our program Malwarebytes can detect and remove this miner. Please download Malwarebytes to
  6. explorer.exe found in AppData/Local/Temp explorer.zip mbam_report_2018-02-08.txt
  7. Hi! I recently got a virus that shows about 50 explorer.exe files on my processes section. I had Avira and scanned my computer with it, but no luck. Then I got Malwarebytes, and it detected 6 unwanted programs. I logged on to my profile, but the virus was still there! I then got Kaspersky, and it didn't detect anything. I was wondering if any of you could help me? PLZ!!
  8. I have the paid version of 3 on my desktop. I downloaded trial version for my laptop. The trail cleaned a few PUPs out. On Laptop, while while using Windows Explorer, I get MB popups stating that it blocked outbound to such places as "click.smytratrafficfilter.com", "clicksgear.com", "popcash.cnet" and more similar toilet-sites. Details show it to be from "C:\windows\sysWOW64\explorer.exe" each time. I have manually scanned explorer.exe with MB and Norton, both OK. I removed the HDD from the laptop and attached as slave to desktop (yes I can) and scanned it with paid version of
  9. Hello Malwarebytes folks, I unfortunately have downloaded some russian software and it installed ALOT of things on my computer one of them being explorer.exe high cpu usage What i have noticed till now : explorer and many services cpu usage after i installed the thing also some unnamed services in task manger when i click open location it direct me to explorer.exe. Fake Chromium install in roaming local folders in C drive with alot of python files etc.. Many folders and files are created in roaming and temp folders randomly named and have cpu usage in task manger.
  10. Are these duplicate files normal or a virus? I have the latest version of mbam premium and my threat scan results are zero. I also downloaded the Farbar recovery tool to my desktop and ran a scan. I have copied / pasted the content from FRST.txt below. Please advise. I'm thinking it's not normal to see these duplicate files in task manager. I can delete one but when I reboot, they call come back in multiples. Please advise -------------- Farbar's FRST.txt ----- Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 18-09-2016 Ran by GImagineG (admin
  11. Hi all, I found out i had some malware so i ran MBAM. I found lots of malware, but when i deleted it and restarted my laptop, my explorer.exe (and some other programs) won't start automatically after i login. I found out i can start explorer.exe manually but i would like to get every program to run automatically as before. I now found out that the malware i deleted is stil in quarantine, but if i try to restore some registry data, i get the message: "Can't restore an item marked for deletion on reboot" (ps: I restarted my laptop and no quarantined files seem to be deleted..) I h
  12. Hi, A few days ago I noticed cpu-usage levels were extremely high (100% most of the time). I closed all apps and restarted, computer starts out fine but as soon as I turn on wifi a Notepad launches by itself and computer starts getting really slow. Been noticing several cmd.exe processes open in task manager even tho I haven't launched command prompt. Same thing with conhost.exe msiexec.exe and notepad.exe and more than one explorer.exe Tried to run virus scan, nothing was found - althought Avast Antivirus keeps notifying me that it blocked a threat and that urls were being blocked such
  13. Hopefully someone can help, because after two straight days am at my wits' end. (The FRST log files are after this wall of text) It's a Windows XP SP3 machine, and the following was gleaned from Process Explorer program. Explorer.exe runs sluggishly immediately after logon, taking it's time to bring up the taskbar and desktop icons. It uses over half the processor (and Core 2 Duo 2.something GHz chip) when a window is opened (such as My Computer). It runs poorly but is at least stable, until it is given an internet connection. When connected, the main explorer.exe process then begins spawn
  14. I seem to be having problems with windows/explorer.exe. The symptoms are multiple instances of explorer.exe running with one of the instances using a majority of my RAM and CPU. Per instructions on your forum, I have installed and run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Attached are the two logs. Also per instructions I have uninstalled Skype. So far I have run the following (not necessarily in the order listed): TDSSKiller ComboFix adwcleaner Junk Removal Tool iolo Kapersky avast CCleaner Some of these found issues and claimed to have resolved them. I'm currently using Avast and Malwarebyt
  15. Hello, few days ago I've discovered multiple explorer.exe processes. The main one is using 20-40mb of memory and the rest of them are using ~10mb of memory. I have my system protected by NIS 2014 for more than a year and didn't see any anomalies like this before. I scanned my WIn7 Pro with x64 Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (see attachments). I've also scanned my system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Anti-Rootkit software but they didn't find anything suspicious. I've killed smaller ones (5) about an hour ago and only the main one is running ever since. I don't really know when did they started
  16. My problem is very insidious, and also very weird. As soon as I connect to the internet, my CPU is flooded by multiple instances of ctfmon.exe, about 17 to 20 instances in the Task Manager. They appear only for a moment before disappearing again, but then multiples instances of explorer.exe (the Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer) pop up, using anywhere from 25% to 60% of my CPU. Sometimes, even multiple instances of dllhost.exe pop into the Task Manager as well. At this point, my malware removal and prevention steps have taken me through running in Safe Mode and running Malwarebytes Anti
  17. Hello, I installed Malwarebytes recently, did a scan, removed all the suspicious things but very often a window pops up with the following information: "Malicious website blocked Domain: IP: Port: 6881 Type: inbound Process: C:\windows\explorer.exe " I don't know whether or not it's a virus, any help how to resolve this issue is very much appreciated. Thanks
  18. Have contracted rootkit malware, noticed when multiple incidences of explorer and dllhost were running and explorer.exe tried to access internet (blocked by Malwarebytes). Per instructions elsewhere I have downloaded and run FRST.EXE and also Roguekiller. The FRST.TXT and ADDITION.TXT from FRST and the RKreport from Roguekiller are copied below. I downloaded and ran the premium version of Malwarebytes which found several instances of threats which I quarantined. Malwarebytes log also attached. Other than that, I have made no deletions or changes to anything. Hope I am doing this right.
  19. I think i got infected on Friday 14th. A windows dialogue box appeared to install a genuine looking file, I clicked on OK to install it before Malwarebytes intercepted it. Ever since then it keeps displaying: "Malicious website blocked Domain: IP: Port: 6881 Type: inbound Process: C:\windows\explorer.exe " and "Malicious website blocked Domain: IP: Port: 6881 Type: outbound Process: C:\windows\explorer.exe " I tried the usual scans with Avast Internet Security, Malwarebytes Premium, Windows Defender and System Restore but no luck and nothing found. S
  20. I am not able to detect malware of any kind with my AV/malware scans or malware bytes even with chameleon and yet windows explorer continually crashes when I access the file delete or edit /cut/paste edit menu. also when I attempt to delete files beneath recycle bin in left menu of "my computer" window. Also, My cable repair man had gone to youtube through my computer to test the connection speed after he repaired my cable box, he clicked a video on youtube that was a double-click add( adclick.g.doubleclclick.net/aclk?))he then left before I realized it was a youtube tracking add that I lear
  21. I am not able to detect malware of any kind with my AV/malware scans or malware bytes even with chameleon and yet windows explorer continually crashes when I access the file delete or edit /cut/paste edit menu. also when I attempt to delete files beneath recycle bin in left menu of "my computer" window. My cable repair man had gone to youtube through my computer to test the connection speed after he repaired my cable box, he clicked a video on youtube that was a double-click add then left. When I checked later my "Spybot" had caught it, but only to have it return when I used "hitman PRO" I ca
  22. I have downloaded countless virus and malware programs trying to solve my problem. Malwarebytes has helped massively it got rid of a werfault.exe and constant dllhost.exe error messages and removed so much infected files from my laptop but it hasn't fixed one problem and that's my taskbar keeps restarting. I have searched for hours trying to find a solution but no help. Also to add my system restore is affected and I get a error message when opening it. I am on windows 8 and I have no restore point or anything. sfc/scannow finds a error but can not fix it I also keep receiving a notification f
  23. Hi can someone tell me what is static:4003 and why explorer.exe is connecting to it? Also is this a sign of a malware infection? I tried google but no luck. I heard that Windows 8 use explorer to phone home but I'm still not sure what it's doing. If someone could help me that would be great.
  24. Hello, I've been struggling with some malware on my windows 7 home premium 64 bit home PC. About two weeks ago, I noticed something was wrong when the PC got really laggy and the cpu was pegged and RAM was full. After struggling into task manager, I found some sketchy processes, long story short some nasty .exe files hanging out in AppData that I used safe mode with command prompt to delete (havac.exe among them, if that rings a bell). I have all my files backed up, and have been going at this thing with malwarebytes and microsoft security essentials, as I don't know what else to do. Ever
  25. I just performed a quick scan using the 'Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software's pro version. 12 malicious objects were detected at the end of the scan. Some of the supposedly malicious contents included system files such as 'explorer.exe' and 'iexplorer.exe'. Here is the log of the scan (my computer name has been removed for security reasons): Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (PRO) version: v2014.01.25.06Windows 8 x64 NTFSInternet Explorer 11.0.9600.16476Daksh Shah :: <removed by me> [administrator]Protection: Enabled25-01-2014 10:45:21MBAM-log-2014-01-
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