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  1. On version - The Exploit Protection feature causes hangs and crashes of my Microsoft Office 2016 programs either when starting the program or randomly during usage. Once I turn protection off for these programs the crashing stops. I noticed that a related known issue is listed here toward the bottom of the page (Websense exploit). Is this the same known issue or something new? Thanks, Mike
  2. starting from this day , my Firefox web browser won’t lunch even though I had to double-clicking on the Firefox icon so many time to have the web browser to be opened . right click on the taskbar to open the task manager and I’ve seen the Firefox processes are running and Firefox still not opened but however I figure out that the Malwarebytes’s Exploit protection is behind this problem as well and in meantime I can tell that this issue is first time happened to me when the Exploit protection module is getting in the way for now . I had to click on Malwarebytes icon in the tray app/startup area to uncheck-marked off the Exploit protection in order to have Firefox opened right away after do so!
  3. Just as the title says my MB is insensitive to the critical clicks. -- Best Timo mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I have been tryn to get the exploit to turn back on. Will not turn on.
  5. Enabling memory Integrity protection in Windows Defender (Windows 10 Pro version 1803) disables the exploit protection layer in Malwarebytes Premium (Malwarebytes Premium free 14 day trial).
  6. Suddenly I am unable to turn on my exploit protection. I uninstalled and re-installed with licensing and that suggested work around did not work. Can anyone recommend a resolution/work around for this? Malware Premium 3.4.5. I've attached of screen shot which tells you everything.
  7. Hey, I'm sad to say that I'm at a total loss when it comes to computers, and I'm a 90's kid. Ugh. Also, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. I've tried doing what was suggested for people with similar problems in this forum, but nothing is working. I don't know when it happened, I don't pay much attention to it, but sometime between 4/19/18 and today 4/30/18 my Malwarebytes program was removed from my computer. During this time Windows did force an update, and this may be what caused the program to disappear. I noticed that I wasn't getting any updates on scans recently, and went to run Malwarebytes, and it gave me an error saying something like "unable to connect to program" or something like that, and I realized that I was using the "M" pinned to my taskbar, and the actual program was gone from my computer. So, I ended up going to Malwarebytes website, and re-downloaded the software. Once the files were downloaded and installed everything looked like it did before this mess started, except now it says, "You're not fully protected One or more Real-Time Protection layers are turned off." The layer that is "turned off" is "Exploit protection." I went to "My Account" and re-entered my access key, and ID, because I noticed the key was different, and it reverted back to the different key, but after doing some research this seems to be okay since there was an update with the way keys are assigned now, and I can use either the new key, or my old one. So, that is all fine and dandy. But still, whenever I try to click the Exploit Protection to "on," nothing happens. I'm getting really frustrated. I've tried closing down the program, and then re-launching it, and it still shows the Exploit Protection is off. PLEASE, ANYONE, HELP?!
  8. I have been a member of Windows 10 Insider Program since its inception and actively contribute to solving issues. I use it on my home PC as my main computer knowing that I can revert to previous builds if it becomes problematic. Malwarebytes is the buggiest issue that I have so far encountered. I have detailed below but skip to 5 to quickly get to my point. 1) I installed Malwarebytes version on my Windows 10 PC in 2013 without any issues whatsoever. 2) I subsequently updated multiple Windows 10 insider builds again without issues. 3) Around my updating to Malwarebytes version 3 the green toggle slider for Real-Time Protection would not stay on, it would keep sliding back to "off" all of its own accord. 4) I reported this issue several times but eventually gave it up as a bad job. 5) Last month I got an automatic Malwarebytes update and at long last Real-Time Protection was turned on. I saw the green message "You are fully protected" and I was extremely pleased. 6) Today 4th April 2018, I got another automatic Malwarebytes update to version Component package version 1.0.342 but the green toggle slider for Exploit Protection was completely locked off. It is no longer coloured green but couloured black and now again I see the orange message "Real-Time Protection turned off". 7) I have un-installed and re-installed, again completing the Product Activation but that has not worked. I would much prefer to re-install the earlier version 3.4.4 of Malwarebytes installed last month. If I ask very nicely, please can you do this or at least send me an executable to install version 3.4.4 ? Before anyone responds asking again for a bug report, sorry but I refuse to do this so if it includes identifiable information. I value anonymity. To help others with similar issues, you could update https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/ to include links to install executable downloads. Thank you in advance.
  9. Im running MWB v, component package version 1.0.342, update pkg version 1.0.4072. Same thing. Real-time protection disabled and grayed out. To note this has been gong on for some time. Think this first occurred for me summer of 2017, and never went away. Did all the clean utility, reinstall, etc, reinstall. I have have had at least two upgrades since it first began. This is not new, not fixed, pervasive. Been paying for real time protection for half a year that is disabled. Its not a current version issue.
  10. I upgraded to 3.4.5. on 5th March and now Exploit Protection is permanently off I have attached the zip file having run FRST and MB-Check thanks Dan mb-check-results.zip
  11. I had been running MBAM Pro version 3.4.4 with no problems. A couple of days ago I updated to version 3.4.5 (mb3-setup-consumer- and now the Exploit protection will not turn on. On the System tray Icon the Exploit protection is greyed out. Running Windows 7 64-bit and MSE is turned off. No other A/V's are installed.
  12. My real-time exploit protection keeps turning off. It used to always be on, then it stopped working and I had to update MB, which I did. Now it's not working again. I've attached the log file per instructions in another user's issue. Assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Carolyn mb-check-results.zip
  13. In 'settings' my real time protection for web and exploit are both turned off. If I click on them I get a 'starting' text but then both revert to off. I am also getting a pop up screen telling me that these are off but hitting the start button sends the pop up away but it returns again. I have done several restarts, the most recent seemed to have fixed it for a few seconds. Malwarebytes was also very slow to start. I started it after a rkill (report below). A threat scan has shown nothing. Real time protection was working prior to the update on Saturday which froze my machine for 2 days. Check Results report also attached. Rkill30 jan.txt CheckResults.txt
  14. Hi there, I'm having an issue where exploit protection fails to turn on. I did a clean uninstall/reinstall with mb-clean (log attached) but this problem has persisted throughout that and several restarts. I recall something like this happened subscriber-base-wide last January-ish but today it seems like just me. I am running on update package version, and everything seems up to date as far as I can tell. mb-check-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt
  15. Identical to this thread: Only, I noticed when mine went sour... immediately following the last "Windows Update". Here are my files: mb-check-results.zip FWIW, I am running paid versions of MBAM on all my PCs; this is my first forray into these forums. Thanks, in advance.
  16. Exploit protection won't stay on in Malwarebytes ver 3.0.6 on Windows 10 64bit pc. MB check results.zip is included. mb-check-results.zip
  17. Hi, My Exploit protection is OFF and it won't start. Please advise on how to fix the issue. Reagrds, Ionut
  18. I'm running Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2. This morning Exploit Protection failed (fails) to turn on. I've manually updated mbam and restarted machine to no avail. System is Windows 10 Pro, and I'm running BitDefender for anti-virus.
  19. A few days ago, I began to receive notifications that my Exploit Protection was turned off. I was unable to restart the Protection (the switch setting would always revert to "off"). I read through the complete thread from a similar incident that occurred this past May, and read the final details/resolution presented by the Admin. However, I am now having that same problem... and I am well past the patch/update that should have resolved the previous issue... so I'm guessing the database corruption may have reoccurred or reappeared. I'm attaching a screenshot of my current version, patches, etc..
  20. Does anyone know of a possible conflict with the exploit protection modules of MB v3.1.2 and Norton v22.x on 32-bit operating systems? I recently upgraded from MBAM Premium v2.2.1 to MB Premium v3.1.2 on a 32-bit Vista SP2 laptop. Since the upgrade my Firefox ESR browser has been very slow and occasionally crashes on exit due to shutdown hangs. The Modules tab of the Mozilla crash reports always flag Malwarebytes' mbae.dll, Norton's IPSEng32.dll (Intrusion Prevention System script engine, which includes exploit protection) and NVIDIA's nvwgf2um.dll (D3D10 driver). Here are few recent crash reports: https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/432f89de-df42-457b-bd23-10eed0170610#tab-modules https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/0614fcd3-9b76-4847-87f5-44f4e0170610#tab-modules I'm aware that Vista SP2 reached it's end of extended support on 11-Apr-2017 but MB v3.1.2's real-time protection seems much more problematic than MBAM v2.2.1. Here's a few changes I've tested since upgrading that seem to improve system performance: Add mutual scan exclusions in both MB v3 and Norton v22 Disable Web Protection in MB v3. This solves intermittent Automatic LiveUpdate failures in Norton (I had this problem with MBAM v2.2.1 as well). Disable Exploit Prevention in Norton v22 (Settings | Firewall | Intrusion and Browser Protection | Exploit Prevention). This solves Firefox browser slow response times and crashes. Note that my Vista SP2, Norton v22, MB v3 and Firefox ESR v52 are all fully patched and I have the latest available drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. I also did a complete wipe of MBAM v2.2.1 off my system before installing MB v3.1.2 (deactivate and uninstall MBAM v 2.2.1 from Control Panel, re-boot and run new MB-Clean v3.1.0.1004 tool, manually delete remnants in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes). mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt ----------- 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.1.2 * NS Premium v22.9.4.8 * MB Premium v3.1.2.1733-1.0.141 HP Pavilion dv6835ca, Intel Core2Duo T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
  21. Problem started with Exploit not turning on, so sought help from Tech Support. Followed exact procedures provided by Tech Support, but now the program won't run, won't uninstall, won't even allow a second installation. According to Task Manager, it's still running in background somewhere, but program refuses to open. Tried restarting, uninstalling, but it's now been 7 hours straight without any signs of success. I'm a paid subscriber, with paid subscription for more than one machine and can't get anyone to respond in a timely manner. My new Windows 10, 64 bit SSD computer may end up being a paperweight after all is said and done. BTW--The original problem with Exploit Protection not turning on began one month ago. Any advice out there?
  22. Ever since installing MWB v3.1.2, the real-time exploit protection turns itself off after about 2 minutes. I have tried turning it back on in MWB settings, but it immediately turns back off (if it even turns on). Restarting MWB completely makes it turn on for another 2 minutes before it turns off again, as does restarting my PC. Un-install and re-install of MWB does nothing to correct it either.
  23. I cannot, no matter what I do (and I've tried everything suggested and some not) get my exploit protection to COME ON AND STAY ON. Quitting Malwarebytes in the system tray does seem to work, albeit sporadically. Without fail, however, the problem reoccurs in short order. I had this problem with 3.0.5 and 3.0.6. After installing 3.1.2, "Exploit" protection along with "Web", "Malware" and "Ransomware" protections came on and remained on. Now, several weeks later, the ON AGAIN OFF AGAIN "Exploit Protection" setting has re-emerged. This needs to be solved and assurances given that my system IS PROTECTED. I need help. mb-check-results.zip
  24. When I turned on my computer, the Exploit Protection instantly turned off. Every time I try to turn it on, it just goes off again. Here is a gif showing what happens: https://gyazo.com/0004612b22e54d43bd00bbbbb8d5b860 mb-check-results.zip
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