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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Problem: “Convert to Searchable PDF” in SnanSnap Organizer for Fujitsu scanners fails with error 5 when beta is enabled. Temporarily disable protection, and the problem goes away. Exclusions don’t seem to help. OS: Windows 10 1709, 64-bit. Confirmed on a second PC. Investigation: I used ProcMon to identify the source of the error as SetRenameFileInformation() failing with ACCESS DENIED (Windows error 5). Then I identified the application causing this by a process of elimination. I found that the ScanSnap organizer runs OCR and adds the info to a copy of the original PDF. Then, if successful, it replaces the original with the updated copy. However something MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware is doing seems to be breaking the SetRenameFileInformation() internal Windows API for .PDF files, and several other file types such as .jpg, and .txt, but not for .docx, .htm, or random extensions such as .xxx. When protection is enabled, this API returns ACCESS DENIED for files with certain extensions. But when disabled, the API succeeds as expected. Fortunately I found that this problem can be reproed using the following simple batch file so you don’t need a Fujitsu scanner to work on this: @echo off echo Test > f1.pdf echo Test > f2.pdf echo ---------------- echo Moving PDFs will fail (access denied) if Anti-Ransomware protection is enabled, and succeed if disabled echo on move f1.pdf f2.pdf @echo off echo. echo ---------------- echo But many other file types are not affected anda move always succeeds echo Test > f1.xxx echo Test > f2.xxx echo on move f1.xxx f2.xxx Note that when the above move fails, the del command will delete the destination file. So I know this isn't a problem with permissions or a file being locked in memory. I suspect this problem may break other software as well. Thanks. This is the first problem I’ve had since the very early beta. I really like your program. Others nag me with false positives, but this seems much smarter.
  2. I get the exact same error. I recently bought a new PC, mostly for gaming. Games would randomly minimize, and someone suggested Malwarebytes. I figured, since I have Symantec, I'd be good with another antivirus layer. boy was I wrong. I installed it, ran the scan. Found 1 bad thing. Awesome, let's get that off of my computer. So MB "gets it off my computer." I put that in quotes because malware bytes made my computer unable to access the internet. Not from chrome or edge. Alright, let's uninstall MB. Ok, never mind "File "C:\ProgramFiles\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\unins000.dat" could not be opened. Cannot uninstall. Error 5: Access is denied." Wow, well done guys. Your "anti-virus" program probably just killed my brand new $1000+ machine that I worked for. I can still play games online and such. Just can't access the internet browsers I have never had trouble with until I installed your product. Don't come at me with the "I would've just installed it again and tried the uninstaller" because I obviously can't do that with no way to get on any internet browser. If I were raised just a tad bit less respectful, I'd sue this company for all you have. But I'll give you a chance. You can figure out how to save my machine from your product. You can email me at reames.luke@gmail.com with the subject "We f*cked up, please let us help you." other than that, have a fan-f*cking-tastic day.
  3. Same problem here: Windows Uninstaller is not working. I use Version Then I tried the clean tool mbam-clean- but I just read here that that is designed for version 2, not 3. (I really hope running it didn't screw up anything else.) So I went with Porthos suggestion: Reinstall it. I tried that, but get an error during install: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\mbase64.sys An error occured while trying to replace the existing file. DeleteFile failed: code 5. Access is denied. Click retry, etc, etc.. So I click Cancel (as advised), and it rolls back changes. I am getting a bit desperate. I wanted to try malwarebytes, so I installed the lastest It didn't work (I only get 'Unable to connect to service'), so I decided to unintall. Tried windows uninstall: Error Tried clean-up tool: Works only for version 2. Tried re-install over the former install: Error (above). Please help: How do I get it out of my PC?
  4. I took Malwarebytes for a test-spin for a specific usecase (helping a family member), and then decided to uninstall it again. Uninstallation is impossible, both using the Uninstall shortcut created by Malwarebytes in the software folder, and the control panel. The error I get is: --- "File "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\unins000.dat" could not be opened. Cannot uninstall. Error 5: Access is denied. --- I have tried the following with no positive result: 1.) Force-close Malwarebytes using the Tray icon. This did not work, and Malwarebytes keeps running even when selecting "Quit". 2.) Force-close Malwarebytes using the Task manager. This did not work. Malwarebytes was shut down, but the uninstall attempt produced the same error. 3.) Download dedicated uninstaller from Malwarebytes website. This uninstaller promises to "remove all traces of Malware bytes". It appeared to stop + uninstall Malwarebytes, and then ask for a restart. But after the restart the I get a service start failure (indicating that some components are not correctly removed), and Malwarebytes is still listed as installed in my Control panel. Attempting to uninstall it produces the same error as before. While I respect that producing software can be complex, please understand that this experience leaves me utterly unimpressed with Malwarebytes. It is certainly not an experience that will make me try the product another time, and it is extremely annoying that an "antimalware" program is all but impossible to remove. As a developer and IT consultant I know other ways to get the software off the involved machine, so I will remove the remains myself. But I will admit to being very annoyed at having to waste my time with this. Sifting through registry entries, unregistering services, manually deleting files ... it's all going to take time. It is also sad to see that I am in no way the first to have this issue. A quick Google search reveals that users have reported this - and similar - issues since early 2011. Please make the uninstaller more roboust. It will ceryainly help newcomers get a more positive experience when testing Malwarebytes for the first time.

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