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Found 1 result

  1. I recently noticed that javaws.exe *32 was running thousands of processes in the task manager. I googled this and was referred to a post from mid 2015. The first step in the recommended fix (which according to the participants in the forum chain worked) was to download ZOEK and scan using the software. However, when I typed ZOEK into the browser, all sorts of warning about its use came up, which of course caused me to pause with regard to the download. I was hoping that someone could confirm that ZOEK works and the post from 2015 (and the ZOEK post from 2013) represent the current approach to removing this java virus. As a side note, before I was able to find the malwarebytes post regarding the above, I tried to uninstall java, figuring that is how I got the virus. I was also running a full scan with up to date malwarebytes software, and began to select various javaws.exe files from the processes. All of the above cause my screen to go black for some time. I ultimately powered my pc off. After turning it back on, something is running in the background and not allowing me to do anything else. I will further admit, that I am NOT technically savvy. I respectfully request that any help someone can offer be dumbed down as much as is possible. Thank you in advance for your responses. HELP ME PLEASE! bcsnelllaw
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