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Found 14 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I recently came across "Malwarebytes Privacy" which offers a secure VPN connection with no logging which is great!! Also, I read that it changes the public/private keys periodically for increased security on the internet. I wanted to know how often do these keys change? Is it for every session or is there a fixed time period, like a week or a month? Thanks!!
  2. Recently been attacked, all my files have now changed to ,pptx type, no matter what type of file is on my system audio video exe all are changed to powerpoint file type i have tried almost every tool for decryption but no use, also identification methods online cant identify it as well i need help cuz all my data is very important to me and cant access it any news for the same attack or any progress in decrypting it will a help hope this gets over soon here is the message present in every folder in a text document: Your files are Encrypted! For data recovery needs decryptor. How to buy decryptor: 1. Download "Tor Browser" from https://www.torproject.org/ and install it. 2. Open this link In the "Tor Browser" http://huhighwfn4jihtlz.onion/sdlsgdewwbhr Note! This link is available via "Tor Browser" only. ------------------------------------------------------------ Free decryption as guarantee. Before paying you can send us 2 file for free decryption. ------------------------------------------------------------ You unique ID so n so ( a very long id)
  3. Hi I have the same problem with my desktop computer. All my files were changed to .PPTX. I need someone willing to help please. All the encrypted file are too important. I can't just delete them. Here's the same note they left. Your files are Encrypted! For data recovery needs decryptor. How to buy decryptor: 1. Download "Tor Browser" from https://www.torproject.org/ and install it. 2. Open this link In the "Tor Browser" http://huhighwfn4jihtlz.onion/sdlsgdewwbhr Note! This link is available via "Tor Browser" only. ------------------------------------------------------------ Free decryption as guarantee. Before paying you can send us 2 file for free decryption. ------------------------------------------------------------ You unique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
  4. Please help me. I have this problem too, all my files changed to .pptx. Here to find the alternatives. Thanks.
  5. Hello, Im new to this forum and I would be extremely grateful if anyone here could give me some advice on how to remove encrypted syswow64, (possibly zero access rootkit), from several usbs that I got that have been infected when they where inserted in windows computers that I got that were attacked by hackers. The hackers installed a system administration server on my network and attacked my computers with some kind of synzcronization worm/virus that synced and even infected offline devices, (that contained Bluetooth and smartcard etc), like Television, digital TV box, dvd, printer and phones. Programs that I detected on my computers that they were using were among others, syswow64, bluetoothshare, various installation hooks, svchost, microsoft synchronization feeds, keyloggers, infrared, remote Control programs, malicious code and code changer programs etc. When I scan the usbs with regular virus Scans like Kaspersky or Norton they all comes out Clean and no names shows up during the scan but when I scan the usbs with microsoft forefront scanner it also comes out as Clean but during the scan all the rootkit names show up though. The names that comes up includes for example syswow64, catroot, system root: nearby devices, hkmmodule installation hook, netframework installation hook, microsoft feeds synchronization, subsystem spooler system, mobilesynch.exe, tablet/pcsynch.exe, rundll.32.exe and many more. I have run the scan on all photos separately that is stored on the usbs and the same rootkit names shows up during the scan on every single photo and also, when I did a test and removed all files from one usb, so that it was empty, all the names still showed up when I scanned it and I could also see that the rootkit, (although I cant see it as it is encrypted), took up 0,8 gb of space on the usb since there was only 7,2 gb left for me to use although the size of the usb is 8 gb so if the usb were really empty there should be 8 gb space left for me to use, not 7.2 gb. What I would like to know is if anyone here knows if theese types of encrypted rootkits is possible to remove at all fro usbs so that I can get my photos, and if so how? Is there any antivirus website where I can upload the photos that can Clean the rootkit completely out of the usb and photos or should I go visit some computer specialist store instead, or is it enough if I just burn the photos over to a dvd and then the rootkit will dissapear byitself, or is there nothing that can be done at all? Anyone that knows the answer to theese questions please feel free to send me messages either in this thread or you can send me private messages to my profile here on this forum aswell if you like. All answers are extremely appreciated
  6. hi, I just downloaded and scanned your andorid application. there was no problem. but I inadvertently activated the device encryption feature on the security suggestion screen. the phone has restarted and I think it's encrypting all my files right now. Does the operation cause problems when cutting in half?
  7. When I activate safe browsing scanner, I'm directed to enable accessibility for Malwarebytes. Once done, I receive a screen that says the following: So with that: 1. Do I need to make a choice between having an encrypted phone OR using safe browsing? (maybe I'm missing something) 2. If it is the case that I must choose between the two, is Malwarebytes covering me in the same way that my phone's encryption does? 3. Is there a way to circumvent this? (I'm not rooted) 4. Or, will my phone still be encrypted, not using the screen lock for enhancement, in which case I question, will Malwarebytes be replacing that enhancement or is there just reduced security for my phone regarding its encryption? All thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. Last time I encrypted my hard drive I learned Malwarebytes wasn’t compatible and therefore could not scan for root kits. Is there an encryption program that is compatible with Malwarebytes and will allow for full scanning? Thanks so much for any help you can provide.
  9. I use MBAM Premium on all my computer and Android phone. I have this suggestion that I think would be well received by anyone interested in online security... expand MBAM to include best of class anti-keylogging, anti-screenshot, anti-clipboard, anti-mic, anti-cam... make it a complete full featured anti-spy tool. I'm looking into Zemana Antilogger, HitManPro.Alert, SpyShelter, GuardedID for those very features. Those are foreign based companies, I'd prefer buying from a trusted US based company though. If Malwarebytyes were to expand in this direction, I feel certain it'd be a huge hit, and very popular. I'd certainly be a life long customer for all my computers and phones. If not expand MBAM for this, create a new complimentary product. Anyone that's looked at those other products for this additional layer of protection will surely instantly think .. Bingo, heck yes, I'd love a solid US based company to offer this type of product. To me, of the mentioned products, HitManPro.Alert and SpyShelter looks the most complete and what I'm primarily focused on at this time. Still all the while, I'm thinking, I wish this was from a major trusted US company with top notch support and the resources to make the product the best of class, covering all the bases, hands down, the gold standard of anti-spy tools.
  10. I have a pretty big problem, some of my files are encrypted by something calling itself Coin Locker Malware. I've searched all over the internet, and I can't find any forum or threat with this particular malware. Some of my files are encrypted, and thus unable to be used. For example Microsoft Office is encrypted (Word, PowerPoint, Excel...). Also on EVERY page in my computer is this txt. file, which I've attached to this post. Off course I'm not going to comply, because I believe it will do even more harm. Anybody encountered this problem and managed to remove it? Or has anybody got an idea of how to remove it? I've tried running several anti-malware programs, including Malwarebytes, Hitmanpro, Avast... Nothing seems to detect the malware. I've also tried to restore to a date before the problem occurred, the restore failed. If nothing comes out as a solution, I'll try a full restore, back to factory settings. But I hope something comes out, as I don't want to lose all my files and 3 years of work. I am a newbie when it comes to computers, and I've no clue what to do. Thanks for any help in advance! Coin.Locker.txt
  11. Hi, I think I just got the CryptoWall 3.0 virus on March 15. I really would like to know if there is anyone that could help me save my files and get the other ones back?
  12. I recently made a post on here that was ruined by an unauthorized user posting an answer. However, being as that post does not include new information I just found out, it is no longer needed. On January 26th, my computer started running very slowly. After that, it started freezing after only being up for roughly 5 minutes, so I system restored back to an earlier date. However, upon it booting from the system restore, it told me it was unsuccessful, so I tried another restore. This one had the same result, however it made the computer actually work. It wasn't until I clicked to go to my manuscript for my novel that I realized it said it was corrupted. After searching through files and libraries, I found the HELP_DECRYPT files and realized I had a CryptoWall 3.0 virus. At that time, it had encrypted a few photos, old emails and every document on my computer. However, now I'm seeing that more files are becoming encrypted as time goes on. I had run Avast! anti-virus scans and Malwarebytes anti-malware scans and it found a bunch of %Temp% files that were malicious and it deleted them, but the files are still being encrypted. I don't have $500 or $1000 to give to the scammers, so I guess I'll just have to deal with every file on my computer being encrypted slowly over time. I'm very poor, very sick, live in an abusive household, and my computer is virtually my only portal to the outside world. I need help from a Registered User or whatever it is that can help me personally, and I need it soon. Please, someone help me before it encrypts any more of my files. I'm worried sick and I'm very scared. I'm not overly tech savvy, so please don't give me any EXTREMELY complicated answers as the unauthorized answerer on my other post gave me. I've read plenty of posts on here where someone has helped out even the "dumbest" of computer users, so I know it can't be impossible. not everything has to include a bunch of technological jargon and impossible suggestions. Thanks so much.
  13. I have a Lenovo T410 laptop, running Windows 7 Professional (Svc.Pack 1), 64-bit and has been hacked with some kind of encryption virus and most of the files are encrypted with '.crypted' extension. Could anyone please suggest what needs to be done to remove the virus. This attack happened after a couple of days of the "dllhost" virus attack, and when my computer's wi-fi was left on for a couple of hours (dllhost was active and attracting more viruses when I my internet connection was on). #1) I have taken outside help to remove the "dllhost" virus but unfortunately they were not able to decrypt the files. #2) How do I ensure that "dllhost" virus is gone and won't come back. Is there a security patch that I can use. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. recently I was "hit" with cryptolock. I clicked on nothing once the screen showed up (I believe this one was done using a "drive-by download " type attack while reading a .pdf frow a website) & then turned off the machine. I rebooted with a scanning CD, cleaned up, entered safe mode, maually cleanned, & booted normally. Problem solved. I had access to everything. A week of two later (sorry, time is vague due to being very busy) I went to read a recipe & .docs, .pdf, & .rtf all like the same sent. A breif personal history-I an 60, have owned a sucessful PC repair biz for 14 years, done hardware design & software, and am considered quite good at malware removal. Using every tool a "so called master" would use tells me I have a clean PC. I am running xp pro 64 bit (server2003) fully updated. I am mainly interested in finding out what has been done to my documents & secondarilly if it is possible to "repair" them. I am attaching a small .rtf file showing the problem. Thanks ahead of time for any help (especially a thorough explaination).3 guys genie joke.rtf
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