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  1. Since adding my premium subscription, emails from some trusted and important senders are displaying in the HTML/CSS language (see picture). I can't seem to figure out why and how to stop it.
  2. Malwarebytes, Someone is trying to impersonate you (see attached email converted to text). Thank goodness I looked closely at the sender's address. Let me know if you want to see the actual email, links and all. Best regards. Malwarebytes.zip
  3. I made a purchase via the Malwarebytes Premium bill of exchange for one year (Order No. 152836483) a few hours ago, and there's no email within the key of it. There's nothing in the Spam email too..
  4. This kinda thing makes me look bad. I recommend Malwarebytes to my customers. if they get stuff like this I look like a fool.. Is there something im just not understanding? I hope im just missing something obvious.
  5. Hi there, on the 6th of August, when I did subscribe to 5 premium Seats for Malwarebyte Windows, I accidentally typed in the wrong email address, the confirmation email + invoice + account activation have never been received. I tried to reach out the support couple of times via the ticket system, but it's been now over 2 weeks without any update, and there is no phone number to call. How can we reach out to Malwarebyte Support team to update this email address? I do have a picture of the Activation Key linked with the wrong email address during the subscription. Thanks for your help
  6. Hello, I recently installed Malwarebytes Premium in April. I decided tonight I wanted to add the VPN. I followed the instructions to my.malwarebytes.com but there was not a "Add Privacy Protection" option on my subscription page. So I bought the VPN for 5 devices and assumed Malwarebytes would subtract the difference as it says on the website but the end result is I now have an additional Premium Account and License Key and instead of 5 Devices it is $59.99 for 3 Devices and still no VPN. Funny thing is now when I go to my subscriptions there is now an option to "Add Privacy Protection" and of course that will be another additional charge? Top it all off I a few suspicious emails one in my spam. Very strange behavior on my home PC and phone as well. Malwarebytes on my phone shows apps that have not been updated since 2008? And I'm constantly seeing some kind of Verizon stuff everywhere?? I don't even use Verizon services. There are so many things that have happened lately, I am just completely overwhelmed. Please if anyone can help I sure could use it. Thank you.
  7. I have an email from myself sent by my email say I've been recorded and this person has gained access to my pc via RAT However I have no webcam nor mic If this is real what are my options, any help is greatly appreciated As soon as I get home I'm going to be disconnecting my PC from my wifi Below are my screenshots
  8. From https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/255169-win7-system-hijacked-through-firefox/?do=findComment&comment=1352928: Good question. https://www.malwarebytes.com/products/ positions Malwarebytes Browser Guard as supplemental to desktop security and mobile security. However there's a long tradition of people assuming that a desktop solution will be comprehensive, so I suspect that: many readers will not page down – many people simply do not discover Malwarebytes Browser Guard. From the blog post Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers | Malwarebytes Labs: – quite verbose (five paragraphs, 163 words) followed by a large animated GIF. In retrospect it might have been better to have an unambigous "Yes" plus a link to relevant product information. However … … the product page https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ does not mention that it can/should be installed alongside desktop or mobile solutions. This page might benefit from a simple table – not too verbose – that lays out the additional protection when Malwarebytes Browser Guard is installed alongside a desktop or mobile solution. No mention of Malwarebytes Browser Guard at https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac/ or https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/. ☑ https://www.malwarebytes.com/chromebook/#cms-section-2 does recommend installing the extension. The press release Malwarebytes Press Center - News & Events | Free Malwarebytes Browser Guard Combats Privacy Abuses, Tracking, Clickbait, Unwanted Ads and Tech Support Scammers: described Malwarebytes Browser Guard as a comprehensive browser security solution did not hint that the solution is supplemental (to desktop and mobile solutions). Side notes No RSS or XML feed for https://press.malwarebytes.com/ or https://blog.malwarebytes.com/. This can make it quite difficult for people to catch up on things. UX: the LOAD MORE button at https://blog.malwarebytes.com/ is unnecessarily far from the foot of the page, so I can't simply key End before using the button. It's necessary to key Page Up after going to the end. The product page describes Malwarebytes Browser Guard Premium but there's no such product (it's free, not premium).
  9. I am unable to send emails as they are being rejected by the host server due to malware. I tried chatting with support, but although I am within the support window they are unavailable. I had an important presentation due 2 days ago and cannot get it out. My scans show no problem, but I noticed a notification bell at the top of the window and it shows each failure. the first ones are labeled trojan the following malware. I am very frustrated that somewhere in a log there was an indication of the problem, yet not notification to me or even found in the scans. Additionally, the support that I am paying for is unavailable. I am attaching the notification logs, I have no idea what I am supposed to do to fix this problem. malware.txt trojen.txt
  10. The Following email is being sent from one user on an exchange server, I have run multiple scans and now running the Anti-Rootkit not picked up anything so far. Email: Please do not click the link: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Invoice is available No-046242 for month Afternoon, A invoice for you will be available on this link in your account during next 3 days. ==> hxxp://stafffinancial.com/For-Check/ Thank you, <Name of Sender> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Can Anyone help, I am actively looking into my self now: Kind Regards BluespotSam
  11. Whenever I sign into protonmail, I get notified of MWB blocking worldnaturenet.xyz at least three times. It pops up elsewhere too, but this only happens on my chrome. I've reset and reinstalled my chrome, done numerous deep scans, blocked cookies, removed extensions and whatnot, and still naught. I don't know what's going on. mbst-grab-results.zip FRST_03-06-2018 18.40.39.txt
  12. I'm Trying MalwareBytes End Point Protection the cloud version. I installed the agent on my SBS 2011 and Exchange stops sending out email. All emails stuck in the queue will go out as soon as I uninstall malwarebytes. If I'm buying this, for 40 computers I need it to work on the SBS. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello, We discovered a few weeks ago that our on premise Malwarebytes Endpoint Security server was not sending any alert emails. We restarted the server and the emails began to function again. My question is, is there a way to clear the email queue that looks like was built up? I disabled emails for a day or two, then re-enabled hoping that would do so, but it appears that it didn't work. Just this morning I received emails from Anti-Exploit for alerts that happened on 1/12/2018 and 1/10/2018. And emails from Anti-Malware from 1/27/2018 also. Any advice is welcome, thanks!
  14. I am not receiving emails and attachments from noreply@mail.hellosign.com as I am supposed to. Hello (part of Hellosign) is my "fax", incoming and outgoing. According to its instructions, it is supposed to (1) email me a transmission report when I send a fax; (2) automatically email me a PDF copy of any fax someone sends to my fax phone number; and (3) automatically email me a PDF copy of my own outgoing faxes. I am not getting any of those emailed to me (which means about once a day I have to check Hellofax to see if I received anything. I checked my SETTINGS inside Hellofax and they seem ok (according to the FAQ directions). I am wondering if I need to add that address somewhere in Malwarebytes to tell Malwarebytes that is an OK email (with attachments) to let through my protection..
  15. Hi Had an automatic protection not working issue after booting up yesterday (I assume a Windows update had given it a problem). Downloaded updated version of software & it cleared that problem. A few weeks ago I found the software had blocked outgoing emails from 1 of my Outlook accounts which I had dealt with easily enough by adding the details of the smtp. account to the exclusions list. Today, having reinstalled, it's doing it again. However this time even though I've added both the smtp account name and it's IP address to the exclusions list - it's still blocking outgoing emails. What should I go to get my email working again? Thanks. M
  16. Hi Had an automatic protection not working issue after booting up yesterday (I assume a Windows update had given it a problem). Downloaded updated version of software & it cleared that problem. A few weeks ago I found the software had blocked outgoing emails from 1 of my Outlook accounts which I had dealt with easily enough by adding the details of the smtp. account to the exclusions list. Today, having reinstalled, it's doing it again. However this time even though I've added both the smtp account name and it's IP address to the exclusions list - it's still blocking outgoing emails. What should I go to get my email working again? Thanks. M
  17. Malwarebytes is blocking websites that I trust. This week Malwarebytes started blocking all safe sites that were allowed last week. Links in my email to other sites such as Meetup.com, Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, USPS, and other safe sites are not accessible. I received https://block.malwarebytes.com/I should not need to manually whitelist the entire internet in Exclusions Settings section of Malwarebytes. Currently, the only option is to remove Malwarebytes. Please fix immediately. Malwarebytesblocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program.Learn More
  18. I bought my first lifetime license with an old email addy that I can non longer access. This means I cannot receive the intro email to create/access "My Account". I've set up a "My Account" with my current email, but have no way to connect it to my existing and in-use MB account (I have my license ID and key). Any help welcomed. blr
  19. Last night I found an email from Bookit a website I've never used or signed up for about a hotel reservation that I never made. I was incredibly stupid and clicked on the email and then the manage account link (I did not fill out any info or change anything, I just looked). I then realized how stupid I was for clicking on it and exited the email. I ran several scans with MBAM and one ith Windows Defender, I even later disconnected from the internet and scanned again. Then I installed chameleon and it ran another scan. All came back clean but I am worried that my PC might be at risk. Is there any way to make sure that I did not get something like a keylogger or virus beyond the MBAM and WD scans?
  20. I'm trying to setup email notifications but the test email will not go through. I've used all the settings that I usually use when setting up email accounts on the computers but it still doesn't want to work. I get the message " Failure sending mail". This is a POP3 account not exchange. Do I need to do something else? Thank you.
  21. I took the advice and uninstalled Avast in favor of MB 3.0. So far I generally like the result but I wonder about how MB is actually doing real time protection for email. I ask because Avast used to alert pretty much every day about some spam email message being infected with something and having quarantined it or something. These always were actual spam messages that would end up in the spam folder anyway, and then would have been deleted by me. Now that MB has been running alone for the past many days, those type of messages still go to the spam folder, but there is no MB warning when there is an infection contained. It may be that I have not received any infected emails in the past week but that seems unlikely as Avast used to catch one or two almost every day. Is MB scanning each email message for threats as the email downloads like Avast did? And if it is, should I expect to get a popup notifying me when an email is infected? I liked the scanning and interception method that Avast uses although overall I like MB much better.
  22. MBAM's "Malicious Website Protection" has started blocking images from legitimate sources in my emails. Here's an example image's address
  23. Hello MBAM team, I am receiving email alerts from a number of false positives on a couple of our servers. I have tried excluding those objects from future scans, and adding them to the ignore list. This has not prevented the files from listing as threats and triggering email alerts. I have redacted any sensitive information in the copy/paste below. What steps can I take to prevent these unwanted false-positive alerts? Thanks!
  24. I just found this post. I have had this very annoying problem for the last couple of weeks. Finally today I tried to disable MWAM Website protection, and outlook was working again. Has this issue been resolved ?. I have tried to add outlook.com to the web exclusion, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I would hate to disable MWAM, but on the other hand, I need outlook to work. Thanks Jesper
  25. For some reason, Outlook won't connect as long as Malwarebytes' Website Protection is enabled. Since I use Outlook for my work (I work from home), I have to disable that feature in order to receive and send any emails. I've found I can't even use Outlook online as long as Malwarebytes Website Protection is turned on. I've tried whitelisting Outlook but it does no good. This is a shame since I paid for the Premium service but I'm unable to use the website protection feature that I paid for. Is there a workaround or is someone looking into fixing this soon?
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