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  1. Hello, This is my first time in this forum, Requesting the concerned person to remove the following domain name from Malware list as it's a valid ecommerce site. The URL is: https://www.meenaclick.com Quick action would be highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards S N Alam
  2. Hello, we're writing from a venezuela fake news debunking forum. We've noticed that our website cazadoresdefakenews.info is currently blocked by MalwareBytes. Can you please whitelist us? It's actually a Wordpress-based blog. Thank you very much! Adrian Gonzalez. cazadoresdefakenews.info CEO
  3. Since upgrading the console to most machines cannot be found. Even if I scan by IP range only 58 out of 450 machines show up. Domain sync does not sync. The console is useless for installing or updating clients to the latest version. I followed the directions on page 5 of the MCAG to configure the clients. I did this to 2 machines and they both disappeared. The endpoint are windows 10 1803 with at least .NET 4.6. How can I get the PCs to display in the console?
  4. Hello, I was just trying to access the website and I could not because Malwarebytes was running. As soon as I deactivated the antivirus, I was able to access the site. hxxps://www.coinimp.com/ Please can you remove it from your malware list? Thanks.
  5. What does Malwarebytes for Mac do, if anything, to protect against phishing? As we all know, that is the main threat vector and I want to put something on my mother's Macbook to protect her against some of the more clever phishing attempts as she is not very technically inclined. I didn't see anything on the product page that specifically referenced phishing protection...
  6. Greetings, I think this is a false positive, as I've never seen any sort of phishing activity on the PQ website. Just a silly game to play. You can see more info by pulling up Progress Quest on Wikipedia as well. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 8/27/18 Protection Event Time: 4:26 PM Log File: ab7bb2aa-aa50-11e8-8042-005056c00001.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.421 Update Package Version: 1.0.6529 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 17134.228) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: Syste
  7. I have a Raspberry Pi set up to act as my DNS server on my network to block advertisements (Pi-Hole). It also tracks all DNS searches and has revealed that two domains are being accessed every 2 minutes by my Win7 PC - primewire.ag and 123netflix.com This happens even when the browsers on my PC are closed. I previously visited these domains using Chrome incognito mode so I thought they infected my PC. Malwarebytes and Avira find nothing. There are no suspicious add-ons to my browsers. I kept track of exactly when the Pi-Hole showed access to the two domains from my PC (ever
  8. Our website, www.cheathappens.com is being blocked by your software for no apparent reason. We have been in business for 18 years, have over 3 MILLION subscribers and have no malicious content on our site that would necessitate a block. We have a full clean bill of health from VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/81021c9e78eb908e36c4c9fb15b3e97436952011f7be82db1aaaa49670b3f796/detection Please remove this block on our website. Thanks, Chris O. Cheat Happens Attached is the log file from Malwarebytes and the specific error in the browser is: Ca
  9. Hi! I'm new to the forums, but I hope they're effective! I recently purchased the domain name "thegentle.men" from NameCheap, and connected it to my Shopify store in hopes to eventually open a gentlemen's shop. To my displeasure though, I can't even access my own website without making an exclusion (which is okay for me). But then I thought, if this happens to me, what about my future clients? Are they not going to be able to access my site, and instead be slapped with a Malwarebytes warning that my innocent Shopify store is malicious. This isn't going to help sales... at all....
  10. Hi; I'm using malwarebytes Today i trying to connect to the VPN server under L2TP/IPSEC Connection(With presharedkey), everything is ok for about 1 hours, but then suddenly i got 'DNS Problem', it's mean i can't resolve any domain. i'm using L2TP VPN Protocol provided by windows10. In PPTP Connection it's ok, but when i using L2TP, i must disable 'web protection' to permit to the DNS traffic. so, its seems that problem caused by 'web protection' module.
  11. i am getting search terms like, 大奖PT老虎机充送活动 Q82019309.com 大奖HB老虎机开户 Q82019309.com大奖HB老虎机首存活动 Q82019309.com大奖MG老虎机注册送彩金 Q82019309.comon my website searchbox.does anyone know what this mean and why it is happening..??????
  12. Hi, my domain http://sendinger.com/ marked as malware again, Please help me with my problem. Thank you a lot
  13. The paid soccer streaming service http://fubo.tv is blocked. I have to exclude the IPs and to access it.
  14. Hello, I have clear my website from bad files. Please can you remove it from your list. My website is www.cactusweb.gr and ip is
  15. Hi, my domain http://sendinger.com/ marked as malware, I use it for link redirections only, and thats all, can you check it again. Thank you
  16. The domain http://ec1investments.co.uk/ is being marked as Malicious but I'm unsure why as all other scans have come back as safe - can you please have a look? Kindest regards, Pete
  17. Hi, my domain http://sendinger.com/ marked as malware, I use it for link redirections only, and thats all, can you check it again. Thank you
  18. Hi, all, I opened Chrome today and Malwarebytes notified me that it blocked an outboud Malicious Website Protection, Domain, to docs.ironbeast.io I've never heard of this website/service and it only happens when I use Chrome. It just started about a few hours ago after booting my computer. I've tried many things to fix this and the problem only occurs with Chrome. Here's what I've done: Uninstalled Chrome Ran scans with Malwarebytes (treat detections as malware and with rootkits) and my AV protection Ran and used Rkill (?), Adwcleaner, and JRT following another post
  19. MBAM & MBAE for Business subscription were purchased yesterday and downloaded from the link supplied. Installed MBAM with no problem. The icon displayed, app started, ran an update and a full scan. Installed MBAE but the GUI & icon on the taskbar are never displayed after the install. I clicked MBAE in the start menu but it never displayes n icon or notification message at taskbar. I checked the event viewer and there are no entries in the application or system Event logs mentioning Malwarebytes. I rebooted and nothing changes. I opened Word 2013 and the MBAE notification doe
  20. Hello, The website ribastiendaonline.com was scanned and cleaned from malware and spam, please review and remove it from your blacklist. Thank you
  21. Hello folks, the Ukrainian AirVPN server named Nair has been identified as a malicious site by Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes blocks the connection even if an exception is made forcing me to temporarily disable Malwarebytes until the connection is made. On top of the ip block it also seems to block the DNS Check to the server. Any help is appreciated. nair.airservers.org nair_exit.airservers.org
  22. This morning malware bytes blocked 4 outbound attacks (for lack of a better term), all with the same time stamp. The site referenced is click.watchjmp.com, It was coming from firefox.exe. I'm unable to find much of any information about this site. I was on msn.com reading an article, and had a flickr site open, and one other normal, non-suspicious webpage. Has anyone had a similar incident? I'm not sure what to make of the fact that this was an outbound attack....
  23. Hello, first of all I want to say thanks for making this great software available for free. Now I want to give you some feedback. We have installed the MBARW on the Windows 7 Clients in a corporate network (for testing purposes). We had to uninstall it, because it caused some troubles. Now we want to share this feedback, so you guys can eventually improve this software. The problem was: after installing the MBARW software and rebooting the client, the roaming profiles of the users (which are hosted on the company's Windows Small Business Server 2011) aren't loading any
  24. Hello Team, Business Catalyst is an all-in-one business website and online marketing solution, built for web designers delivered by Adobe Systems.I am part of the Support Team for BC and I would like to report a false-positive. After signing in, our clients get a subdomain to businesscatalyst.com before they add their own domain, also our main website and documentation site have been affected:http: //prntscr .com/9ngbg7http ://prntscr .com/9ngast Can you please look into as soon as possible? All of our clients that want to access theirsitename.businesscatalyst.com and have Malwarebytes insta
  25. Hi, I'm pretty new here, hope I ask it in the right place.. I'm work on Python project that analyzing domain names and tries to convict them as malicious. I'm using some blacklisted domain names repositories, VT scan and WhoIs scan. Does anybody has an idea to other valuable scan method? Thanks
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