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  1. About 2 weeks ago I downloaded Internet Download Manager patch from a suspicious site and after that I have been noticing COMSurrogate process taking up about 20% of CPU usage in task manager. I ran Malwarebyte and it detected 2 malware, one registry item called MSDLLHelper under HKU\S-1-5-21-2376670492-3024356693-3209832367-1001\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN|MSDllHelper and a program call DLLHost.exe under C:/User/danny/Appdata/Roaming/DLL/Dllhost.exe. I have since uninstalled Internet download manager and quarantined the malwares but every time I boot up my PC this 2 malware
  2. Hello, Recently i've had my DLL = (Dllhost.exe *32 Surrogate) Behave Strangely, Though it was only one instance of DLL, It was eating up to 130,000KB (so i closed it). When looking at processes from all users in the taskmanager I can only spot 2 instances of DLL running one from "SERVICE" and the other from "LOCAL SERVICE" (Both running at around 500KB) Both file locations lead here "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dllhost.exe" Is this normal behavior or might this be a virus?? Ps: Pardon my english.
  3. Hello, My computer seems to have a problem whenever i only open on my /F: folder (not /C:) to view some other folders inside the hdd. My computer began to slow down and RAM Memory is slowly increasing every second. From what i notice in the task manager, there's a process call dllhost.exe where its eating away all the ram and its description under COM Surrogate. To recover normally i have to restart every time when i open the F folder, and after that everything is okay, but ill never touch the /:F just to avoid it. I look around with Mr.Google and which quite confuse whether it
  4. Are these duplicate files normal or a virus? I have the latest version of mbam premium and my threat scan results are zero. I also downloaded the Farbar recovery tool to my desktop and ran a scan. I have copied / pasted the content from FRST.txt below. Please advise. I'm thinking it's not normal to see these duplicate files in task manager. I can delete one but when I reboot, they call come back in multiples. Please advise -------------- Farbar's FRST.txt ----- Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 18-09-2016 Ran by GImagineG (admin
  5. Hi there. So, whenever I open skype, I repeatedly get the whole shabang that is dllhost.exe *32" COM Surrogate. It happens all of the time no matter how much I try and deal with it. I've used anti-malware's malwarebyte, restarted my computer multiple times after scanning my entire computer system, and scanned my computer with McAfee. No matter what I do, when I open skype; the whole thing repeats itself. It's gotten to the point that I hardly want to open my skype and bother doing anything about it. Skype is the only thing it effects is what I've noticed, by the way, and I'd truly love it if s
  6. Greetings, Please, please help. Yesterday, I suddenly kept having to reclick the mouse to continue what I was doing: typing, scrolling, etc. I also noticed a brief wait icon next to the cursor at times. I opened task manager and noticed dllhost.exe is constantly stopping and restarting, stopping and restarting. Each time it does this, it re-sets the mouse state; it's also tying up system resources. I've scanned with Malwarebytes and it's finding no threats. I've not experiencing multiple instances of dllhost.exe like so many others, just the one instance constantly restarting and resett
  7. I have been getting constant Malwarebytes Anti-Malware pop-ups for last 12 hours about "Process: C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\dllhost.exe" I have tried to run scan from Malwarebytes, but it is not identifying any problems.
  8. Ok here is the txt files after the scan. Thank You. Rick. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Hello. Came on forum on October 28th with same issue. dllhost.exe running about 20 instances and eating up memory. Problem seemed fixed on October 28th through this forum, but it must have been buried deep because it is back. Noticed problems with my screen saver, Avira antivirus doing weird things and my wireless adapter flashing crazily. Checked Task Manager and sure enough, the dllhost.exe COM surrogate is replicating and bogging down my computer. I hope that's all it's doing..... Anyway, I ran the FARBAR utility and am attaching the FRST and ADDITION results to see if maybe someone c
  10. I am receiving malicious site blocked fff5ee.com It liste the process as dllhost.exe. I see that you often start with running FRST.exe and having people submit the two attached files. let me know the next steps. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. I used the Farbar Recovery scan tool to copy the logs into this dialog they are attached below, Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 26-10-2014 Ran by Office (administrator) on OFFICE-HP on 26-10-2014 16:57:05 Running from C:\Users\Office\Desktop Loaded Profile: Office (Available profiles: Office & LogMeInRemoteUser) Platform: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 11 Boot Mode: Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how
  12. I keep getting notifications of a malicious website blocked. Domain: e9967a.com IP Port: 62338 Outbound Process: C:\Widoes\SysWOW64\dllhost.exe sometimes the IP changes and sometimes the domain doesn't show up. I get the notification several times per minute. I've run scans on both Avast and Malwarebytes several times even with the rootkit scan but nothing comes up. What should I do?
  13. Hello I have recently (the last couple days) been constantly getting the "Malicious Website Blocked" popups, even when no web browsers are open. As many others on here have written, the popups report different IPs, different/no domains, different ports, but are always "outbound" types, and the process is always "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dllhost.exe", although I have now noticed a few times where it's a different file name than "dllhost.exe". I have scanned many times with MBAM Premium, with rootkits checked, but it always comes up clean. Also, my situation may be unique because I have noticed
  14. Just lile so many others. However I believe I have two computers infected. Both are now protected with Malware Bytes Premium, so websites are blocked. Please help. Bill Schickling
  15. I keep getting a pop-up saying "Malicious website blocked" Process: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dllhost.exe My CPU and RAM are ridiculously high and my computer has gone to bluescreen and crashed twice while trying to scan it. I finally did scan it though and it, of course, didn't find anything. Neither did System Mechanic Pro. I've seen a lot of posts about this, but since I have no idea what I'm doing, I'd really like someone to walk me through it I guess. Thanks c:
  16. Have had issues with high CPU and memory usage, multiple dllhost.exe files, and in general some weird stuff. Installed and ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, continue to get "Malicious Website Blocked", different domain names, different IP, different ports, always "Outbound", and process is always C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dllhost.exe Ran FRST and attached FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Also attached FixLog.txt Ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and attached scan log entitled ScanLog.txt. Ran AdwCleaner, and attached log entitled AdwCleaner[s0].txt Still getting "Malicious Website Blocked" notices every f
  17. After installing MB I am getting a constant barrage of "Malicious Website Blocked" (usually and "Malware Detected" (usually Trojan.FakeMS) I have attached the FRST files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  18. I keep getting this popup from Malwarebytes after running my initial scan. I do have dllhost.exe in my task manager processes, but usually only 2 and they aren't consuming a lot of resources like what I've read about with others. I've noticed a strange behavior with my browsers (Firefox and IE) which is why I decided to download MWB in the first place. I was getting IE crashes with no browser or processes open. After running MWB, that seems to have stopped, but now the contant popups... please help! Thanks in advance!
  19. My problem is very insidious, and also very weird. As soon as I connect to the internet, my CPU is flooded by multiple instances of ctfmon.exe, about 17 to 20 instances in the Task Manager. They appear only for a moment before disappearing again, but then multiples instances of explorer.exe (the Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer) pop up, using anywhere from 25% to 60% of my CPU. Sometimes, even multiple instances of dllhost.exe pop into the Task Manager as well. At this point, my malware removal and prevention steps have taken me through running in Safe Mode and running Malwarebytes Anti
  20. Hi - I'm having the same problem that a lot of people have posted about with dllhost.exe and cannot get rid of it. I've ran malwarebytes premium and it detected some items, but worried that the problem will come back like with other users. Scan log attached. Please help! Threat Scan Log.txt
  21. Computer started running slow yesterday. My free version of Avast found three problems and tried to fix. I downloaded Malwarebytes and it also fixed some problems. Looking in my Task Manager, Processes tab I see a few entreis for dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate. File Properties for them are C:\Windows\SysWOW64. For kicks I manually killed them and performance improved, but a few mins later my system again degraded. Attached are my Farbar FRST.txt and Addition.txt log files. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  22. My PC started running slow yesterday so I ran MWB multiple times and it only removed things the first go. I was running MSE which removed some things, then I switched to AVG and it removed even more. I did a boot scan with AVG and quarantined all those items, but I still get the warning "Avast Web Shield has blocked a harmful webpage or file" C:\windows\syswow64\dllhost.exe. MWB cleaned some, rebooted, then I ran it again and found nothing. I still get the AVG Web Shield warnings. Any advice is appreciated. - Brian
  23. As does its lesser known, yet still just as annoying siblings dllhst3g.exe and dpnsvr.exe. All three processes have been spotted running on this computer. The latter two appeared for the first time, that I've seen, after scanning with Malwarebytes Premium and uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials, which I'm starting to believe the latter was not the best thing to do... Also, those two very processes were both running at the same time dllhost.exe was, and when I ended dllhost.exe, the former processes both ended, as well. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! I am also getting constant notifications
  24. Hi, Thank you in advance for helping out. It looks like many other users on the front page are currently experiencing the same problem. So, about a week and a half ago, my laptop was running extraordinarily slow, and overheating. I noticed a bunch of dllhost.exe*32 processes running in the background, that just kept popping up everytime I shut down the process. A couple days later, my anti-virus software kept detecting and removing a trojan.dropper.gen infection that keeps coming up. I'm not sure whether these two are related. A quick search on google tells me that this malware might b
  25. Greetings, all! I ran into the same virus that a lot of people on this forum are coming in contact with... Please advise the best starting point to get rid of this awful thing? I have attempted to mirror the efforts by others on this site and had some success but now it is back with a vengeance. Please advise - Thank you!
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