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  1. Something missing that was in the On-Prem platform , database version. We need the ability to see what version each endpoint is using. Give us the ability if they endpoint is actually talking to the outside world.
  2. From Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers | Malwarebytes Labs: Where Malwarebytes Browser Guard alone is installed: what's the database update frequency?
  3. Lately I have been getting notifications that the 2 databases (malware and phishing URLs) are out of date. When I press the update database button nothing happens. Can anyone help me with this please?
  4. The last time my database updated, was on Jan. 2nd. Now I keep getting errors that Malwarebytes has found critical issues. When I hit the update database button after selecting Fix Now, nothing happens. Dave D.
  5. So I am getting the following message "Embedded database size is near the limit. 7.05GB of 10.00GB is in use. Please consider to reduce the data amount or upgrade to standard SQL server" my question is how do I reduce the size so the warning messages stop? -Scott
  6. After installing the MBAM the agent is showing as having database files from 2015. Over 2 years old. When attempting to update the below error populates: --------------------------- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware --------------------------- An error has occurred. Please report this issue to our support team (include the content of all error message(s) and code(s) in your submission). PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (11001, 0, Host not found) No such host is known. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- The machine is Windows 10 version 16299. Windows Firewall is turned off. The applications was uninstalled. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Cleanup Tool was used https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/malwarebytes-anti-malware-cleanup-tool/ The Windows sockets have been rest. http://www.softpedia.com/dyn-postdownload.php?p=15337&t=4&i=1 MBAM was installed again. *************************************************************** I've checked https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/401685/malwarebytes-update-error/ I've checked
  7. My computer picked up a virus on Friday that disabled my touchpad; I also caught this virus the week before. The first time, I was able to get Malwarebytes to scan my computer and quarantine the problem files. This second time, however, when Malwarebytes is opened to try to scan for these files, it checks for updates and just hangs there. I tried to manually download the updated database, but the files were all empty once they downloaded. How can I get rid of this so that I can scan my computer? Thanks!!
  8. I have a premium account with de program installed in 3 PC. I always have to update de database manually, even though in the configuration I have "search for updates" every 1 hour activated. Why?
  9. My Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home (Premium) v2.2.1.1043 dashboard says "your databases are out of date" (last update v2017.02.11.04). But when I click on Update or Fix Now I get "Unable to access update server" (computer is definitely connected to internet). Computer is Win 10 Pro. Defender is enabled. No other anti-virus or malware software installed.
  10. I am trying to install the Business trialware. I get to the select database. If i select "use embedded database" , it tell me it needs to install SQL 2008 r2 and proceeds. Blue bar keep going across and the does it again and again. I let it run overnight, never does install it. I downloaded SQL 2008 r2 express and installed it. Tried "use external database" and it will not let me login. I've tried every combination I could think of, but I'm now 6 days into my trial and I can get past the first hurdle. I have multiple clients waiting for me to give the a yes or no, should we get this. I'd appreciate any help available. thanks,
  11. I am also having this issue. Computers show online and then offline even though I can ping them. Once I look at them, the srice is stopped. A reboot or starting the service appears to fix the issue so far. I have 300+ machines, local and remote. So it's really hard to keep tabs on which ones are having issues.
  12. Hi. I have the same problem with 44 out of 96 clients. The MEEClientService is not running on them, even though set to automatic and computers rebooted. If I start it manually, and set recovery for the service to restart after 2 fails, it comes back online, but I do not want to run around 44 pcs to do this. I have set the exceptions in AVG as described above. I have also raised a ticket with support but heard nothing back.
  13. Hello everyone. I recently got for me an Android Phone (version 5.1.1) I also got the Avast Anti-virus for protection. Strangely, Avast is downloading it's updates normally, but Malwarebytes still got no updates since 3 days ago (it says database version 2016.10.07.01). Is this a normal behaviour of the app? I never used an android before, and I'm used to the WIndows version. Some info about my phone: Phone: Lenovo Vibe K5 Android 5.1.1 The phone is not rooted
  14. A few weeks ago, I noticed that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware stopped updating in databases. Even after I searched things in the internet, I could not find a answer. Even after a clean Malwarebytes uninstall and re-install, it still would not update. So I need some help updating it, thank you.
  15. I have database updates scheduled for once a week and they never work. I get a pop up above the tray with a button to 'Fix' which does nothing when clicked. If I open Mbam I cannot find a way to update. See the screenshot and note that 'Fix Now' and 'Update Now' do nothing. How do I fix database updates? Thanks PC info: Win8.1 x64 with Mbam Premium
  16. Hello. Im currently using the Free version of Malwarebytes and im unable to update the database. I should mention im not using any anti-virus besides windows defender. Also i have tried re-installing it as Admin and tried looking through my firewall however when i checked the outbound firewall there was nothing there in regards to Malwarebytes.
  17. Greetings, I am going to be purchasing the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security for my company. I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and will be using a hybrid setup. I will have 20 end points, employees connecting VPN to the main office from around the world. My question is in regards to the Database disk space consumption over time, I have many 1TB-4TB drives, though my protected C:"OS" partition is something I keep to a minimal size, with very strict user access rights. I would like to include the Malwarebytes software on the OS partition, I would like to know how much space I will be looking at giving to it so that the database has plenty of room to grow. Thank you, Mithrow
  18. Hello, long time MBAM Free user who has mostly been happy with it until now. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium. Yesterday I found my first Trojan while running a scan in my own LUA: a Trojan.Agent.ENM in the file 00011334.tmp. This is especially alarming since it was found in the actual Malwarebytes Anti-Malware folder in Program Files-- and even though the Scan History says it was quarantined, it is nowhere in my Quarantine list. I do not remember whether it was ever there. After a few hours searching the forums for this issue, I updated the program and databases to prepare for creating this post. (I successfully used the Administrator account after having had database/program update problems in my LUA for a few months-- I didn't know till now that running MBAM as an Administrator makes a difference.) This time the scan as Administrator only turned up the two PUPs that also came up in the previous scan that turned up the now-missing Trojan. Since the file isn't showing up in the Quarantine list to be restored and examined, I couldn't post about this issue in the False Positive board-- and by now I am too uneasy about the fact that a possible Trojan on my computer has mysteriously vanished. Logs are attached below: MBAM logs mbamscanlog-11-18-2015-1.txt Using version Trojan and 2 PUPs found. mbamscanlog-11-18-2015-2.txt Using version Which only found the PUPs. Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Addition.txt FRST.txt If you need additional information or there are formatting issues, please tell me. I'm just as concerned about what this could mean for your program as I am about my own computer. Thank you in advance for your time. FRST.txt Addition.txt mbamscanlog-11-18-2015-1.txt mbamscanlog-11-18-2015-2.txt
  19. Hello. Is it me or is MBAM v1.75.0.1300 getting less updates per day these days? I currently have 11/2/2015 12:56 PM v2015.11.02.06 as of 5:12 PM PST. Thank you in advance.
  20. Hi, We have an enterprise version of Malwarebytes. I have it installed on a laptop that is not on the company network and I constantly get "your database is out of date" but then clicking on "update" it says, "you have the latest database version." It looks like the database version on this laptop is from December 2013, so I'm pretty sure it is not doing the update. I also don't see an option in the software to update the software itself (only the database). The laptop is on a 1.7 version of Malware Bytes for Enterprise I believe. The laptop is on Windows 8.1 and Malwarebyes was/is installed from an administrator account (only account we have on that laptop). Any suggestions on how I can get this laptop to get the latest database update? Thanks, -Chris
  21. I have an internet connection 24/7 - so why do I get notifications that the MBAM database has not been updated for x days? I have it set to auto update. And why am I required to click "Update Now"? Just do it and stop bothering me!!!
  22. Let me explain a few things. I usually take decent care of my PC, especially from malware (hence I use Malwarebytes ), but recently I let my son use the computer for what every he wanted to be honest. Once I had returned to my PC, it had a few toolbars, constant redirects/popups on chrome, as well as it randomly crashing, and a few new applications on my desktop. I don't want to know how they got there, I want to get rid of them. But here is my problem, Malwarebytes now thinks that my database is out of date - and But every time I go to update the database it tells me it is up-to-date or no updates were found, then tells me to update soon afterwards. I am going to assume that this is what ever my son has done to the poor PC, but I am not sure. I really would like to scan and get this thing cleaned up, any ideas or help? Thanks, Ryan
  23. Yesterday I had downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes version database update was showing 5th April, 2015 so I wanted to update it. When I made an attempt, it said " NO UPDATES AVAILABLE ".. I donot know why this is happening and seek your help in this matter. I am using Microsoft Security Essentials as my Anti Virus on Windows 7, 64 bit. Service Pack 1. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation
  24. My previous topic is here I have no idea what is causing this error, and if it is malware or not and I was told that I can get better support here. Some things to note: My disk is not encrypted with TrueCryptI have no other installed AVs besides MBAMA scan I did with Comodo Internet Security turned up cleanClean uninstalling and then reinstalling MBAM doesn't fix this errorThis error happens in Chameleon mode and Safe Mode Attached are the FRST and MBAM logs. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  25. Hello, My computer was infected with Trovi spyware. I have attempted to manually clean the virus multiple times without luck. When trying to run MBAM the scan fails after 3 seconds with the error, "SDKDatabaseLoadDefaults failed with code: 2". I am running windows 7 NT. My research on the topic leads me to believe the spyware is blocking MBAM from running correctly. I have attempted the following with no luck. 1. Remove all AV software 2. Run MBAM in safemode 3. MBAM clean removal tool and reinstall 4. Chameleon mode (test 1 did find a malicious program but the scan still would not run) 5. Download and save MBAM under another filename on another device and run from flashdrive on infected PC. Any assistance would be much appreciated. -Matt
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