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Found 9 results

  1. I keep having to go to apps data to remove this trojan. As there is no standard scan of this section of my PC, I have to do it manually. Have contacted support about this before. Please assist with this PITA.
  2. I'm running Malwareby 3 on my Win 10 computer. Last week I noticed a massive data upload and was wondering which program (other than the usual suspects Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive) would upload so much data from my PC. Turned out that within three hours, Malwarebytes MBAMService.Exe has uploaded no less than 250MB of data (see screenshot). How many anonymous user data can malware collect to upload 250MB of my data? A query to the technical team which data were uploaded: "I cannot provide you a copy of the data that was uploaded because I do not have access to it.". Also, the question if 250MB data upload is within the normal range, remained unanswered. Checking where the data were uploaded to, it was an Amazon server. It appears Malwarebytes has a massive problem, and tech support is not informed.
  3. Using a Samsung Galaxy A5 with vodafone as my provider. No clue if my mobile is rooted or not, I don't even know what that means, to be absolutely frank. I'm pretty helplpess when it comes to this stuff, bare with me. So, here's my concern: As long as I am connected to the internet my scans almost always have different amounts of data that are being scanned by malwarebytes. No actual apps, just the data right before them. I ony use pre-installed apps, vodafone-apps and a few downloaded ones from the playstore. (Square-Enix Security token, a local public transport app and twitch.) I have no idea what might cause this and am quite worried. Any ideas?
  4. I have scanned PC with AdwCleaner and it finds two identical extensions or somethings maybe having to do with web browser? (Under: Value= Extension) then - Data: followed by a 33 letter gobble de gook -(starts like this: hhbgpoak... ) which also says something about secure preference. After it completes scan, it presents this info and I choose "remove". I go through restart, rescan and they are still there. I have Malwarebytes / 2016 11 22 9 also, which does not find this stuff? Probably just stuck with whatever it is. Any info would be appreciated. My other scans sometimes find stuff related to Slim Cleaner app.
  5. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the server hosting our Malwarebytes Enterprise console and data has been removed. I ran the Management Server Data Backup and Restoration application to create a backup. I had to create a new server (Running the same Server 2008R2 install image). I cannot use the same IP address, however. It's just not possible. When I go to restore the data, it says "The backup file version does not match your server installation". I tried changing the MEEBackupConfig file to match the new IP and new server HostName. No luck. What am I missing here? I used the same MEESetup.exe.
  6. Hi, I have the problem described in another topics, but with a slight difference that could help you to point out the problem. I work under a slave user on my PC windows7 64 bits. There was an old version number in "database version" (7 days update) if i click "update now" i have the succession of "checking for update" then unable to access data server then later a new version appears. if i redo an update same sequence, the update seems done but with an wrong error message. I login under admin, do the same sequence all was working right. I close the admin session and came back under slave user and now it's working correctly "update" "checking" "no update available". Will see iin the next days if the problem has dissapeared completely or is still there. The first security level for me is to not work with admin property! Mbam update installed under admin and contained under program files(X86). regards Marcello
  7. I'm running Malwarebytes Ant-Malware Mobile on a GS5. I've tried to run a scan many times, but every time, the following message eventually appears in a popup box: "Crash Data. The app found information about previous crashes. Would you like to send this data to the developer?" There are two buttons: "Dismiss" and "Send". I have uninstalled and re-installed the application a couple different times, but this popup happens every time. Usually, I click the "Dismiss" button on the "Crash Data" popup, but I recently pressed the "Send" button on accident. So ... a couple questions: 1) Is this "Crash Data" popup legitimate? If I press the "Send" button, does it send valuable and anonymous information to your developers? Or is this popup symptomatic of something more devious? 2) Any suggestions on how to get the scan to work without crashing every time?
  8. All, I got a notification from Windows Defender that somehow I got infected with Malware-win32/Caphaw. I downloaded Malwarebytes and ran a scan, and was shown the following items, which were quarantined (please see the attached screenshot) Are these ok to delete? Thank you!
  9. I ran a full scan on my computer. A file named "C:\ ... firstrun.png (stolen.data)" appeared in the log file. Rather than show me what was stolen so I could specifically deal with those things, Mbam deleted the file. I changed all the passwords to my email and all accounts involving money. I would have done that either way, but there are a number of things that are in the I kind of care if it gets stolen but not enough to spend another hour changing passwords, like a gaming or forum account. It would be an inconvience to have that taken but I'd just submit a lost account request and get it back within a day or two. If that firstrun.png file was just placed on my desktop instead of deleted, I could have used it as a list of what was comprised and what I should change specifically. That is all.
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