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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I have had my computer for several years now and recently have had issues with its CPU usage. Upon opening the Task Manager, CPU usage is always very high (above 80%, close to 100%). After about two seconds, the CPU usage falls down to normal percentages, below 10%. Not every time, but sometimes during the two seconds in the Task Manager where the high CPU usage is visible, the culprit seems to be "System interrupts." I've read many similar threads, but none have had solutions that fix my issue. I've run Malwarebytes Premium and AdwCleaner, and even after quarantining any potential t
  2. Hello, I've been given this very old Core2Duo desktop and I plan to use it for office work. It's been quite sluggish however, which shouldn't be happening when doing simple tasks like web browsing or editing a word document. Upon inspecting the task manager I've found that this process constantly taxes the CPU, going so far as to 50% CPU usage and resulting in frequent lag spikes. How do I proceed? I've attached the logs asked in the stickies, along with a screenshot of my task manager so you can better see what I mean. Thanks for your time. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hi, I am writing on behalf of a friend who asked me for help, but I don't know how to help him, in practice from today on his PC starts "sppsvc" and makes the cpu reach 30%, I suppose windows is cracked, but he the pc took it like this, so how could it be solved? Thank you
  4. Greetings, Malwarebytes forums. For the past few weeks, my laptop has been running very slowly, with high temperature (the CPU even reaches 100C on some occasions, with the core voltage exceeding 20V per core). The fan would ran at max speed even when the whole system is in idle mode (I do open a few programs related to my work, but all of them are network-related stuffs and in idle mode). Curious, I checked the Task Manager and see one of my workplace apps consuming exactly 25% of CPU. Occasionally it would dip or raise above that level but it would revert back to utilizing 25% of the CP
  5. I have a Windows 7 system running Malwarebytes, Component package version 1.0.262, Update package version 1.0.4236. I was having the problem that the threat scan was taking hours to complete and eating the entire system (I couldn't open Outlook at all). I found and FOLLOWED the consumer instructions to run the latest MB-CLEAN, download the latest version, and reinstall. The scan now behaves beautifully, BUT - MBAMservice.exe is still using 12-13% of CPU and up, and between private bytes and working set is using around 500,000 K of RAM (from my copy of Process Explorer). I gather
  6. Hi, Recently ended up with a solid amount of malware (worst was programs called anonymizergadget, emigrates, and uninitiated) which took control of my chrome and created popup ads, etc. etc. Cleaned it up and all looked good until I noticed Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) was using anywhere from 10-40% of my CPU at any time. When I go to the path it takes me to \Appdata\Local\avaorlt and denies access, unable to interact at all. Properties in task manager names it as wmnteal.exe. Did a scan with FRST, the two files are attached, along with a screenshot of the process in task manager
  7. Hello I have been having an issue with our server at work recently and cant get to the bottom of it. Two Powershell windows keep opening in the background running a script one of which consuming a lot of CPU power. I can end the task or suspend the process but it always returns. This machine hosts a domain and several users log into this server via remote desktop on the default port 3389 These are the scrips - the first one is the one using 70% of the CPU - the second one always appears first "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -N
  8. I should thank to Malwarebytes to remove the Ransomware from my PC. unfotunately, it doesn't fix my computer completely. i read a post so i run the same thing like it was told. please help me to analyze my FR i should fixST and Addition file reported by farbar recovery tool. what i should do next? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hi there, I'm new here but this virus has been irritating me for the last few days. I've downloaded HitmanPro, Emsisoft, and MalwareBytes and none have managed to remove this damn thing. It adds Windows Resource Manager and is taking up way too many resources. I also get redirected to bing despite my default search engine being google with some times clicking pages im already on leads me to something called Reimage. There's 2 process that are random letters that I've seen before when I've gotten viruses before. The iaetcvlsvc.exe is an interesting one as I can't seem to find any record of it
  10. Any suggestions / tips / hacks on how to get MBAM to use less CPU time? Dell Precision M4600, Windows 7, ...
  11. I'm having issues with the sppsvc service, it says it consumes 99 of CPU... I just wiped clean my computer with the Windows Recovery setting and I still have the same problem... I also tried disabling the registry for the sppsvc and it's still there on Task Manager and it prevents me from moving my backup folder to my computer since it's so slow and says it'll take 14 hours or more. Any more ideas? Here's the files from FRST: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. I had cpu usage from 35%-43% with a few Google windows up and was wondering what was causing the seemingly high usage. One by one, I turned off then back on, the antivirus (Avast Free), windows firewall, and MB 3. When I turned off the Real Time Protection of MB3, a window displayed "Do you allow this program to modify your computer?" ( I generally only get this window when I am installing software on my laptop). I clicked "Yes". After I turned it back on, there was another window that stated, in essence, this program may have been modified. It needs to be reinstalled. I don't reall
  13. Hey Guys, Last night and today I noticed "WMI Provider Host" using 20-25% CPU usage and I was trying to track down what could be causing it. After surfing thru the event logs and testing closing other apps, I closed Malwarebytes 3 and the CPU usage dropped down to 7-9%. I can recreate the problem by relaunching Malwarebytes and WMI Provider Host will immediately start scaling back up to 20% CPU usage. very strange... I've been using malwarebytes for several years now on many systems and this is the first time I noticed this. I am on a new system now with a fresh install of Windows 10
  14. As the topic said, my pc always got cpu spikes when opening any program. I try to scan with any anti virus, malware, rootkit, but found nothing. If anyone can help it will be greatfull Ps : this pc is new, just bough new mainboard and deep formating the hardisk
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