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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm using a computer that I've noticed has a huge spike in CPU usage until I open Task Manager, at which point the program eating up the CPU closes so fast that I cant read what its name was. I've scanned using Malwarebytes and Windows Defender and they have found no threats, but I know that this is probably not a thing that should be happening normally and is most likely malware. I've seen the thread about what to do when you think you're infected and I used Farbar Recovery Scan Tool to scan my computer, and I've put the logs below. Any ideas of how I could get this CPU-eating menace off my computer? Thanks a bunch
  2. Title says all, I've ran a full scan of Malwarebytes and it did not detect anything. I started noticing the problem today, a few weeks ago I noticed games that I was once getting 60fps dropped to 10-20 fps and fans were going at full speed and are extremely loud. I installed an external tool that shows CPU usage and I noticed when I opened task manager the the external tool showed CPU usage dropping down to 10% when it was at 80% usage. I believe I have a Bitcoin miner, is their anything I can do to find and delete it or is it just a hardware problem?
  3. Using home premium on a legacy lifetime license running on a single windows 10 ver. 1903 desktop. MBAM worked fine with 3.8.3 but not on ver. 4.x idle time runs about 45 %. All browsers I use take minutes to power on instead of seconds with older MBAM version. Many programs crash. The MBAM program runs but freezes on the <update> screen and does not move past the word <update>. When I close the MBAM program, all the problems are gone. Idle time reads 98% etc. Thank you for any assistance.
  4. I own many different macs for my whole family: - Macbook pro retina 2017 mid specs - Macbook 12" (2x) top specs - Macbook 13" 2015 top specs - Mabook pro retina 2018 top specs - etc. All of them run High Sierra 10.13.6. All of them run MWB 3.3.32 On all of them, the attached is a typical representation of CPU usage i get from "RTProtectionDaemon". ?As you can see, on a 9h 12m uptime, Malware Bytes was pegging the CPU at 94%!!!!!! ? This leads to: - slow macs regardless of CPU type, memory and ssd type. - a reduction in the lifespan of my components - a pissed off customer. I'd love to send the 'report' you asked in your FAQ but I can't find the button specified to generate it - I take your forum post refer to an older version of MWB? In any case, please help, or else it's back to a different Antimalware for me. Thank you.
  5. Longtime MBAM user here. Have always found the product to be a very elegant, resource-efficient, effective tool. I also have always appreciated the ability for the user to custom configure the way the app works. However, with the 2.x release, I am reconsidering my AV solution. if I can't get this hog to run properly, i'm going to trash it. CPU utilization is terrible and many of the most useful customizations have been omitted from this most recent release. On top of this, I sent in a service request outlining the CPU issues (and some other config questions), sent in the "attach" and "DDS" logs per request and the CSR felt that the best fix for my issues was to run ComboFix...wtf?! When I asked him to provide me with what in my logs pointed him to this (seemingly) incongruent fix, all I've gotten has been silence. Hence, I was forced to open an account here and try to resolve this with some of the more engage MBAM experts here. Original note to MBAM support (log files attached): Drew W, Jul 02 11:41 AM: Dear sirs - I have been a loyal Malwarebytes user for the past several years. Love the product! But, this most recent update to the app omitted some useful features from the past rev, which has added quite a bit of overhead (and annoyance) that need not be. 1) Notifications need to be broken out, like they used to be. Users need to have the option to control how website blocks are notified *and* how threats are notified. The latest rev. lumps them both together. Please break them out again. 2) Scans seem to consume even more CPU than in previous versions. Although I understand the need to focus on the scan, is it truly necessary to consume 90%+ of the CPU (and I have a quad-processor high-RAM device)?! Why not either lower the CPU demand and/or allow a user to control how much of the CPU the app can consume (like Photoshop). 3) Related to CPU consumption...trying to cancel a scan is a disaster. It does not cease the scan immediately, but requires up to 5 minutes to finally cease. Pause scan is immediate. The only way to do an efficient cancel scan is to pause first, wait for the scan to pause, then cancel it. Just hitting "cancel scan" causes the app (and CPU) to hang. 4) Related to the inordinate CPU consumption, scheduled scans are a problem in that if a user selects to Recover missed scans, the scan starts immediately at the next chance (i.e. first bootup of the morning) and just causes all sorts of problems with the high CPU consumption. Please offer the option of the app to *warn* the user of a pending scan with the option to either "continue scan" or "pause scan" (with a drill-down option of a time select for postponing...a la the restart reminder for Windows Update). As it is, I've had to disable the Recovery option. This means I will most surely miss some needed scans (as will other users). Please make changes to ensure that this most recent rev works in the manner that your customer base has become accustomed to. As it is, this most recent rev is a terrible CPU hog with a poorly thought out feature set. I, like others, may end up lighting up the message boards with recommendations NOT to upgrade (and in my case, to go backwards). Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I would appreciate follow-up, please. Drew W attach(DW_W7).txt dds(DW_W7).txt
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