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  1. Receiving a constant stream of popups from Malwarebytes about a riskware website being blocked. There is no domain given, and it continues even if I am not accessing my browser. It is referencing System32\svchost.exe. This file also exists in SysWOW64 once and WinSxS twice. The IP address is A malwarebytes scan does not find anything, and I've run adwcleaner. I've uploaded an export of one of the event logs, and I can upload whatever other log data is needed. Would like help in identifying if this is a stream of false positives, or if some other malicious file is c
  2. I'm unable to connect too the server of this STEAM game due to this program. When I turn off "Web Protection", it's able to connect. (Example in the picture.) Even when I exclude both the program and the IP address of the game, it still doesn't "Exclude."
  3. Good afternoon, lately my internet connection started being really slow so I thought it could be caused by a malware, then I decided to install and run Malwarebytes on my PC since Windows Defender didn't help me at all. This problem only occurs temporally, then my connection works normally for a few hours, so I don't think it's about hardware. Malwarebytes found many threats which I've already deleted, but I'll post its scan log anyway. It solved an issue that made the Google website be slow, but my internet is still failing a lot. Of course, I've been talking to my internet provider comp
  4. Hey Winterstar, I am having the same issue, started today. I had about 10 notices today all outbound, I am fairly good with computers, and could not find an infection on my machine. I will keep an eye on this post, maybe someone will have an answer.
  5. Hello, I just had a bit of an issue today and on the 4th. Malwarebytes blocked an outbound connection multiple times (Three times today, twice on the 4th). All five times it has happened has been with the same domain and IP address. I'm not very good with computers, so I was wondering am I possibly infected? And if I am, what can I do to fix this? AVG detects nothing wrong with my computer. Thank you for any help! EDIT: I'll just add that I've always gone of the same sites for years and never had any issue with any of them. Today and on the 4th, Malwarebytes blocked the connec
  6. Error message says "Download Failed. Check Internet connection and try again." My Internet connection is okay however.
  7. Hello, After scanning and repairing with Malwarebytes and rebooting i lost my internet connection. I didn't lost it at all because when I plug enthernet cable in to the notebook, i have internet for about 1 minute. I attached log files from Farbar and log from Malwarebytes what i removed. Malwarebytes don't find any threats now. Thank you in advance for help. FRST.txt Addition.txt log.txt
  8. Sometimes your program shows me the notification a connection is was blocked by it. The program spams the notification. If It starts, It would not stop for a period of some minutes. I have tried to look at your log files and detect the process what does this. Unfortunately, the program doesn't report process's Id, only the Process's file, which is, in my case, svchost.exe Please help me remove this spyware (I pretty sure it is a spyware). Thanks in Advance, Mizaro
  9. Hello everyone, in the attempt of keeping this short - after my pc randomly crashed after remaining idle for about twenty minutes, upon reboot, my Malwarebytes wouldn't let me enable realtime protection anymore. Following the steps scattered across the forums, I used the cleaning tool provided elsewhere and rebooted my computer several times. Since then, I'm stuck with MBAM Free with the error of not being able to contact the license servers. Following other topics, I disabled my Windows Firewall while activating the license, no luck with that sadly. I've attached t
  10. Good day. I have been using Malwarebytes for a few years now to run periodic (monthly) scans on my laptop. It rarely, if ever, detects anything. Maybe just 1 or 2 detections in the past 3 years. For about a year now, when I run the "Threat Scan," everything comes up clean. But when I run the "Custom Scan" and check all the boxes to have it scan my entire system, it cancels part way through with an error message about how it could not complete the scan. Today, I went to run a scan, and I got a notice that a new version of Malwarebytes was available, so I let it download/install. Afte
  11. Hello, I hope somebody can help me. When I used Malwarebytes Free everything was okay, until it started finding the same 7 browser hijackers every time I scanned my computer (they are very annoying, causing a lot of unwanted redirects); it put them in the quarantine but they kept showing up without stop. I hoped Malwarebytes Premium could have helped me better and I bought a license, but when I activated it Internet just stopped working. I'm sure it's Malwarebytes, because when I shut it off Internet starts working again without other problems except those hijackers. Please help me unders
  12. Hello, I recently purchased premium for Malwarebytes and I have been unable to activate my license key and ID. Attached are the... MBAM Logs Zipped: MBAMServiceLogs.zip First.txt: FRST.txt Addition: Addition.tx MB-CheckResults Zipped: mb-check-results.zip And finally a screenshot of what happens: Thank you for any help, I really appreciate it!
  13. Hello, I'm not sure yet if this is anything to be concerned about. I've tried to write a full explanation, but I've put my main questions in bullets near the bottom. I'm running Windows 10, and I am very careful about what goes onto this machine, and what websites I visit. I'm running both Panda antivirus and Malwarebytes. Last night I shut down my machine. This morning I started it up again, and initiated Firefox. Firefox opened to the Google home page, and right away, I pressed CTRL+T to open up a new tab. I'm not sure exactly the timing here, but as I was opening up the two w
  14. Hi all, I'm currently using Malwarebytes 3.0 premium trial and for the past few days I've been getting a notification each time I boot up my PC and launch Chrome saying an outgoing connection (usually to bleutrack.com) was blocked. I've sent a support ticket and have been in contact with them for a few days and they told me to scan using FRST, adwcleaner, JRT, HitmanPro, adware removal tool by TSA, and several other programs, but I still haven't been able to find anything. What can I do now?
  15. Hello, hopefully someone can help me. I'm running Windows 7 x64 and connected my PC directly from my PC to the modem. I have been having incredibly irritating internet issues that myself and my ISP cannot solve. I would be able to open webpages with no problems but when II play WoW, Overwatch, GTA5, Terraria with buds, I always seem to lag hardcore or just bluntly get disconnected from the session entirely. It doesn't last longer than a few seconds to a minute though, but it always happens again anywhere between 5-40 mins later. I talked to my ISP many, many times, most times the guy I g
  16. I use Windows 8.1 but with the classic desktop. My computer clock sets itself back to showing the wrong time at restart after I correct it, when I connect to my wifi network it says connecting to network takes longer than usual and then that connection is limited even though I have perfect connection, my computer is often slow and when I press Ctrl+Shift+Esc during a freeze it shows 99% disk usage, I have tried running Rkill and then Malwarebytes in Safe Mode but they detected nothing. Is it really a malware or am I just doing something wrong? Rkill.txt
  17. March 24, 2016 Running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 with Malwarebytes Premium, Avast 11.1.2253 Free and Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 installed. This setup runs without problems. Now update Malwarebytes is is offered. After installing Update there is no Internet connection anymore although Windows signals that an Internet connection is established. No URL can be reached by Firefox. However, miniapplications like newsfeed are updated as usual. If Malwarebytes is removed, registration and system state are reset and Malwar
  18. Hi, I recently ran a full Malwarebytes scan of my Windows work computer to remove malware after noticing a decline in performance as well as experiencing unwanted ads in Chrome. As a result of the scan and subsequent removal of the malware, the internet stopped working entirely. I would approach IT at my job, however I'm an English teacher in Korea and my "IT" guy doesn't speak a lick of English so i'm at a loss. I've gone ahead and followed certain instructions as they pertain to this issue from other forums/websites, but am not entirely confident that doing everything on my own (not the
  19. Hi and thanks for your help. I have a problem when I turn on Malwarebytes, my internet connection doesn't work at all. I tried to turn off any other software like windows defender or any other programs, but I figure out that when I change my wired connection to non-wired connection (MSI GE60 laptop) I had internet connection. I could deactivate the on-line protection of Malware bytes, but I'm trying to find the problem. Thanks to all and sorry for my English.
  20. Hello, I have a problem connection to internet after running Adwcleaner and YAC i usually run after them malwarebytes but i lost connection after running adwcleaner, after that i cant even start malwarebytes i even tryed running "Chameleon". The only programs that i have internet connection is "Nighty Browser" and "Teamspeak 3 Client" i tryed lot of cmd commands like "netsh winsock reset", "netsh interface ipv4 reset","netsh interface ipv6 reset","ipconfig /flushdns" and many other commands inside cmd, nothing worked. I ask if anyone here can help me solve my problem. I would be really g
  21. Hey there, I just ran a Malwarebytes scan to remove malware that i received yesterday night downloading something. i think i have completely removed the malware or whatever it was but now I am having trouble connecting to the internet. I can see that i am connected to my network, but cannot get online. I downloaded and ran Farbar Service Scanner, ran a scan, and got this: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Farbar Service Scanner Version: 27-01-2016 Ran by Edon-PC (administrator) on 31-01-2016 at 17:20:34 Running from "D:\User
  22. Hello, I recently ran a Malwarebytes scan to rid my computer of some nasty trojans. Now I am having trouble connecting to the internet. I appear to be able to connect to a network, but cannot get online. I downloaded and ran Farbar Service Scanner, ran a scan, and got this: Farbar Service Scanner Version: 03-01-2016 Ran by S J Antoinetti (administrator) on 12-01-2016 at 14:59:37 Running from "C:\Users\S J Antoinetti\Desktop" Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X64) Boot Mode: Normal **************************************************************** Internet Services: ===========
  23. Hello, I recently ran a Malwarebytes scan to rid my computer of some nasty trojans. Now I am having trouble connecting to the internet. I appear to be able to connect to a network, but cannot get online. I downloaded and ran Farbar Service Scanner, ran a scan, and got this: Farbar Service Scanner Version: 03-01-2016 Ran by S J Antoinetti (administrator) on 12-01-2016 at 14:59:37 Running from "C:\Users\S J Antoinetti\Desktop" Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X64) Boot Mode: Normal **************************************************************** Internet Services: ===========
  24. Sometime last week, I made a horrible mistake of downloading something unsafe. Malwarebytes managed to get all of the threats off, but I no longer had internet connection, Like many others who have experienced this problem. I ran adwcleaner, Hitman Pro, and the like. No Advail. Sometime this week, I'll try to show the Logs if I can from the programs. Can someone willing to help assist? Thanks much.
  25. Hey everyone, I am scratching my head with an issue that sure seems like malware or a virus but I have been unable to root it out. My two big issues are connecting to secure sites and weird logs from my router. Virus and Malware scans are coming up clean however Hijack this has a number of entries I am unure about; several of them say file missing and I do not know if I am safe to have HijackThis clean them. There are also a couple of Winsock entries that look odd (red font in the log). The main symptom is network connectivity - my overall connection seems sluggish. Not only that, any HT
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