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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, Back in May of this year I reported a bug to Malwarebytes by email about the Malwarebytes For Chrome browser extension conflicting with the Video DownloadHelper extension for Chrome, and this bug was confirmed by Malwarebytes after I reported it by email months ago. Here is an edited version of my report from back then: This conflict is still there, I was asked to report it here when I emailed Malwarebytes again to see if this bug was on the list of bugs to be fixed. This problem is pretty annoying for me and has prevented me from using the Malwarebytes extension for long, I have to keep disabling it, and so I usually give up using it until the next version comes out hoping that it will be fixed. I like the Malwarebytes extension and I would like to be able to use it again full-time one day and recommend it to others if this problem is fixed one day. Thank you, -John Jr
  2. As title suggests, running Freetube an open source Youtube client, Malwarebytes suddenly beings to fluctuate in CPU, but usually stays around 3-6% CPU, which remains the same even after terminating Freetube, this behavior remains until I restart/shut down my computer, which then returns when launching Freetube, which made me have the suspicion that theres some kind of conflict going on. https://freetubeapp.io/ Attached a couple MP4 files showcasing the behavior. 2021-11-27 15-22-43.mp4 2021-11-27 15-20-52.mp4
  3. "Your IT administrator has limited access to some areas of this app and the item you tried to access isn't available. Contact IT helpdesk for more information" when attempting to access certain parts of Windows Defender (specifically scan results), but consequent to turning on "periodic scanning" and attempting to to click the desktop alert associated with the scan results I receive this message. Windows 10 Pro 19042.1165 20H2/Malwarebytes Premium A few questions: 1. My understanding is Malwarebytes should work quite well with Defender. Is this message normal as Malwarebytes is in control or no? If not, what are the recommended steps? I imagine a reinstallation to start things off? 2. Is it recommended to leave periodic scanning off via Defender? 3. Keep in mind I can actually access all areas of Windows Defender. The issue seems to occur when clicking the desktop alert notification associated with the scan results of my Windows Defender scan. I am able to see any "threats" if I go to Windows Defender console under "active threats" 4. And lastly, any specific recommendations in terms of complimentary AV?
  4. Hi, I had an old hd laptop with windows 7 that I purchased way back in march 2010. Used it for 10 years till it went kaput in march. I had kaspersky and malwarebytes from back then running smoothly on it. Purchased a new one last week windows 10 and installed KTS and mbytes again. Followed instructions(https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038522974-Malwarebytes-for-Windows-antivirus-exclusions-list) to add relevant files to exclusion list, for both kaspersky and mbytes but: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mwac.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbamswissarmy.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbamchameleon.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\farflt.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys (Only present on 64-bit machines.) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae.sys (Only present on 32-bit machines.) Could find these files in the the system32 folder so I excluded the entire folder(not sure if thats a good idea). However kaspersky and mbytes are still clashing leading to system running excruciatingly slow, browsers turning black screen , vlc freezing on startup and others. Uninstalled mbytes. Now need some help please finding the files to exclude before installing bytes again.
  5. Hi there! Throughout the past few months, I've had problems running my Win7 Professional 64-bit PC rig properly. The problem showed as intermittent freezing of the whole operating system every now and then, let's say once in an hour or so, for around 5-15 min at a time. Meaning; I can't click on anything from the task bar, the mouse cursor turns into the spinning circle (as in; waiting, waiting ...); everything that I click on or type is stored in some kind of a buffer that then gets "released" after the clog re-opens. I am running ESET Internet Security 2018 (the latest version; as well as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium (the latest version as well; I have gone thru the problem on ESET's forums as well; https://forum.eset.com/topic/15962-eset-internet-security-updates-hang-up-as-well-as-sites-like-windows-update/?_fromLogin=1 Sorting out different possibilities within the last few months and I've indeed realized that it's ESET Internet Security 2018 and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro/Premium conflicting with each other. Turning off Malwarebytes actually solved the problem altogether. However, I went thru Malwarebytes' website to see all the listed components of MBAM that should be added to i.e. ESET's exclusion list, and that did NOT solve the problem. Now as I'm running Malwarebytes again, the freeze-up problem has also returned as usual. Disabling MBAM = no problems, no freeze-ups. The two software used to work just fine together before this summer. I've tried googling up the ESET+MBAM combo and potential pitfalls and tried to check that I've got them all in order. These problems didn't start until the autumn of this year, however. Before that, I had been running ESET+MBAM side by side without any problems. So, since I already have the exclusion list done, is there any certain modules in ESET that should NOT be enabled while MBAM is also running? I can't reply to the original thread on ESET's forums [see link above in this post] since the thread has been closed (and I did not receive any messages of anyone actually replying to me), and now I'm wondering what should I do next. The thing is that ESET and MBAM both detect i.e. realtime web threats differently. Throughout the past few years, both of the programs have caught up with potential threats in time, sometimes it's been MBAM, sometimes it's been ESET that has caught the lurking culprit. So, I really wouldn't want to start disabling real-time protection features too heavily. All help is kindly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I'm using Malwarebytes / 1.0.463 / 1.0.6983 and Faststone Capture 9.0 To reproduce my error: I found that FS Capture's 'capture scrolling window' is not working anymore. After disabling MWB 'web protection' it works fine again.
  7. All 3 of my computers were affected with no protection (or disabled) on MB. Yet there were other strange things going on as well. Not sure if it was a Malwarebytes Premium or Avast free update that started it all. I didn't have high resource usage, but couldn't open programs, etc. Avast ui wouldn't load and upon repair it said Malwarebytes was an infection. Also, just recently I started getting the MB couldn't load the rootkit driver. I have what I believe was the latest updates package 1.0.3804 - v3.3.1.2183 - components 1.0.262 (MB Premium) - for windows 7 64-bit Using Revo uninstaller I uninstalled Avast (and all associated registries) in advanced mode. Rebooted and MB is all good. Two questions: Does anyone really know if it was MB or Avast that created the havoc? Does anyone have recommendations for an Avast free replacement? Bitdefender OK?
  8. Hi. I've been using Malwarebytes free version for years without a problem. Recently I had to restore my computer back to factory defaults a few times. I redownloaded Malwarebytes AntiMalware. At this time there is a Free Trial of the Premium version. I attempted a System Restore yesterday and it wouldn't take. It suggested I temporarily disable any antimalware programs I have. I did that with Malwarebytes, and with my Emsisoft. I attempted System Restore again, and again, it didn't take. I tried System Restore again today. I temporarily disabled my Antimalwares, disconnected the internet, and again, System Restore said it was probably an antimalware program causing the inability to do a System Restore. So I uninstalled Malwarebytes. I tried System Restore without Malwarebytes, and this time it executed perfectly. I never had a problem with System Restore when it was just plain free Malwarebytes Antimalware. It seems to be the free trial of Premium that seems to be the problem, even when I have temporarily disabled it. Would you be able to look int o this possible conflict? I say "possible" because although System Restore ONLY works on my computer when there is NO FREE TRIAL OF PREMIUM, it may not be a fact for other computers. As well, in order to submit this comment, I was told over and over by the Malwarebytes system that to report a bug I had to do so through Hackerone. Well, days later Hackerone has closed my comment as N/A, and given me the link to here, which is what I tried to find in the first place! Perhaps you could make it easier to find this place so others experiencing problems with Malwarebytes and not able to find this place, can? Thank-you, Rachelle Cormier
  9. Paid & Upgraded to this. Older free version always worked fine..When I run this, it locks computer and I have to cut off power. Only remedy was to uninstall. Whats going on here?
  10. Hi, I recently purchased a new Asus desktop computer (i5, 16gb RAM) that came preloaded with Mcafee Internet Security Installed. The computer had been running fine until I installed Malwarebytes 3.0 with the real time protections enabled. Upon doing so my PC became so sluggish I was unable to perform any tasks. Even when I tried exiting out of Malwarebytes the program would not exit. After closing the program through task manager (painfully as it was so slow) my pc began responding normally. I have now added exclusions in MB for Mcafee, but when I try to add exclusions for Malwarebytes in Mcafee I am unable to do so as I receive an error indicating the file is critical and can't be excluded. Has anyone run into this and is there a way around it? When my Mcafee trial is up I was going was going to replace it with Mcafee Internet Security Suite through U-verse since I do not have to pay for it. I would rather do this than have to pay for Norton so wanted to see if anyone can help me get the 2 programs to coexist harmoniously. Thanks!
  11. I have McAfee Multi Access that was provided to me by my ISP (New York's Altice/Cablevision). After the McAfee scans my system it claims I have a conflict with another anti-virus that's installed on my system. I can only presume that's MBAM3. Is there some setting I can adjust in MBAM3 or in MaAfee? Perhaps this is something that has to be looked at by the MBAM staff? Thanks for your help in this matter.
  12. It seems Malwarebytes 3.0 (in contrast to Malwarebytes 2.0) is incompatible with Trend Micro Internet Security. I upgraded from Malwarebytes version 2 to Malwarebytes 3.0 today. Since over a year, I have Trend MIcro Internet Security as my antivirus. With Malwarebytes version 2, I noted no issues with Trend Micro. But since the upgrade to Malwarebytes 3.0, I am unable to do a scan with Trend Micro - the scan hangs as 6%, 7%, or 8% (it hangs on different files each time). I excluded the Trend Micro folder in the Malwarebytes settings - but this does not help. If I shut down Malwarebytes 3.0, Trend Micro is able to scan normally to completion. Can this apparent incompatibility between Malwarebytes 3.0 and Trend Micro be fixed? Thanks!
  13. Even though I have the Mailbird.exe process as well as ALL of individual e-mail server domains (incoming and outgoing) added as web exclusions, Malwarebytes still blocks them when malicious website protection is enabled. I don't get a popup indicator, but the minute I disable malicious website protection, Mailbird works fine again. Is there any other fix for this other than leaving malicious website protection disabled?
  14. Over the last few days, I've had 3 different clients with the same problem. All 3 of them are using Kaspersky Internet Security along with Malwarebytes Premium (with Realtime Protection enabled). Shortly after bootup, the computer will become unresponsive (i.e.: nothing is "clickable). It does not seem to be accompanied by abnormally high CPU usage, according to Task Manager. If I disable either Kaspersky Internet Security OR Malwarebytes Premium, the problem does not occur. I've tried the following, with no luck: * Adding "mutual exclusions" for both programs. * Disabling several of the KIS protection modules (Firewall, Application Control, etc.). Some additional info: * This problem only occurs with Kaspersky Internet Security, NOT Kaspersky Anti Virus. * This problem occurs with both Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and 2016. * All 3 clients have been using KIS + MBAM for several years with no problem, so it must have something to do with a recent update. Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  15. Hello I have two questions about MBAE (free version). 1. Could MBAE technically prevent a program from working correctly? e.g. say if you were running Google Chrome for example, could MBAE stop it from updating correctly if it thought it was an exploit? Or maybe the way it tries to prevent exploits, could it hinder a program's operations in any way? 2. Can MBAE conflict with other anti-virus programs? e.g. say if Bitdefender Internet Security is running and detects an exploit/malware, who would stop it first? As won't they both be fighting to try and stop the exploit/malware? Won't this cause any problems/crashes? Thanks very much, Transformers
  16. Windows 7 Pro; Panda Free Antivirus; Comodo Firewall free. I've started a new topic because the other of the same title is locked as solved. New here so please bear with me and apologies if this is addressed elsewhere. Just downloaded & installed the new MBAE program (v1.05.1.1014 Trial). With the Chrome shield activated, Chrome won't launch. There is a single entry in task manager sitting there (CPU 0) but Chrome isn't actively running. If I kill that process, deactivate the shield, then fire up Chrome again - all is well. If I reactivate the shield (whilst Chrome is running now), any website I try to go to just sits there with the activity indicator spinning (i.e. website loading) but it never does. If I deactivate the shield & try again, it works fine. I think that's everything. The following logs are attached :- DDS.txt
  17. Hi. I want to know if Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit can interfere with AVG Identity Protection. I already made this same question to AVG and they said yes, but i looked at the forum and I didn't find AVG in the list of known conflicts. Thank you.
  18. Norton Internet Security says to uninstall MBAM to allow their product to operate properly. I've had both products co-exist peacefully for many years, so what changed recently? See screenshot:
  19. I have a copy of both Norton 360 and Malwarebytes Pro. Why is Norton telling me to remove Malwarebytes as it might show a conflict? How do I tell Norton to stop bugging me about this. This is Windows 7 64 bit -Rob
  20. Hello, Thanks for the killer AV product. I use it at home and at work. We just recently purchased multiple Corporate licenses. I installed these licenses on our machines, some XP and some Vista. Then, tried to install Kaspersy Antivirus on top of that. However, during the install, got an error, where the Kaspersky Antivirus viewed Malwarebytes as a conflicting program. The version of Kaspersky that we are installing is a special one - we use a hardware firewall by Sonicwall, and that device enforces a Client AV policy on all workstations: they must install Kaspersky AV before being allowed to access the internet when this policy is active. We installed Malwarebytes first, then ran into the unexpected conflict issue - Kaspersky wouldn't let us install itself. We were instructed to remove Malwarebytes. Personally, I don't trust any one AV program alone to stop all the malware that Malwarebytes can. I want to make the two programs play nice. How would I go about doing this? Note that the Antivirus may be configured in either its own interface and/or through the Sonicwall Firewall admin interface. Thanks!
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