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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I have done quite a bit of searching on this topic but can only come up with really old answers! I was given a relative's laptop and they told me it suddenly went "wonky". I installed and ran Malwarebytes. The results of the scan showed 113 "PUPS". A cursory look at the log shows a LOT of Chrome extension foolishness. However, now none of the browsers work fully. They will load "Google" but nothing else. I tried waking up the administrator account and the behavior is the same. I restarted into safe mode, and voila! The browsers all work as expected now. Here
  2. Updated Malwarebytes Free to new version - and it went into free trial period for Malwarebytes Premium. Soon afterwards Firefox began to fail - it would freeze, and using task manager to kill it would remove all but one process that became unkillable without rebooting machine. That process would also prevent Firefox from restarting. Switched to Opera - same result Switched to Chrome - same result Switched to Internet Explorer - same result. Resolved problem by ending the Malwarebytes trial and reverting to the Malwarebytes free without Web Protection.
  3. It shouldn't take 10 minutes to get past Browsers, I've done everything to make it faster, scanning my computer for errors didn't work either, why is JRT suddenly having this problem? Even after Browsers, once it gets to Shortcuts just won't complete.
  4. It used to work beautifully until the latest update...now, it gets stuck on BROWSERS
  5. I have adware in my browsers that adwcleaner, malwarebytes and hitman pro are unable to clean. I have deleted cookies. I did not find any extensions or new program files. Malwarebytes is able to block popus from opening though. Please help. I cannot format my PC at this time as too time sensitive work. I have attached the files. Thanks so much. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. I am near the end of upgrading from 64-bit Win 7 to Win 10 Home followed by a Win 10 clean install. I am seeing something similar to previously-reported problems of browsers being slow to start. Previous threads from about MBAE version 1.05 were solved by installing the latest version of MBAE. Here is what I'm seeing new: 1. I am using the latest version of MBAE: 1.08.1045. 2. I have 3 browsers: Edge, FireFox and Chrome 64. Only Chrome 64 starts slowly, about 8-10 seconds whereas the other two browsers start within about a second. 3. So far I am only using Windows 10 firewall and antivi
  7. First I started getting the message than MBAE had terminated. I decided to uninstall and reinstall MBAE. Now IE11 won't launch if MBAE is running. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  8. Hi, I'm in some desperate need. I have a Uni assignment to complete but something keeps highjacking my internet browsers. It opens up the browsers and then starts opening the browser tabs. This has become really annoying over the last 24 hours as it's time consuming trying to get rid of it and having to stop what I am doing and closing the browser all the time. I have used several anti-virus programs but to no prevail. I have deleted cookies and history on my internet browsers. I have even uninstall the browser and reinstalled them. I have included a pic of what I am experiencing. Rega
  9. Concerned that my Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit premium defence is not responding to the new Windows 10 "edge" browser.... so looked up what Microsoft had to say about their new beaut browser: http://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2015/05/11/microsoft-edge-building-a-safer-browser/ Impressed ā€‹- seems they have finally put some much needed effort into browser security and reliability.ā€‹ But Iā€‹ am still wanting for Malwarebytes to upgrade their Anti-Exploit Premium to include the new Edge browser... Two defence strategies is better than one.
  10. How do I register to add to the shields listing in my Malwarebytes Anti-Expoit Premium this new "The Edge" browser by windows 10 ??? Have IE listed and covered, but this new browser is not being recognized by my Malwaresbytes Anti-Expoit. What to do ?
  11. A couple of days ago, I was recommended Vuze to download. I did so, but now even though I click on Firefox, it opens up but will not load. It will not go to any site and says it's connecting. It has also changed my default search engine to Yahoo. I declined all of this during installation of vuze , but that obviously did not matter. I've tried to delete everything concerning vuze, but that has not helped. I have found spigot on my computer as well and I'm not sure how to delete and remove all of this. What do I do to clean my computer from this mess and know for a fact vuze/spigot is gone from
  12. hello all I have a problem. I start my computer an HP laptop on windows 7 home pro. i keep having my default browser ( first was chrome, now its Firefox and no matter what i keep getting multiple tabs on this site hhere https://fbcdn-photos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/hellocdn.html?v=1 i already ran a ful scan with makware antimalwarebytes and it found no results, I restarted PC and it did it again. PLEASE< PLEASE HELP!! thanks Patrick Przybylowicz
  13. So i had qvo6 , i thought it was the thing that was causing the problem , i ran hitman pro , spybot , anvi smart , malware byte , norton , bit defender and adware . hitman pro detected hao and qvo6 and deleted them , but still cant use browsers in normal mode , i reseted them all , reinstall but nothing , someone told me to download pale moon . and it worked , i dont know how or why , now i remove all antivirus , if they were blocking the other browsers (ie,chromeand firefox) but nothing . here is my hijackthis log Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 5:20:27 AM, on 7/21/2013 Platform:
  14. Hello, Everytime I search something from home search screen I get redirected to some Blekko ssearch site. I do not find any toolbar installled in any of the browsers, neither I find any Blekko toolbar looking into Control Panel --> Programs and Feautures. I can't either find any solution changing browser settings. All my three browsers (Chrome, IE9 and Firefox) present the same problem. Thanks for your help! DDS.txt Attach.txt
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