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  1. I recently added the MWB Browser Guard to my default browser (Firefox), and it now gets issues after logging in. When first trying to display the account summary, it will show warnings with red borders about a "Serious System Failure". I tried ticking the "trust this" in the track block items, but no change. I then tried turning off ALL the protections for the specific site, still failing with these odd error warnings. I could only get the site to work normally by disabling Browser Guard completely. I will try to add some screen shots with it active. Note: I even got an "Internal Server Error" back while testing a minute ago, with BG active. Other items of note: NOTE: there are other "sub-domains" used for different security driven parts of the HSBC banking service, e.g.: https://www.services.online-banking.hsbc.com.au (For driving this): https://www.services.online-banking.hsbc.com.au/gpib/group/gpib/cmn/layouts/default.html?uid=dashboard AND this one: https://www.security.online-banking.hsbc.com.au (for driving this): https://www.security.online-banking.hsbc.com.au/gsa/SECURITY_LOGON_PAGE/
  2. Heyo, The Clickteam Fusion apps have been getting a lot of blocks recently, causing the Clickteam staff to churn out builds trying to avoid blocks. (hxxps://community.clickteam.com/threads/107988-Build-292-27-Release-version) My site recently was flagged by Google for a single Fusion app, and the app was considered fine for years prior. I rebuilt with a new version, and it passed a verification on Google's side. At any rate, this website is self-hosted, the server machine does not allow remote login, and the login doesn't even use a password, so I'm certain there is no malicious activity. But feel free to give any URLs that are or were causing the bad rep. It should also be noted this site also hosts some free servers for gaming on the same IP, which several indie/free games use, like FNAF multiplayer, I Wanna Be The Boshy, A Dark Place, etc. The block also affects all these games, as the would-be gamers can no longer use the servers if they have MalwareBytes in use. (There's a bandwidth cap of few kb/s which is fine for games, but not for file transfer, it'd be faster to encode in Base64 and put on Pastebin.) Could you please investigate at your earliest convenience? Cheers, ~SortaCore
  3. hello, I am the owner of : h t t p s : / / invest . gladys . com A customer has just had a trojan message while wanting to connect to our site. However, it seems clean : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e29fbaf3d02373b6bacf80087eaf778aa7ae60bb45ce3f42a6dc32f093dc219a/detection Can you remove it from your blacklist, or give us more information, please? Regards,
  4. I have a WordPress Blog. On this blog site recently a widget does not appear on my blog or at least not when I view my blog from my laptop. ( <div class="gfm-embed" data-url="https://www.gofundme.com/f/gh6a6x-carl-jung-depth-psychology/widget/large/"></div><script defer src="https://www.gofundme.com/static/js/embed.js"></script> from GoFundMe is not appearing on my Blog. ) The WordPress Support team tells me that: “The only other thing I can think might be happening (since the code works fine for us) is that you could have ad blocking software installed that is counting the widget as an ad.” I do not know of any ad blocking software installed on my laptop. How would I tell if I did? Could I possibly be infected? A Malwarebytes Premium scan does not indicate any problems. Can anybody suggest how I might diagnose my laptop for either blocking software of an infection? Thank you, Lewis
  5. Hi, Our business website https://wlpayments.com has been marked as malware containing trojan. Our customers are seeing the block notice whenever they are using the malwarebytes products. With this our customers are reluctant to visit the website and we are loosing business. Please look into this as soon as possible and let us know. Thanks,
  6. Thing I’ve done before the issue is occurred is the only thing I do is to plugged back my USB flash’s drives to my laptop using a PORT USB HUB . so no any changes were made to the system or to anything related to the OS itself (the WINDOWS SYSTEM was reinstalled afresh:) ). and then I had to opens up a few portable software from the USB drive to do a checking for updates and some to fails to check for an updates and they being thrown an access denied errors . so I have to do closing all running applications from the system tray included Malwarebytes and the issue go away right after I have to close MB as well . I haven’t made any screenshots of any errors , And Malwarebytes aren’t displayed any blocking message either . so , not sure which MALWAREBYTES real-time components is the one to caused such issue but hope someone can help with this problem because my Malwarebytes is now not running so I have no anti-malware protection . I also I’ve been noticed that of a notable hanging of the explorer.exe/software slowdown and hard responding of a lot of software that I use even though the any opened folder will goes to be not responding . and WINDOWS 10 says that the ZONEalarm anti-virus have blocking the screen capture and caused to that software which the name of it is "Capturewiz" to be blocked on my windows system even though I’ve never Install any AV on my windows 10 Machine ???? I only Have Windows security ""aka windows defender" and Malwarebytes running alongside to each . http://pixelmetrics.com/Tips/SecurityAps/SecurityApsBlockCapture.htm
  7. Hello, this is my website where I test various CMS systems. I bought malwarebytes premium and I see varning about my webpage. Is there something wrong on my side I can fix? I didnt install any suspiscious extension or script. Thanks for cooperation. Have a nice day. JurajBe
  8. Before submitting a possible FP, please be sure that you have - 1. Checked the list of blocked gTLDs (Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are one of the categories of top-level domains (TLDs) maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use in the Domain Name System of the Internet. These gTLDs are blocked because the ratio of bad to good domains may be higher than average, indicating that the registry could do a better job of enforcing policies and shunning abusers.) Currently we are blocking the following gTLDs - .accountant .reisen 2. Used the search function on the forum Please be sure that the domain/IP that you want to submit is not already submitted by another member. 3. Gathered protection logs/screenshots and attach them with your message How to get protection logs in Malwarebytes 4: Press the button Click Reports: The logs are stored here. Save / export the log that contains the detections you would like to have us review. You can either save it or copy it to clipboard and paste it in a new topic HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the gTLD/domain/IP is blocked and you still want to access it, you can add it to the Malwarebytes exclusions list - Malwarebytes 4 https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3543 Malwarebytes 3 https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mbam/Settings3.html#exclusions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you still want to submit the FP, please create a new thread and provide the domain/IP with your protection logs (please open 'MBAM', go to 'History' and attach the log where the detection is recorded). For more information about the protection logs, please see this link. Thanks to everyone who follows these instructions!
  9. Hello! I just booted up my laptop after two days, and my Malwarebytes is blocking connections that appear to be associated with Microsoft Office 2016, listing the reasons as fraud. I haven't installed anything new since my last time using my laptop, and the last time I've scanned my PC, the report came back negative. I've attached the reports for both blockings below. Can I get a Staff member/expert to verify this & advise me what to do next. Thank you for your time & I hope to hear from you soon. Office Fraud.txt Office Fraud 2.txt
  10. We have an MWB Management Console on a server. I was given a link at one time regarding ports that need opening on the client machines. I need the documentation again. In fact, I am hoping you have a roll-out plan that includes opening up all needed port.
  11. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place) Hi, so i just started using the Malwarebytes 3 Premium(trial) and started getting reports saying it is blocking Updater from Avast. Anyway, I open up Malwarebytes to see it and it says my programs are not up to date. Lol. This has been going on for about a month. This is saying its outbound connection which it blocks. I read in other places it could be mistaking it for something else(I dont quite understand that). I know there is an issue of other things being blocked in avast, but not sure if this is the same. And idk if i should ignore it or exclude from being blocked. I also looked online and there does seem to be a driver update malware or something (so i was concerned about that).. Any ideas why this is happening? Thank you for any help. HP Desktop Windows 10 - Chrome MBAM - Avast MBAM.zip MBAM2.zip
  12. Malwarebytes has been blocking everything with a .com.kw domain including google.com.kw This is happening on 2 separate PCs with MBAM 3 Premium since yesterday. Even after the latest update as of this moment, it is still blocking all .com.kw websites.
  13. Malwarebytes blocked a site with address ia801509.us.archive.org several times in the space of a couple of minutes earlier today. I am aware of archive.org as a website, but I haven't accessed the website either when this occurred, or in recent times. I wasn't downloading any files, and all I had open was a new blank tab in Google Chrome. There are no options for blocking or whitelisting the site, and Malwarebytes automatically tried to add it to the list of ignored items. Is this site malware? And why was Malwarebytes ignoring the threat despite being reported as malware? After a full scan, no malware or other threats have been detected, so really I'm at a loss. Attached are the details for one of the scans. All the highlighted reports are for this threat. The threat came from my Google Chrome application. Any ideas?
  14. Hi, Malware Bytes currently blocks all of my programs' interactions with u.cubeupload.com and i.cubeupload.com. I did some looking into it and found this: https://blog.cubeupload.com/2017/10/malwarebytes-blocking/ Also this: I'm sort of confused about whether or not this is still a threat? Or is indeed a false positive? That forum exchange linked above was from months ago. So, is there a reason the site is still blocked, or is it safe to use now? Thanks for any info, updates, and clarifications.
  15. Hello, somebody can help me to find a solution to remove our IP address form malwarebytes blacklist? We using other professional malware systems (Eset, Zemana) and everything is fine. However today we realized the Malwarebyte blocking one correct site. IP: We have no idea why? How can I stop the ban? Thanks.
  16. Hello, New user here doing an evaluation of Malwarebytes. I just installed the product and once finished I noticed that email stopped working (connection lost), dropbox (sat in connecting state) and none of the websites that I tried to visit would respond with an error that the name could not be resolved (DNS). What I found is that if I disable web protection then all of my connections reconnected (Email, dropbox, etc..) and I was able to browse websites without an issue. Can anyone give me some help with this? How can I enable web protection and still be able to browse the internet and receive emails?
  17. Starting today Malwarebytes has been blocking carfax.com. We're having to exclude scans of www.carfax.com along with media.carfax.com and secure.carfax.com in order to use the website. We have the most up to date definition file along with program version (3.3.1 Premium version). Thanks!
  18. I upgraded to MalwareBytes 3 recently and found that when I connected to my SSTP VPN, I cannot browse the Internet. When I disable the Web Protection, I appear to be able to browse the Internet; however, I get an error on MalwareBytes that states that it cannot reach the licensing server. So far, if I leave the Web Protection enabled, I don't have a licensing error; however, I cannot browse to any websites. The only thing that works for me at the moment is to exit MalwareBytes completely, then I can browse through my VPN as normal. I have isolated it to MalwareBytes -- any help here? The only other "protection" product I have is ESET and that is strictly anti-virus only.
  19. Hi There - I noticed you closed the thread without me being able to reply, so I'm creating a new thread. The website http: //lionsheadbb .com is still blocked as I just got feedback from a user who had ran the cleaner program and restarted her computer and she still cannot access the site. . Thanks!
  20. Hey there! I'm requesting that you re-check and remove http: //lionsheadbb. com from your blacklist and blocking files as we have completely taken down the old site and put up a new site. It should appear clean on your records. Please let me know. I'm the administrator for the site.
  21. Hi, why you blocking our website? This is an attempt to get rid of competition?.. Do you just block all sites to block more than others? Our site does not contains anything dangerous! When you unblock our site? Link to our website: blackbirdcleaning[.]com
  22. Malware malbytes is blocking DRUDGE REPORT with this message: Something interferred with this site loading. It started this morning. I already added the domain name to exclusions without any effect. Also, I tried to post a screen capture of the message here, but it would not allow me
  23. I am trying to figure out why Malwarebytes is blocking a call to my search server. Here is the log: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 4/17/17 Protection Event Time: 2:21 PM Logfile: log1.txt Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.103 Update Package Version: 1.0.1749 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website Data- Domain: enquirebio.ngrok.io IP Address: Port: [2447] Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe (end)
  24. We recently had some bad apples browse websites that were not acceptable with our policy. I know with the home version of Malwarebytes the software has a website blocker that blocks known websites that are malicious. Is this a feature of the Enterprise software? Can we manage blocked websites with the enterprise console on our local Malwarebytes Server? Our goal is to block adult websites and other malicious websites with a policy somehow. If the sites are blocked, can we filter to see which PC was trying to visit those sites?
  25. We have got Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for business version running on our computers. I work in IT Support team and one of our staff members is experiencing issues with it. MBAE is preventing MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint to open regardless of the fact if the document is a newly created document or an attachment in the email. When I open any document (word, excel or ppt) it closes within a few seconds with the attached message. I have done a security scan to check if there's any unwanted file or program but It all came clean. After checking the logs, I could see a lot of things in there like an exploit code has been blocked etc. I have tried disabling the anti-exploit shield for ms word only but it still does the same thing. Can you please urgently help on this as it has become almost impossible to work? Regard Priyanka
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