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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, developers. I am Eric Renfro, a member of many technical communities, primarily for Linux and macOS. I decided this year to check out Malwarebytes Premium instead of renewing the product I was originally going to do. The price was great, but after just 1 week of using it, more so specifically, the recommended Browser Guard extension that was pushed by it, I was incredibly thrown back by some unacceptable policies you at this company have chosen to do. What I am talking about is literal blanket blocking of entire Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as just the few I initially ran in
  2. I rented a new VPS on 3/8 and had to add the IP address ( to my ignore list just to login an start migrating websites to it. Today learned that anyone trying to visit any site at that IP address is still getting blocked by Malwarebytes and receiving a trojan warning. When I logged into it via Windows Remote Desktop the first time I could tell it was a fresh installation of Windows Server 2019 DC, so obviously the trojan warning must be due to the last customer using that IP hosting a trojan. How do I get my IP removed from the Malwarebytes blacklist? Also, whenev
  3. To whom it may concern, Please do another review on the following site: https://www.cosmictone.com.au/
  4. Hello, somebody can help me to find a solution to remove our IP address form malwarebytes blacklist? We using other professional malware systems (Eset, Zemana) and everything is fine. However today we realized the Malwarebyte blocking one correct site. IP: We have no idea why? How can I stop the ban? Thanks.
  5. Please help me remove malware from www.allofmyinterest.com
  6. Hello, We from Sucuri cleaned the site clearconceptinc.ca , but client is saying it is blacklisted. It is no longer blacklisted by ESET, too. Could you please review blacklisting for it? Thank you.
  7. Hi There - I noticed you closed the thread without me being able to reply, so I'm creating a new thread. The website http: //lionsheadbb .com is still blocked as I just got feedback from a user who had ran the cleaner program and restarted her computer and she still cannot access the site. . Thanks!
  8. Hey there! I'm requesting that you re-check and remove http: //lionsheadbb. com from your blacklist and blocking files as we have completely taken down the old site and put up a new site. It should appear clean on your records. Please let me know. I'm the administrator for the site.
  9. Hey guys, Would it be possible to review the blacklist status for the lacasainc.net website? The malware infection has been resolved. Thank you!!
  10. Hi guys! This site has been cleared by sucuri.net: www.gearthhacks.com Would you mind to review it and delist from your blacklist? Thanks!
  11. hey there the malware infection on the leadsavvy.com website has been removed. can you please review the blacklist status? thanks!!
  12. All malware removed from http://csemobility.co Please remove from blacklist Thank you
  13. I've been made aware of a website spoofing a legitimate site that I regularly use. I'm concerned I may click on one of its links from a search result without realizing it soon enough. How do I know if it's blacklisted; if it isn't, how would I go about adding it as a blacklisted site? I don't exactly want to click on it and see what happens >< Apparently there's no native ability in Chrome to blacklist sites - you have to install an extension - so I was hoping perhaps I could do it via MWB. http://www.wowhead.com/news=260729/warning-wowhead-search-results-maliciously-targeted
  14. Hi, I work for a link shortening service called Geniuslink (https://www.geni.us) which provides our clients with the ability to create shortened links that automatically send their customers to the best destination to purchase their products or view their content. Our site is only used to shorten and add custom rules to links, and we strictly monitor the links that are built to ensure that no one is using the service to create spam links. After a few customers reported that we were being flagged as a malicious site, we submitted a post requesting that our site be removed from the Mal
  15. All malware removed from Luke-Woods.com and site has been secured Please re-scan & remove from blacklist Thank you
  16. Hi, I am working for an link shortening service called Geniuslink (https://www.geni.us) which provides our clients with the ability to create shortened links that automatically send their customers to the best destination to purchase their products or view their content. One of our larger clients reached out to me the other day, saying that their links were being blocked by Malwarebytes, and that Geniuslink had been blacklisted as a malicious site. Our site is only used to shorten and add custom rules to links, and we strictly monitor the links that are built to ensure that no one is usi
  17. Please can you re-evaluate our client's website. Domain: www.pockettypewriter.co.uk IP:
  18. Many users complain about warning of danger of our resources: hxxp://marvelheroes.info/ and hxxp://www.marvelonline.ru/ Website have only information about game Marvel Heroes 2015. Others antiviruses not found any malware... So please tell me why? What basis IP was add to blacklist Malwarebytes Anit-malware? We have >5000 visitors in day and lost all users who use Malwarebytes Anit-malware. They think website have malware.... I request you to please recheck our websites and remove it from your blacklist. What need me do for unblock our resource?
  19. I'm starting a premium email service, and it's being blacklisted. It has not association with malware, and has enforces legal content on the site.
  20. I just found my own site blocked. addbalance.com I do not know why. How can I find out? Cross-posted in error to File Detections because that is where I was directed. I am ending that thread.
  21. Hello, It appears that for some reason you have blocked an entire IP : This IP houses my blog and other websites... and a lot of my friends uses Malwarebytes PRO (including me). SO could you please remove it ASAP from the blacklist ? And, if you can explain why this IP is blocked, that could be very usefull ! Thanks,
  22. Hi, Do you guys think it is useful to create a public (free) database with loads of malware domains in it, so it can be used for all kinds of proxy's, firewalls, hosts files, etc... I know these databases exist and can be accessed, but I think they could be better maintained. The idea is to let everybody add domains that are then validated and added to the list. The list can be downloaded in lots of formats and be pulled from the server daily or something. What do you guys think?
  23. Hi guys. Some months ago we changed host and our forum's new IP is Unfortunately i realized that you have blacklisted our IP for a reason. Some of our users, reported that malwarebytes is blocking our forum. - We NEVER caused any problems in the past 3 years we are running this forum... - We NEVER spammed with any possible way... - We NEVER had any malware content in our forum... So i suppose the previous forum/blog who was using our current IP, is responsible for this blacklist. Please check this out and remove our IP from your back list. Thanks in advance for your time
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