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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new here. I am using a HP pavilion DM4, with windows 7 home premium, and about 20 days ago (7/8/2019, I got a black screen with a cursor only after logging into my Admin Account, even on safemode. the day before this issue occurred (7/7/2019), I had turned off my AVG, while trying to run a malwarebytes scan, to do so, I changed its (AVGs) permissions to EVERYONE and I also set the AVG off, and restarted my computer, Lo and Behold, I couldn't get back on my ADMIN main user!, I am currently writing this on the same laptop, but on the account of a secondary user. I can only open a few Antivirus programs such as malwarebytes and AVG, however I cannot run Roguekiller or MSERT as they freeze. Ive done many test and NONE concluded malware, except a Malware bytes Anti Rootkit scan which detected 4 trojan files located in C:$\recyclebin (system recycle bin?). I've since removed them and I am currently attempting all my options. The crazy thing is, I actually fixed the problem, via system restore, and all was good! however I became stupid in thinking and decided to RE-RESTORE the system, because I was upset that my google chrome had updated!!!, and thus the problem had returned, and the old restore points have vanished since!. I would really love some help because I am sure something has taken over the admin privileges of the system, and is running SVCHOST.EXE and CONSENT.EXE upon start. Ive studied the strings and the threads and they run at 25% CPUs, jamming the system up. Ive also noticed something keeps closing antiviruses and services.exe when i try to open them. (I see all this via PROCESSEXPLORER from the second account with admin privileges). I cannot run SERVICES.EXE, but i can run regedit, msconfig, task manager, etc. Ive done SFC/scan as well as CHKDSK and it found some corrupt files and "fixed them", but the issue persist. Ive downloaded FRST, roguekiller, combofix, adwcleaner,. I have not run them, I am awaiting assistance (from you guys). please help me!!!! thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, I installed Malwarebytes few days ago to wipe out adware. This morning I started my PC and before the login screen all I got was a black screen and a blinking cursor. I tried everything but its unresponsive. I think it has happened because Malwarebyte accidentally deleted something important. Please tell me how to solve this problem. I've read countless threads but I'm not getting anything. Please help as soon as possible. And if its that process of loading log.txt and another txt file, please explain thoroughly. Help!
  3. Hello, I went to check my computer this morning and it had updated last night (I assume windows update) and was a bit sluggish. I restarted and when logging in to my account it gave me a black screen. It also prompted me to update and install malwarebytes again. I hit the confirmations but it was frozen. I waited a bit, then decided to hard reset my computer. When I turned it back on everything was fine, but after logging in my whole screen was black. (No start button, no search bar) I then tried restarting a few times to include safe mode w/ networking. I tried SFC with cmd, tried even silent uninstall of malwarebytes through cmd as well. Multiple restarts and attempts to update drivers and nothing. I realize that I may have to silent reinstall malwarbytes to then open it and see if any files are quarantined.
  4. Hello. Yesterday, I initiated a threat scan on my laptop (a scan which took over 10 hours), and since it was late I went to sleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my laptop had a black screen. After poking around Google, I found a solution which worked (a hard reboot). When my laptop (running Windows 10) booted there was no more black screen. When I opened the Malwarebytes software, however, there was no report of the +10 hours threat scan. What does this mean? Thank you.
  5. Since i scanned my laptop with malwarebytes i haven't been able to do anything on my laptop... It boots into a black screen with a cursor. sometimes i can get to the task manager via ctrl+alt+del, and i see that malwarebytes is using over 2GB of ram?? i can't close it, because it will start itself back up again. malwarebytes also uses 50% of my processor
  6. Hello there. I just ran malwarebytes on a second HDD and removed all issues but my screen goes black still upon starting windows. Does anyone know how to fix this, or how I can learn about this? Thanks, Sean.
  7. When I open my MS Surface (Windows 10) and start to log in, the screen goes black. I opened Task Manager, and noticed that MalWareBytes was not responding. I tried to stop it, but access is denied. Any ideas?
  8. Hi i just updated my Windows 10 in my other laptop. I tried to use Malwarebytes to scanned after restart after login the Screen is all black, but the white cursor still there. I tried to system restore after updates but it says Drive is error, try to repair drive. Then i use recovery option to change previous version of Windows 10 before updates. But still my desktop is black screen.
  9. Ok to start my friend game me their laptop so I can do a check up on it since last time I did was about 8 months ago. I know a bit more about computers than my friend does so this is something I do from time to time, I have 3 things installed in their laptop that I installed the first time I did a check up on it, they are programs I use normally on my laptop, CCleaner clean it up a bit, Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes. Basically those are the 3 programs I use on their laptop. Today I ran into something I didn't know what to do. This are the things I did before I noticed the issues. I ran the CCleaner and after it finished I began running Malwarebytes, It had been running for 4 hours when I decided to look at the progress when I noticed that the start menu didn't open, I minimized Malwarebytes and that's when the screen went black after it came back the window was minimized and everything normal but when I try to maximize the window again it went black screen again and when back Malwarebytes was closed. then the issues began as I was trying to figure out what was wrong, a message pop up about insufficient memory, but I checked and the Hard drive is 500GB and it only has been used about 100GB, after trying to open the start menu the screen went black again and I left it but after sometime it didn't came back to normal so I did a hard reboot, I turn it on again and it began an automatic operation of analyzing and fixing (C:). Windows began again but still has some issues, all the programs take a long time to respond and so far I haven't had the black screen nor the insufficient memory message but I want some help before I do anything else.
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