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Found 13 results

  1. This kinda thing makes me look bad. I recommend Malwarebytes to my customers. if they get stuff like this I look like a fool.. Is there something im just not understanding? I hope im just missing something obvious.
  2. Thanks, Malwarebytes. Thank you for ruining my computer. I did a full scan and deleted every file it told me to delete. I restarted my computer, and everything was looking fine until i got to logging in. I entered my password, then a few minutes later I get an error saying there was a problem. I log out, log back in, same problem. I restarted, shut down and turned back on, but nothing worked, It would direct me into a temporary account and give the the same error. I decided to restore all the files to fix the problem. A few minutes later, it stops leaving a few files yet to be restored. An error message pops up saying "Unable to restore one or more quarantined items: The system cannot find the files specified." I kept on trying to restore them but it just wasn't working. Without those files, I won't be able to log back on to my accounts. All of my data on those accounts is(are?) gone. I really need help.
  3. So I recently built my PC and I installed malwarebytes. Everything was fine and I started getting BAD_POOL_HEADER blue screen crashes. I waited about an hour for it to uninstall, and everything works fine again. I would keep it uninstalled but my microphone doesnt work unless I have malwarebytes enabled, my computer just auto mutes my mic and it switches every time I change it back, how can I fix this.
  4. Screenshot provided. Did a scan and clean and restarted my pc start up had the same error. Did a search on here and seem others had issues so I'm guessing this tends to happen. I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks so much!
  5. I had a problem earlier, I couldn't click on anything so I tried to fix it and it was fixed! But now I have a bad image error constantly popping up and I really need assistance !!!
  6. Having downloaded executed the Farbar Recovery tool I ran a scan. Attached are the Addition.txt and FRST.txt files. What do I do next? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Was cleaning up my computer and used malwarebytes and now i get "bad image error" every time i open up a program. Any help would be great to fix this annoying bug.
  8. I am trying to clean up a computer for a friend's daughter. I tried downloading and running the Malwarebytes free program as it always worked in the past. Her computer is an HP laptop running Windows 8, which I hate using, but can get around with time. The first time I ran Malwarebytes, I ended up with 4,199 results!!! I uninstalled some programs I deemed to be malware while the program was scanning (probably shouldn't have done that), and then clicked to quarantine the items when the results finished. Upon rebooting the computer, it stopped to install some Windows updates and after restarting, the computer failed to load beyond the desktop image. An error popped up about bad image and explorer.exe. From there I rebooted the computer hoping it was just a fluke. This time the computer loaded, but the majority of the programs did not work right and I kept getting "bad image" errors. From there I decided to try restoring the computer to an earlier time and unfortunately I picked the restore point on the day most of the malware was installed. I was a bit freaked out by the way the computer reacted to the last scanning and cleaning by Malwarebytes, so I tried uninstalling most of the malware programs myself. For the most part I succeeded, but the after results of the one program, PastaLeads, persists. It set up a proxy server, http= and nothing would allow it to be changed. If you deleted it, it would come right back after closing the connection settings. Bleepingcomputer claimed using Rkill and Emsisoft Anti-Malware would get rid of it when the directions were followed. Result = No change. The Emsisoft scanner found 33 items, but 15 of them could not be removed and those items were all located in a Driver folder. I installed Comodo Internet Security on the computer, but because of this PastaLeads, it disabled the internet browsers and Comodo's ability to update and scan. I need someone's help to get rid of the after effects of PastaLeads and ferret out any other malware. I am currently doing a Malwarebytes scan to see if it picks anything else up, but I read other people's posts stating that Malwarebytes was unable to solve the same problem. You might have to go slower with instructions with me. I am not a novice with computers, but I am not an expert either.
  9. After running a scan and restarting my computer, everything that I try to open gives me a ______.exe bad image error. Some things open anyway, others don't.
  10. Hi, can someone please help me. after installing and running malwarebytes 2.0 I am getting the error window indicating that the desired file is bad image and that i should reinstall the program etc. I see that other people have had this resolved. can someone please help me with this thanks tcmovitz
  11. Hi, just downloaded Malwarebytes as I believed my computer was infected with something. Sure enough, after the scan it had detected many threats that other programs have not and I deleted them. However, now whenever I restart my computer, all of the programs that I use normally are displaying a "Bad Image Error" and many fail to start. Example: steam.exe Bad Image Error c:\progra~2\pc_boo~1\assist~1.ddl is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administartor or the software vendor for support. If someone could tell me why this is happening or how to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Cashewmellow
  12. Hi, i am new to this so i don't know if i posted this in the right place. Anyway i downloaded and used Malwarebytes yesterday, and now a "Bad Image Error" comes up every three seconds. Example: chrome.exe - Bad Image c:\progra~2\suppor~1\suppor~1.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Now i was wondering how to remove this?
  13. When I run the scan (Antirootkit Beta V1.01.0.1016 ) my pc crashes with blue screen. I have Win 8 Pro, Processor I7 16GB Ram with 3 Gb of Ramdisk. The error is: "bad pool header :-(" Can you help me ? Thank you.
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