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Found 14 results

  1. I was just informed that we have a couple users that are almost out of C drive space because C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\Plugins\EDRPlugin\Backup That folder is very large, like 133gb large. We can't see to delete any of those files as it gives an error that we don't have permissions from System. Idea and why are they not deleting on their own?
  2. Okay so i'm having the black screen /w cursor and don't bother suggesting me any solutions as i've probably done them all. I've been working on this for 5 days and I just want to give up and reformat/wipe the pc. So first things first, this pc has a lot of important work data and i'm not really an expert into handling them during format. So how do I backup them all? Should I use my flash drive(14 gb) to store them all one by one? Because the important data can reach up to 100gb and my flash drive can only carry 14. Should I backup 14gb at a time then store them in google drive on another pc then repeat? Does anyone have a better method? I'm posting this to see if anyone has a more smooth method to backup all imporant stuff then wipe the system clean. Thank you.
  3. I am running Windows 10 Home on a HP machine. I suspect that my machine has become infected in the recent past and I want to clean up the malware, either by a number of removal tools or by formatting. Before doing that, I need to back up my important data, but I don't want to back up any infected files as I will be restoring them after the malware removal process is done. Now, I only have this one machine, the possibly infected one, and an external HDD that I back up my data to. But I don't want my external HDD to get infected too when I plug it in via USB cable. Is there a relatively safer way to back up my recent data to my HDD from my infected computer? At this point, I'm considering using either a Live CD/USB to boot the computer and then copy my documents, photos, videos etc to my external HDD, or back up to a cloud storage. Which of these two options will be better and safer? I have around 250 gb of data on my hard drive, so please suggest a safe backup method accordingly. ALSO, I have read on online forums that I should refrain from backing up certain file formats like .exe, .ini, .xml etc. While I know what the executable and autorun file formats are and won't be backing them up, I do not understand what script files like .php and .xml are and which kinds of files are supposed to have them. Do normal word documents (.docx), picture, video and audio file formats have any script files attached to them that I may need to worry about? Any help and suggestions will be truly appreciated as I need it urgently. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm not very computer savvy, so these are probably stupid questions. I work with a Windows 10 PC at a small business which is part of a network. The files I work with are all saved on a "shared drive" on the server computer". Sometimes I save files to my Desktop or download files to my Downloads folder on the C:\ Drive, before saving an updated copy to the "shared drive" at the end of the week. When I right-click and view properties for C:\ and view the "Sharing" tab, it says this drive is "Not Shared". Questions: 1) Does "Not Shared" mean that C:\ is not a part of the company's network and can't be accessed /viewed from the other computers? 2) If it's not shared, does that mean that all the work I've been saving to C:\ hasn't been getting backed-up? 3) Sometimes during my break, I create and work on documents (I write a lot) that aren't company related. Before my break ends, I copy the file to a USB flash drive and delete the original from the C:\ drive. Sometimes I also access files on the USB flash drive, and save changes I make to them. Since all the work is happening on C:\ and the USB flash drive, will it show up on any network event logs / file audits? It was nothing illegal and I've done this a few times now without any incident, but I want to avoid any trouble this might cause. 4) If I download a PDF file off the internet and it gets saved to the "Downloads" folder on C:\, will it get automatically backed up to the company "shared drive", or would I have to manually make a copy to the "shared drive" to make sure that it gets backed up too? Thanks, T-Ruth
  5. Ever since installing Anti-malware business console on my server, the backups have failed with the error "The system writer is not found in the backup." Has anyone else ran into this and come up with a fix?
  6. Installed MEE version All went without any error. Installed with using embedded data base. When I run the backup and restore utility and select location and click next I get error Cannot Open SCMGMTSVC Service on computer. This service is running alreay. Does anyone else have this problem and how to fix it. Thanks.
  7. After installation of latest version of Anti-Ransomware, the first automatic start of the daily remote backup with Mozy (by iTOK) has been messed up. The software could not recognize the files to be stored remotely and the total amount of data to be saved was totally wrong - actually Mozy software encrypts files before remote transfer at 256-bit, which was supposedly seen ss ransomware activity. Also, the printer was no longer found by any application, and PowerPDF (by Nuance) could no longer start. Restarted the system in Safe Mode and uninstalled Anti-Ransomware with Ccleaner. The system worked well again and immediately. System: Windows_7 professional sp1 64bit; 16GB RAM; 500GB SSD; i7 2620M; Avast IS; Malwarebytes AM and AE.
  8. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the server hosting our Malwarebytes Enterprise console and data has been removed. I ran the Management Server Data Backup and Restoration application to create a backup. I had to create a new server (Running the same Server 2008R2 install image). I cannot use the same IP address, however. It's just not possible. When I go to restore the data, it says "The backup file version does not match your server installation". I tried changing the MEEBackupConfig file to match the new IP and new server HostName. No luck. What am I missing here? I used the same MEESetup.exe.
  9. Backing up folders onto a network share results in MBARW blocking changes made to the the drive located on the target machine. MBARW will display a warning that node.exe has been quarantined on the target machine, yet no quarantine shows in the quarantine tab.
  10. Hi, Please can you advise if the above program is safe as I'd like to use it generally, having tested the trial. This program appears to be safe as MalwareBytes AntiMalware found no threats. However, Norton reported a warning as it says not many of Norton's users have used the program. I downloaded this tool from: http://www.maildev.com/download/and scanned it with MalwareBytes AntiMalware, finding no threats. I ran it and allowed Norton to let the program run, when it warned me about the small number of users. I'm running it on Windows 10 32bit Pro which also warned of unknown publisher but I have seen this before with software I am more confident with. I tested the program with a low risk email (gmail) account (only a few mesages in there, mostly automated mails from social media, no contacts), it works very well - it has many options for batch/bulk backing up email including in non-proprietary format such as .eml with options for naming of the individual email files, and retaining the hierarchical structure. It all looks normal and not suspcious at all. However, with Norton reporting a low number of users and low numbers of followers on their social media, I find myself wanting my confidence with the tool to be higher as it looks really good for what I want. (I used to use a very similar tool from express-archiver.com which extracted from Outlook Express on Windows XP but this tool (and the OS of course) are now defunct.) The site looks very polished with payment options for the full version (which I intend to take up), and the head of the company had been on SuperUser for 3 years and has built a respectable reputation score, http://superuser.com/users/134397/jponceand their posts disclose that they are the developer of the tool when answering related questions. The company is based in Bolivia it would appear going from the about section on the site and the whois of the domain. So all looks fine and a really useful time saving tool, nothing quite like it. I am also aware of http://imapsync.lamiral.info/which may come close and appears to be open source, with paid-for support but this is more technically involved and does not appear to have the easier to use UI that maildev mailextract has. Can you advise: - if there is anything further I can do to improve my confidence as to the safety of this not so well known program - is you have experience of the tool yourself and have been able to perform tests and or analysis to determine safety By the way, I do not work for maildev or any other tools mentioned. I also have no financial interest. However, as it looks like an excellent tool, as well as my own confidence being improved, I'd love to see more positive confirmation if possible as to the tool's safety so as to help promote it. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone! I just got a new laptop for the college, and I need some files from my old laptop. But, for protection, I did some scans on the old laptop to be sure that nothing is infected. Here is the results; - Avast Rescue Disk - nothing infected (some files were a "decompression bomb", but I removed them) - ESET Online Scanner - nothing infected - Malwarebytes full scan on Safe Mode - nothing infected So, I'm safe to do the backup? Or should I do the diagnostic logs? Thank you guys for the help.
  12. Ran Malwarebytes when I began to get a popup that says, "Your computer is not backed up, backup your files online today. Free computer backup available." See attached screen shot. Popup is linked to mypcbackup.com. Googling shows this to be virus or malware in nature. Malwarebytes found 62 PUPs (I keep system clean so this was new) and reported they were deleted however I still have the popup. Advice? Also, the person in this post had my same problem but I cannot figure out the outcome. http://bit.ly/1h8r098 Thank you for your assistance.
  13. I’m self-employed and have been operating my own computer repair business for the past 9 years. I run Malwarebytes Pro on all 5 computers in my house. For some reason I was not affected by the false positive on any of those my machines, although I did have 1 customer that was affected. It was very unfortunate that this happened. Everyone, please use this catastrophe as a reminder that, things you can’t control will happen. Hard drives die without warning and other unforeseen things can bring your systems to it's knees. So please remember to keep yourself backed up. There are 4 things I would recommend everyone do. Keep a current backup of your files Keep a current drive image of your boot drive on a hard drive that is not connected to the machine. This will give you the option to restore it if your boot drive becomes unbootable, or in this case it would allow you to restore system files from it. Keeping it disconnected from the machine means a false positive can’t accidently delete the drive image from the drive. Keep off site backups / or at a bare minimum keep a copy of your data out side your computer. This way if this sort of thing ever happens again, you will have a copy of your important data outside your machine that an application cannot accidently delete. If uptime is important to you, buy another hard drive and clone your boot drive on to it. Just this week (The day before the false positive), I ordered 4 250GB 2.5 inch 7200rpm Sata hard drives. Each hard drive will contain a clone of a systems boot drive. In the event something like this does hit which makes my system unbootable, I will simply be able to put the coinciding clone into the machine and be back on my feet. Remember to plan for the unexpected. Back up your data not for the reasons you can think of but for the ones you can’t.
  14. Ok, I Am To Understand That MBAM Will Not Be Able To Remove This Infection From My PC. That's Not Too Big Of A Deal, Most Of My Media Is Backed Up Onto An External HD Of One Kind Or Another. My Only Concern Is That Most Is Not All. I Shoot Video Of Local Bands And Artists Here In Seattle, Just For Fun, And Between My Last Backup Session And The Worm.Parite Infection I Have Some New Video Projects In The Works. I Have Updated MBAM Everyday, Rescan, And Worm.Parite Will Either Have 1 File Or A Bunch (297 One Time). If I Remove As Many As Possible Before It Replicates, What Are The Chances That Plugging In My External And Backing Up The Last Of My Media Will Result In The External (Or My Reformatted PC) Being Infected Further? Any Information Is Appreciated! Cheers!
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