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  1. Now this happened about 3 months ago I have long before reset my PC to windows 10 by now but for some mysterious reason my ABV.bg email has been repeatedly getting hacked every time! even tho last time I changed my password to be unique combination of 30 symbols and letters including the secret question and answer. Its still getting mysteriously hacked and at this point its obvious the information is being leaked from my PC so the trojan/keylogger/hijacker or whatever has not been removed even tho I did repeated Malwarebytes scans and I even scanned with Bitdefender in boot environment still n
  2. Hey guys, Newbie here. I've run a Custom Scan on my machine because it was getting a bit slow and a Backdoor.Remcos was detected in the LIBCRYPTO-1_1.DLL file in an Intel Install folder (Scan report attached below, sorry, it's in French, I can provide translations if needed) . Have you ever had this file detected as a malware ? Is this a false positive ? Or has my machine really been infected by something ? I've quarantined then rebooted then deleted the file. I hope I won't suffer any consequences in the long-term.. What do you guys think about this ?
  3. Hi. So I have this problem that i notice when i visit Fancentro.com (NSFW) i get redirected to patriarchia.ru Fancentro.com is the only webpage that I have noticed this redirect. There is no other page that is effected. I have scan my computer with Malwarebytes Premium Trial manytimes with no luck. So I downloaded windows on another computer and made a USB Windows installer. Then i formatted my windows drive and installed a clean copy from the flash drive. When the new windows is installed the problem goes away for a day or so. Then I notice that my computer freeze up or act st
  4. I am using the premium trial of malwarebytes for android. It found this trojan during a full scan and "successfully" removed it. However, this trojan constantly returns, as the real-time protection detects it every now and then. I have been running full scans over and over. Sometimes, it is clean; other times, I see android/backdoor.triada.n. I have located the folders, where the scanner detects the malware, and manually delete the folders; but whenever android/backdoor.triada.n resurfaces, those folder also comes back. Is this really malware? I do not even use the fire hd after a clean s
  5. I've been recently infected by downloading a sketchy application. As soon as I felt something was off I stopped it and ran Malwarebytes which deleted most of the viruses. There is two backdoor malware I cannot delete. I've also noticed after this event my computer has been freezing a little every 10sec or so... I believe this might be the cause of it. I came onto the forums to see if there was a solution to deleting the two unwanted malware. Addition.txt FRST.txt MalwareLog.txt
  6. It appears I've acquired an unwanted guest. Is there any hope for avoiding reformat? Thank you in advance for any and all assistance. Farbar reports attached. -k Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Hello! Need help asap, riskware slowing down my PC. - Bitdefender alert keeps popping up every few seconds (Backdoor.Generic item blocked in windows temp) - Constantly replicates tmp files in Windows Temp folder - Productivity loss. Windows Antimalware Service Executable takes up to 90% RAM. - Malwarebytes detected Hacktool.Agent threat, deleted in Safe Mode but keeps coming back TFC didn't work. ReasonCore didn't work. Please help! Attaching logs and screenshots. Hacktool.Agent.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hi, I recently installed Malwarebytes and am using premium trial version, when I scanned I got a "Backdoor.Trace" from a registry key, I was told since it was just a trace I shouldn´t worry about it. But later I got a website blocked warning without trying to access any website, the threat was "Outbound Connection". When I scan Malwarebytes doesn't find anything. Should I be worried?
  9. Hi. Today I discovered that my laptop was infected by a backdoor.bot. I've been using this laptop for 5 years. I use it to access my emails and buy things online occasionally. I've run approximately 7 scans today(3 in the morning and 4 this evening) and I've picked up 1 or 2 backdoor.bots every single time. In addition, I've been picking up many pup.conduits, pup.ASK and pup.trovi in my scans. In the scan I just finished running(currently 12:30pm) did not pick up the backdoor.bots. I'm at a loss of knowing what to do. Please help. This is a copy of the scan log that was recorded at approximate
  10. I have a friend who says that their PC was hacked and subsequently infected. Their firewall doesn't work, their PC is running incredibly slow, their antivirus is gone, and they can't download or install anything. They also run Windows 7 Ultimate if that helps with anything. They did tell me that, if nothing else works, they have no problem with formatting (however I'd prefer that to be a last resort if possible). Despite not being able to download anything I had them attempt to download Farbar to see if that would work at all. They were able to download FRST using a download manager so we
  11. I have been having trouble with backdoors for the last year now and I have tried alot of programs for fixing it. I need some help with removing it. I have already reset my computer factory mode 6 times now in the last 6 months and its been bothering me to figure out how to get rid of it, I need to figure out what is causing it to come back on each save. If anybody can give me suggestions or advice on this it would be greatly appreciated it seems every time you try to remove them or get to the original folder its empty and it replaces itself if its removed.
  12. Malwarebytes keep finding backdoor.agent.wd in my temp folder
  13. I know people here typically talk about Windows or Mac threats I but just discovered a new Linux exploit/backdoor called Fysbis. The thing thats scary about this Trojan is that it doesn't even need to run from an admin account to infect a system. Find out more about it hear: http://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com/2016/02/a-look-into-fysbis-sofacys-linux-backdoor/ Since Linux is a growing platform and attacks like Fysbis will only become more common, and it concerns me that most Linux users have false sense of security and many Linux users could eventually fall victim to such exploits.
  14. Hello, I recently purchased a bitcoin miner so me and my friends can mine. The next day I woke up in the morning and turned on my PC and started a steam download for a game so it would download when I was at school. When I returned from school I saw chrome open with a fake adobe flash player website and at the bottom of chrome, the download bar was full of stuff I didn't download. I've done endless scans with Malware bytes (yes I have premium) and nothing has been detected. Also my PC crashes a lot, not from overheating because I have 4 case fans and a water cooler and the temperature never go
  15. Hi, I recently have been getting constant notifications from my Windows Defender. It keeps saying that it has detected malware and it is removing it. The problem is that it is constant, about every 15 minutes or so and it is the same malware that keeps reappearing. It is Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski. I have scanned multiple times with Malwarebytes and I have also tried HitManPro to remove it. Nothing seems to catch it and it really doesn't bother me if the program is there because it seems to be doing me no harm. It is just I keep having my Windows Defender bugging me about and I can't do much abou
  16. Ever since I migrated to Windows 10 I have had a virus. I've tried everything to remove it, including full scans with AVG and Malwarebytes but it keeps coming back. AVG detects it as Trojan Horse php/Backdoor.cz and HTML/Framer Would be great if anyone can help me? Its driving me crazy. Many thanks! The Farbar logs are: FRST.txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:18-11-2015Ran by Mike (administrator) on MIKE-HP (18-11-2015 20:38:18)Running from G:\Mike\DownloadsLoaded Profiles: Mike (Available Profiles: Mike & Eli & Mcx1-MIKE-HP & DefaultAppPoo
  17. Hi So last night i was an idiot and trusted someone on my friends list on steam and so I clicked a scam link he sent me thinking it was legit. I immediately realised my mistake but it was too late as he had already had access to my account and i was kicked out of steam and couldn't log on again. I then panicked and checked my e-mail address linked to my account, only to find that all my emails had gone and the only thing left was 1 folder from years ago. I then went onto my McAfee and completed a full scan only to find that nothing was detected. Anyway I then shut my pc off because I was worr
  18. Hello, So, today I went to see what my quarantine looked like, and I notice that there were 7 new files there, all of them under the name of Backdoor.Andromeda, which were caught 2 days ago. I don't recall a pop-up showing up when Malwarebytes detected it, and 2 of them are MBAM files. I haven't downloaded anything suspicious, as I always pass all my downloads through VirusTotal, but I did get a new keyboard 2 days ago. I did a quick scan and a scan with HitmanPro, but they all came clean. I'm currently doing a full system scan with Malwarebytes. However, my pc did bluescreen yesterday, but
  19. I APOLOGIZE: THIS IS A LONG WINDED SYNOPSIS, but I need some kind of advice before I absolutely lose it! Everything I seem to do is somehow blocked, hidden, corrupted, etc (INCLUDING MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium & MBAR!) by this - virus? /malware? /identity theft?/ CYBER TERRORISM?? I don't know. THANK YOU to ANYONE who can steer me in the right direction. I have always been careful online and never thought Cyber Terrorism could ever happen to me, but the past few months have been a living hell and the stress level in my family is absolutely overwhelming all due to this hidden digital ho
  20. I should begin by saying I'm paranoid about security, going so far as to use a separate user account in Win 7 from the administrator account, keeping everything up to date, occasionally going through and just poking around the system to see if anything's amiss, etc. I'd like to think I know what I'm doing when it comes to being cautious about malware, so this one was pretty sneaky. I started getting backdoor.bot warnings in the MB dialog box, so I started looking into this. I ran both MBAM and MBAR and they both come up clean. Avast never warned me of anything. So I rebooted, and there w
  21. I have always been careful online and never thought Cyber Terrorism could ever happen to me, but the past few months have been a living hell and the stress level in my family is absolutely overwhelming all due to this hidden digital horror and I NEED my life back! Sorry for the introduction, but I am desperate here. Anyway, a little over two months ago I had some kind of virus on my computer, a very visible, lost administrative access, etc. At that time I was only secured by my ISP "Comcasts Norton 360." I contacted them immediately and they remotely went into my computer and just deleted a b
  22. Some advice on further checks I can make to find any remaining infections would be much appreciated. I have added the log below. Scan Date: 19/11/2014 Scan Time: 20:24:12 Logfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Malware Database: v2014.11.19.07 Rootkit Database: v2014.11.18.01 License: Free Malware Protection: Disabled Malicious Website Protection: Disabled Self-protection: Disabled OS: Windows 8.1 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: Alex Scan Type: Custom Scan Result: Completed Objects Scanned: 492987 Time Elapsed: 25 min, 53 sec Memory: Enabled Startup: Enabled Filesystem: Enabled
  23. Hello! When I start my computer malwarebytes always finds trojan.agent in svchost.exe and deletes it. This repeats everytime I start up computer so I did digging around internet and now it seems I have backdoor virus. I have run full scan on malwarebytes with rootkits enabled and full scan with MSE. Both found nothing. I runned this Farbar Recovery. Here are the logs: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  24. Hello! So let me explain what is happening on Wednesday I downloaded WMP x256, I don't have any anti virus software since I do alot of stuff on my pc that is sometimes detected as a trojan. Anyways, what happens is when I start up my PC it starts loading the operating system and it says "Loading Windows" and then instantly almost restarts my PC. This has never happened before and only started when I downloaded that WMP x256. The only way to access my computer it seems is to run Memory Diagnostic from the advance repair settings. It then loads up windows fine. I would be ok with this if
  25. Hi. So I recently acquired a virus that, now, as soon as it connects to the internet, starts playing ads in my background. So I mute it. After a while, it then forces my computer to shut down. I read on a recent post that using the RogueKiller app would help. Can someone help me from this point on? All i did was scan. Ill Post the report. RKreport0_S_01102014_114047.txt
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