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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I first read about MalawareBytes for iOS quite some time ago & was quite excited about it. Much to my disappointment, I learned shortly afterwards that the iOS app, at that time, was not available in my country, Malaysia. So I told myself to just wait for it. It has been a long time since and I just tried to search for the app on the Apple App Store and still, the app is nowhere to be found. Does anybody know if the app will ever launch in South-East Asia region at all or does the Company behind MalwareBytes intend to skip this region? Regards, Andrew
  2. Alright, I have many questions, but the main one is in the title: Is it safe to send my MacBook Pro for repair to Apple while having files on quarantine by Malwarebytes? Can I also make a backup just in case while having those files quarantined? My other two questions are whether I should delete the files that are deemed as malware. I would share the names, but I spilled water on my MacBook and I'm waiting around 48 hours so it dries and I can use it again. Lastly, Malwarebytes detected 28 suspicious files, 27 of them were quarantined, but one of them was not. Am I safe? What should I do? Thanks VERY VERY much in advance, I'm currently very nervous about all of this, I've had some sleepless nights. If an update or specifications are needed, please notify me. Thanks again.
  3. I have recently acquired a popup ad virus on my iMac (macOS High Sierra 10.13.6). This virus sends my multiple popup ads through out the day telling me my Nortons or McAfee has expired, My Mac has a virus sent from a mock apple website page and virus protection ads. Each popup includes costsimpleplay.com on the notification. I have blocked this site from notifications and popups with no success. When I run my Malwarebytes it tells my my computer is clean. I have found one site about this virus, however it only explains how to rid it on a PC. Please help!
  4. I was trying to type in YouTube.com, but I mistyped. I was redirected a few times, and I finally was taken out of safari to the Apple Music app, where it said, “You Already Have An Apple Music Subscription”, which I do. I tried to retype the misclick to see what happened(not very smart of me), but ended up on another site where I was redirected to an HVAC company. Does this mean I’m hacked? I didn’t click anything on the websites.
  5. In attempt to resolve the "Cannot "Allow" MalwareBytes system extension with 10.13 (High Sierra)" issue I disconnected my TeamViewer session and had the client click on Allow. Then took another remote session. The Security setting was allowed and the installer completed successfully. Then I restarted. The iMac no longer starts up. Apple Logo, progress bar slowly moves toward 100% but never completes. I tried having her boot into Safe Mode but that didn't work either. Even if it is Apple's fault. The computer was not having problems prior to installing Malwarebytes for Mac. This is terrible behavior for Malwarebytes and makes me look bad. I mean I'm a Malwarebytes partner and I recommended installing this application. Now I cannot charge for the hours of support. This client is also a friend and she is 265 miles from my office. So I either have to walk this 80 years-of-age woman through booting the iMac into Recovery mode and restoring her computer from her Time Machine backup, or I have to drive up there to fix this. This is the last time I install Malwarebytes remotely. I am hoping someone has seen this and has a simple fix, fingers crossed!
  6. I've used the Internet before it was the Internet. I've been pretty lucky, or at least watchful enough to avoid most major problems. I've moved form the PC to Mac world a few years ago. Old favorite sites such as cnet.com, tucows.com and others are no longer trustworthy places. The only download portal I've felt comfortable with recently is Apple.com. Apple of course "cannot get viruses." As a result, anything about malware, etc. is carefully edited. So where can one find a download portal that is not run by evil, malicious people bent on world domination? I know a portal cannot be responsible for each piece of software, but they could react by removing software when there are complaints. I realize that Apple, and in fact, Malware Bytes open themselves up for lawsuit if they make a statement that a site is dangerous, or they recommend a site that then has dangerous downloads. All the sites have other sites that recommend them. The malware programs create fake websites. There are many layers and it's easy to create your own fan club on other websites. I look at them suspiciously. And a good "evil" tactic is to have a lot of legitimate software, to create good articles and even warn about malware. What's a mother to do? (old television ad commercial for anyone under 50). Is there a relatively trustworthy portal? Or a site that evaluates them? Or a place that lists bad portals? Or....or....or. We all appreciate Malware Bytes that has had a stellar reputation for years. There are others, as well. But if a company works with a mission to create safer computing, why does it stop at creating cleaners? Why not provide people some of the information it needs to prevention? Yes, there are articles saying don't download something unless you know it is safe. The biggest help to safer computing would be a registry of safe portals. Oh, one other thing. Why isn't MWB on the Apple App Store? Since I've been told to use MWB by almost anyone I've spoken with, help me understand? They tend only to carry tiny programs from unknown vendors.....do they charge some excessive speed for each click/download, so that only the desperate go on their site? If so, where's a place to find safe and broadly marketed software? Tell us where all the landmines are buried!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have been glad to find a lot of valuable information on The SafeMac blog and on the Malwarebytes Blog. I have recently heard of the XCodeGhost malware that hit the AppleStore, I checked the list of infected apps and found one app that I had installed. Like an idiot I instantly started it to hope to see the version to match it with the one in the list... Anyway, I would like to clean up my iPhone and Backups before resetting all my passwords. However with the iPhone backups and all, I'm not sure how to proceed. It's the first time that I have to deal with something like that. 1) If I reset to factory settings, I plan on re-downloading manually all my apps. However, how can I make sure that I can import back from a backup my contacts without bringing back the malware through the backup restoration process ? 2) Is there any valuable clean up guide recommeded for this malware ? I searched the forum for "xcodeghost" but found nothing. 3) If I decide to reset the iphone to factory settings and not restore a backup, besides my photos and contacts what else will I effectively loose ? Numbered list just because I talk too much, thanks a lot for any help you can give me !
  8. After a google search of the IP it seems that chaoticwarfare.com has shared the IP with 7000~ sites so that is probably why it got blocked. Hopefully this can be fixed somehow.
  9. I have always been a user of malwarebytes, and I love it. By far it is the best program out there, and have set up the software on every family members computer, and lots of friends. My suggestion to you, please make a version compatible with Apple computers, iMacs, Macs, whatever you want to call them. I now use OSX Lion on my iMac and still would like to have the security of Malwarebytes! If you need a beta tester, let me know I'm in!
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