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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there everyone! I have downloaded a file that turned out to be a malware. I quickly noticed that and tried to open Malware Bytes but unfortunately it was too late the malware has already took over my computer. I really need help ASAP since I have been notified that such virus can keep record of sensitive information. Also I have a lot of work stored on this computer. For now any antivirus including windows defender wont open. I noticed three new unusual tasks but I am not able to open them. Safe mode, malware bytes chameleon, SUPERAntiSpyware are all the methods I used but have not tu
  2. hi, I downloaded malwarebytes anti-malware at the official site it.malwarebytes.com and norton security says me it's a virus. it's possible ? thanks
  3. Hi, I have a small question about whether i should install malwarebytes on my grandparents laptop instead of an anti virus. the start up of their laptop takes approx 5 minutes with the mcafee internet security. they normally use their computer to read/watch the news and listed to playlists on youtube and the occasional facebook. just wondering if malwarebytes should be seen as a replacement to the anti virus they currently have as it is taking quite a considerable time on startup?
  4. Ok im new to Windows pc's and i have just got my first gaming pc and considering how much it all cost i would like it to be as protected as possible, i have been asking questions on other forums and i have come up with a few different programs i am thinking of using. For my anti virus software i will be using Avast internet security (With a firewall), My question with this is will the firewall conflict with the one that comes with windows 7? knowone has really answered this question and its the most important imo. I also plan on using Malwarebytes, but i have a question about this. Should i al
  5. Hello all, I was just wondering what the best type of FREE anti-virus there was. I have heard of so many such as AVAST and AVG etc. Anybody know the best one to use? Any help would be appreciated. I am using Windows 7 Internet Explorer 9.
  6. Hi Today when I did a flash scan with MBAM I recived this message that i have some PUM wich i really want to delete. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/521/32991228.png/ I hat two more PUM-s wich were disabling my registry editor and the task manager. I finally deleted those two viruses using registry editor but now i want to delete these three. Do you know a way to delete these viruses whitout appearing again? Every time I do a flash scan I see them but every time i delete them using MBAM they keep comming back
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