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Found 9 results

  1. My laptop is running Windows 8.1 and I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium installed. I clicked a Google search result yesterday in Firefox and got this alert: Malicious Website Blocked Domain: www.hitcpm.com IP: Type: Outbound Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe I backed out of Google and believed that between the app and NoScript, I wasn't affected by whatever was on the dodgy site. I ran a full scan just to be sure in MWB and nothing showed up, which is what I expected. But when I switched back to Thunderbird, an almost identical alert showed again. Malicious Website Blocked Domain: www.hitcpm.com IP: <== Note different IP Type: Outbound Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird/thunderbird.exe I ran the scan again and still nothing. I also ran a full scan with Windows Defender and everything was clean. My questions: 1) If the software successfully blocked the malicious site in Firefox, why did I get a slightly different alert, with a different IP address, in Thunderbord? Are there some shared processes between Mozilla apps? Please note that every time I boot Firefox, I get a brief alert that "Mozilla Firefox (and add-ons) is now protected by Malware Anti-Exploit Beta". I never get this alert when launching Thunderbird. 2) Are there any additional steps I should take now?
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if there is a way to detect special spyware. malware, trojans, keyloggers..and more...created by the biggest ethical hackers worlwide for government's agencies like cia, nsa, all secret agencies worlwide? I ask that question because in the deepweb, some black hat are selling malicious spyware, trojans, keyloggers and many more, and the contract tells that compagnies like norton, avast, yours and all anti-malware haven't got these tools added into their database, and cannot detect them in any way... It's written that these tools are done by the biggest ethical hackers (before they were black hat for most of them) for Goverments and black hat activities, that's why as soon as they are added into your database, they create a new one, to bypass any test... check wikileaks about it.... Is that real or fiction?if yes, how can we be online and be sure 100% that no one is spying us? Please if someone really knows about that, reply with all informations needed. Please no scam, or spam.. Yours truly, corethical/SWITZERLAND
  3. With Windows 10 December update a New Windows 10 unlock screen has appeared before the normal one. How do I get rid of this? (MALWARE?)
  4. So I have been using MB since 2013 and I have a legacy account, but since a few weeks i have a warning from MB that there is a security problem on my computer, they say that a few files are related and that I need to put them in quarantine, so I do but 5min after in the next scan MB will find the same files again and continue, etc, these files are located in the google chrome files on my computer, I have tried to delete the whole google file but it just reinstalls itself automatically, here is a SC can someone tell me what this is?
  5. Hello MBAM team, I am receiving email alerts from a number of false positives on a couple of our servers. I have tried excluding those objects from future scans, and adding them to the ignore list. This has not prevented the files from listing as threats and triggering email alerts. I have redacted any sensitive information in the copy/paste below. What steps can I take to prevent these unwanted false-positive alerts? Thanks!
  6. Dear all, We installed Malwarebytes Endpoint Security into around 1000 Winodws 7 computers but we keep receiving the Malwarebytes email alerts from many computers. It seems that the Malwarebytes Antimalware detected and try to quarantine the PUP but failed. So, we keep receiving the email alert even we perform full scan. Could you please advise how to fix it? Thanks. All email contents are similar as follow: <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\Updater\TBNotifier.exe <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\apnmcp.exe <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\Updater\TBNotifier.exe <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\Updater\TBNotifier.exe <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\apnmcp.exe <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\AlphaFS.dll <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\MPCBClient.dll <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\Shared Stack.dll <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\ObjectListView.dll <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\Newtonsoft.Json.dll <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\System.Data.SQLite.DLL <IP> PUP.Optional.MyPCBackup Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPC Backup\x64\SQLite.Interop.dll <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\Updater\TBNotifier.exe <IP> PUP.Optional.APNToolBar.Gen Quarantined C:\Program Files (x86)\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\apnmcp.exe Regards, Doveletchan
  7. Hello, To profess, I have very little knowledge on computer, security and programs. Last night, I tried to download an album from a site that I've never been to. During the download, a program opened, it change my default search engine and I suspect that it downloaded a program. I cannot be fully sure what was downloaded. I believe it was a malaware or something. I opened my computer in safe mode to delete the program I just downloaded. After I restarted the computer I changed and removed this new default search engine, but it would not solve the issue. So I decided to reformat my computer to an earlier date, about 2 weeks ago. I checked all the programs on my control panel to see if everything lead up to that point, and nothing seemed wrong, but I still suspected something. I downloaded JRT, adwcleaner, Malwarebytes after reading some solutions on different forums and I updated my 2016 AVG again. I ran and scanned everything. AVG 2016 did not find anything. I do not know how to use JRT, so I didn't understand what it told me (I believe I deleted some affected programs), adwcleaner found two vtoolbarupdater that I didn not remove yet because apparently it' simportant to AVG. Malwarebyte scanned for an hour and a half and found about 200 malaware, including one trojan horse (I did not catch the name), and I quickly quarantined everything thinking that it was the right thing to do. Since then, every few seconds I'd have a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware alert saying : Domain: IP: (it's from the Netherlands I believe) Port: 53822 (it would sometimes change) Type: Outbound Process: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (this is the current state of things) I read up on forumes on how to deal with this. I saw different people experiencing the same thing I am and I followed the experts instructions to what to do. I relaunched my computer in Safe mode to see if there was a fake svchost.exe file, but the one I had in C:\Windows\System32\ was one from 2009 and apparently the one I need because of its file location. I also deleted all my web history from google chrome, my accounts and password. It's all reset. Currently I do not know what to do anymore, can somebody help? I really need to get my computer fixed. And can anybody please answer these questions? 1. Why does the Port always change? 2. Is there a way to find out since when this has been happening? 3. I've used my credit card to purchase things in the last month, should I be afraid? 4. What can this malware do to my computer? 5. Any chances that I can get this Malaware clean off after this? 6. Would it be better to do reboot my computer? 7. Where would this malware be hiding? 8. (stupidest question) Can this infection be hiding in a .jpg, word, maya, 3dsmax, zbrush, wmv, etc. file? I wonder if I can transfer all these things that I've previously backed up on an external harddrive back on a fresh computer and not have any malware caught in it 9. Should I be afraid in my situation? 10. How safe/in danger my computer is in right now? 11. What does Outbound me? 12. What does that pop mean? 13. How much stuff information does this malware know about? To what extent? Thank you all very much for reading and I really hope you can help! Oshiroe
  8. I have this environment: - router with firewall enabled. SPI is not enabled. I enabled it after the fact. - host machine running Windows 7 SP1 x64. Firewall set to reject all inbound connections on all profiles (public, private and domain) as I don't transfer data between PCs. - guest OS Windows XP SP3 running in Virtualbox connected via NAT interface. No ports open in virtual NAT; - vm firewall also set to ignore exceptions. Virtual machine is in place to run somewhat risky applications in an attempt to keep my system clean: - Cool TV Online app is a Sopcast based TV online app. So it is P2P based. It also displays ads from adcash in pop-up everytime you click on something; - Hola Better Internet VPN extension for Firefox. Another P2P based app. Because both programs are P2P based I am expecting to see outbound connections blocked at host level on Virtualbox.exe which by way it happens sometimes, but inbound connections. This is odd, I'd like someone to explain me how this is possible. The alerts are not frequent, there are days when they don't happen. It mostly depends on how long either of them are running. I have some wild guesses about how this can happen, but I'd like a professional explanation: - Server to which I was connected informed of an IP change; that new IP is flagged as malicious in MBAM db; - Server #1 requested that Server #2 to take over (This is a P2P connection, so take overs seams to happen a lot), Server #2 IP is flagged as malicious so it wasn't allowed to check if I am still online. protection-log.txt
  9. Quite suddenly I have been getting alerts that MWBs has blocked Agile.vpn from accessing a site known as 'cashclicks'. I am told that Agile.vpn is a microsoft product & part of the operating system for W7. Is this program safe? Why is trying to access websites without my knowledge? Do I need to keep it or can I stop it starting?
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