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Found 11 results

  1. "Your IT administrator has limited access to some areas of this app and the item you tried to access isn't available. Contact IT helpdesk for more information" when attempting to access certain parts of Windows Defender (specifically scan results), but consequent to turning on "periodic scanning" and attempting to to click the desktop alert associated with the scan results I receive this message. Windows 10 Pro 19042.1165 20H2/Malwarebytes Premium A few questions: 1. My understanding is Malwarebytes should work quite well with Defender. Is this message normal as Malwarebytes is in control or no? If not, what are the recommended steps? I imagine a reinstallation to start things off? 2. Is it recommended to leave periodic scanning off via Defender? 3. Keep in mind I can actually access all areas of Windows Defender. The issue seems to occur when clicking the desktop alert notification associated with the scan results of my Windows Defender scan. I am able to see any "threats" if I go to Windows Defender console under "active threats" 4. And lastly, any specific recommendations in terms of complimentary AV?
  2. Hey. So I recently installed a software which came with a patch file which was not what it should have been. Running that patch file didn't do anything but later I realised that my Windows Defender is disabled automatically. When I checked the Control Panel, I found out that the Virus Protection Part of it is completely gone. It's not there at all (image attached below). So, I tried a few methods from the internet like:- 1. Downloaded and ran the windefend.reg file. (This gave me an error saying I don't have permission.) 2. Ran the Malwarebytes scan twice but didn't find anything. 3. Did the same thing in Safe Mode, still couldn't find anything. I have also run the FRST Scan which I saw a lot of people run and send the logs for analysing the issue. So I did the same thing and I have attached the FRST.txt and Addition.txt below for reference. Can someone please help me cuz I don't have any other Antivirus Softwares installed as Windows Defender is good enough for that purpose and I don't need to expose my PC to any more threats while the service is down. Thank you. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I downloaded Malwarebytes Security a couple of days ago from the Playstore, it didn't say it was a 30-day trial, it said "in app purchases". The scan showed 98 programs having network access 36 programs can track location 15 programs can be device admins 30 programs can cost you money 38 programs can control your hardware I don't think I have to go any further. It took me forever to get to the malware.com website. The entire website looked ridiculous, the forum entries had mostly zeros, there were zero's at places where there should be numbers. Any suggestions? I also did not get a license key, I have a field to activate my trial in 28 days, where do I find my key? Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen
  4. Hi, I've recently become aware that my PC is likely infected with some malware, and I'm having issue installing any antimalware software to remove it, getting the above error. This is happening when trying to install either malwarebytes or mbar, on a windows 10 install. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers
  5. I downloaded the free version of malware bytes. When I opened file "malwarebytes_assistant.exe" I got the following error. "An administrator has blocked you from running this app"
  6. Recently I made a stupid mistake and it resulted in my computer being infected by some malware/virus that has planted down some bitcoin miners. Playing video games was impossible because of drastic frame drops and using an virus scanner (I forgot how it was called because it was late at night and I was tired) it mentioned the name "bitcoinminer" or similar. Anyways, I managed to remove these miners to some extend, I can only guess, but one big problem hasn't been solved yet. This virus has somehow modified the administrator and blocked many popular anti-virus softwares or tools from lauching. Typical message: "An Administrator has prevented this program from launching...". It happens when I want to launch tdssskiller, JRT, adwcleaner and even the installation of mbam 3. Though I did manage to install Chameleon and remove the malwares. A re-scan has showed that my computer is clean, though I am not sure yet. I also tried to install mbam 3 using hidden admin profile but it gave me a runtime error. So, what can I do to fix this "administrator" problem? System: Windows 10 (64bit) Pro
  7. Hello. I need help!! Sorry if I make it hard to help me--I've never done anything like this before. I've had the MPC Cleaner/Desktop/AdCleaner virus on my PC for quite the while. After several attempts of trying to get it removed I've only been met with frustration!! I'm simply at my end. People I know personally have offered help with it but it has been months and still I'm sitting here, infected. Whenever I try to delete the MPC folder, I'm told that I am not the administrator of the computer and so I cannot do it. Trying to end the MPC process results in a message telling me that my access is denied. I've tried multiple scans and uninstall softwares but nothing has worked for me. MPC remains unremovable even in safe mode. Please, help me!! I'm at my wit's end.
  8. I accidentally infected my computer last week. I immediately updated Malwarebytes, unplugged my ethernet and completed a scan. Many items were removed as you will see in my initial scan. I restarted my computer and performed the scan again but a pattern appear no matter how many times I restarted my computer. PUP.Optional.Trotux is always found and reappears. My taskbar is largely non-responsive apart from my ability to close and open windows e.g. Windows 10 start button, volume control and the notifications button are all inactive. If I try and use them nothing happens and occasionally a Windows 10 system sound is made if I keep trying. This Windows 10 system sound is also made at random intervals whilst I use my computer. The 'Photos' app doesn't open, if I'm viewing a photo for instance. I'm required to use another program. Another user's account has appeared on the logon screen. This account is a local administator, cannot be deleted and has the same limited taskbar functionality that my user account does. I am still an administrator but appear to be more restricted in the overall hierarchy than the other local administrator. Despite clearing Chrome's settings, clearing all browser data, reinstalling the browser - it uses an automated system to login to my Facebook account. I have attached my logs from Farbar, along with my initial virus scan after getting the virus, and finally the standard virus scan I receive now that the problems above still occur despite PUP.Optional.Trotux reappearing. Any guidance would be very much appreciated JF - FRST.txt JF - Addition.txt LOG after first scan following virus.txt LOG of a typical scan now.txt
  9. Hello, I recently had a pop-up appear while browsing that requested my login credentials to my browser (192.168.xxx). The curious thing is that the pop-up was a carbon copy of my router's administrator login page, right down to the make and model number and color scheme. Everything was the same, except for the site address, which belonged to "pix1.payswithservers", and was attached with "Main_Login.asp" at the end (I use an Asus router). Googling this did not yield many results. I ran multiple AVs including Malwarebytes, all of which came back negative. My router firmware has been up to date. DNS settings for my router were unchanged (automatic), and remote management via WAN was turned off. I've encountered pop-ups before, all of which were more or less similar. This pop-up however was different because of the aforementioned details. Have malicious pop-ups been known to phish for login credentials to routers? And so specifically at that. I asked around and it seems router make / model information is available to the public, though these particular pop-ups don't seem to be typical (I have been unable to find anyone with a case similar to mine). Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. I am now seeing a "Your program is out of date" message and despite being logged in as an administrator (double-checked), every time I click "Install Now" I get a popup with the following: Please log in as an administrator to install the new version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. There is only one account with administrator rights (mine) and that is the account I am using to attempt to install. I am running Windows7 Professional, Service Pack 1.
  11. Hi, I have submitted a reseller request for my company back in December, and have emailed support to follow this up. I am also posting this message as a further follow up as we are keen to resell MBAM as it is the best product on the market. It would be great if an administrator (or anyone from the reseller dept) could get back to me.
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