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  1. It stalls at about 1 hour and 30 minutes each time. I've downloaded the MB check and run the scan. Files attached. mb-check-results.zip
  2. Hi I'm new to the forum and not very computer literate. I have Windows 7 and am running malwarebytes premium. I want to continue using this PC for some things such as legacy software that won't run on Windows 10. My question is simply - will Malwarebytes give me complete protection against cyber attacks etc come january when Microsoft no longer support 7? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I am new here. I am using a HP pavilion DM4, with windows 7 home premium, and about 20 days ago (7/8/2019, I got a black screen with a cursor only after logging into my Admin Account, even on safemode. the day before this issue occurred (7/7/2019), I had turned off my AVG, while trying to run a malwarebytes scan, to do so, I changed its (AVGs) permissions to EVERYONE and I also set the AVG off, and restarted my computer, Lo and Behold, I couldn't get back on my ADMIN main user!, I am currently writing this on the same laptop, but on the account of a secondary u
  4. Hi; i do not want to 'upgrade' to windows 10 next year. Will MBAM premium still be supported for years to come, even after support for windows 7 ends? Will MBAM realtime protection keep me safe despite the end of windows 7 security support in 2020? Thanks
  5. So, I have always run Malwarebytes premium along side Eset, and most recently, Bitdefender. All of a sudden, I found my windows 7 PCs were doing things like slowing down, refusing to shut down, and loosing the ability to browse the internet despite the computer saying I was connected. At first, I thought the problem was with bitdefender's new update. When I uninstalled bitdefender, the problems would stop. I had just about decided to go back to Eset when I found that I had the same problem with Eset running along side malwarebytes premium. I have never had this problem before, and ag
  6. I have a Z87-g45 gaming motherboard and I can't get it to boot to usb. My computer completely crashed after I ran hitman and malewarbytes. I ran both scans and each told me a restart was needed so I waited for both to finish since they both required a restart. Prob was not good idea since now my computer won't boot at all. Once I was prompted of a failed startup I chose to restart from last known good configuration. It just got hung on the starting Windows screen for over 3 hours. So I tried changing the bios to ufei instead of legacy+ufei and tried to see if that helped. It didn't
  7. *** Thanks everyone for your continued feedback on the issue. For those affected by the issue, please provide the following information: * When did the freeze first start occurring? Around 12/17/2018 * What were you doing on the computer immediately prior to the latest freeze? Excel Spreadsheet work * Did you notice anything significant occur around the time of the latest freeze (e.g. AV notification, application crash, etc)? No. Freezes NEVER occurred in Windows Safe mode with networking enabled Freezes NEVER occurred in Normal Windows mode with the Ethernet DISCONNECTED.
  8. Hi, A happy new year to all. Sorry for this long message. My computer (win 7 pro) freezes when malwarebytes real time protection is running. i have the premium version and for antivirus i have MS security essentials running. Basically mouse, keyboard dont respond shortly after reboot and have to hold power button to reboot. If i dont have MB real time (or dynamically) running, it works fine. If i run windows in safe mode including with networking it does not freeze (and thats how i am typing right now on this forum). I have tried running the MB support software and under advanced, ra
  9. Computer, a Dell Inspiron 15z running Windows 7, had difficulty shutting down this afternoon - stayed on "Shutting Down" screen. Next time I tried shutting down, a window appeared with the title "mbamtray.exe error" or words to that effect, with a code below it I couldn't copy before the computer shut down on its own. Also, at the same time, the DVD drive will not open when drive button is pressed - it will open with a paper clip inserted into the hole on the front of it. Looking at another post similar to mine, I've run mb-check - the zip file is attached. mb-check-results.zip
  10. This appears once every other week or so: "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown." I came up to the laptop, and it was restarting, but no one had been on it. When I clicked on the internet icon that was a frozen circle, it said "Windows explorer has stopped working". I clicked for a solution, and the main screen reloaded. Then the window "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" appeared. perfmon.zip SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  11. This morning, I got a large screen with lots of information about problems with Windows, accompanied by an audio recording warning of problems with Windows. I tried to close the screen but it kept coming back. I finally shut down and then restarted the computer. I ran Adw Cleaner, as well as Microsoft Security Essentials - both came back with no problems. I was then unable to run Malwarebytes in either Windows 7 Safe Mode or the regular Windows 7 screen. An attempt to uninstall Malwarebytes brought this window: Runtime Error (at 407:201): Access violation at address 6D38C542 in module '
  12. Hi and thanks for helping. My browser works just fine, but every time i open a new tab, Malwarebytes send me a Web page block report. Here you´ve got it. What should i do? feed sonic search.txt
  13. MBAM 3.5.1 Premium for Windows 7 on a 32-bit Dell laptop worked fine. Tried to install MBAM 3.6.1 days ago first without clean install and BSOD upon reboot. Did a clean install today using the MBAM Support Tool and after rebooting and almost at the end of the reinstalling, a blue screen of death again. I have attached logs. I also have the MEMORY.DMP file zipped, but its 139 MB, so if you need, please let know how to send. I also ran a full drive security scan with MBAM v3.5.1 just prior to the 3.6.1 clean install and no malware found. Other security software on this machine Zone Ala
  14. Need help to resolve BSOD problem. Scans fine until it gets to Memory then freezes and the BSOD appears. When the computer reboots this message appears that Windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown with the following parameters. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 7a BCP1: FFFFF6FC40008420 BCP2: FFFFFFFFC0000185 BCP3: 00000000115D1860 BCP4: FFFFF8800108493C OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0
  15. Scaning computer results in finding 2 roraccoon in the registry. Items found shows up in the scan memory circle while running. Went thru the process of quarantine, said it was quarantined. And, should restart system. But system did not remove the 2 items when the scan was done a second time. The results were exported to a TXT file which is attached. How should we proceed to get rid of 'roraccoon' ?????? first-scan-results.txt
  16. Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron desktop running on Windows 7. This computer has had a virus for a while. Recently, it has been freezing the computer 4/5 of the time I use it, causing flashing horizontal lines to appear. Sometimes it causes the screen to turn black, causing the hard drive to make a beeping noise. I have run Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Windows Defender Offline to help solve this problem, and although they have removed many infected files, the malware is still here. I have no backups on this computer from before the virus, and I have lost the Win
  17. Had mb installed for some months but just last week it keeps giving a notification that both Malwarebytes and my windows center defense are turned off, clicking to turn it on hasn't worked. Clicking in the MB tray icon doesn't open the program but it's running in the background. I couldn't run an scan because of it (the window not opening) so I checked the two systems : I have Windows 10 in a partition and Windows 7 that I use regularly. W7 won't open it , and windows 10 just says unable to connect to service. I bootted w7 in safe mode, opened MB and did a full scan but no infection came
  18. For some reason, I keep getting "Unable to connect to service" whenever I try to start this program. Nothing I've seen when I Googled this problem has helped. Grab results attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  19. My ransonware protection for version 3.5.1 is not turning on. I've tried running as Administrator but that doesn't do anything. My Checkresults are attached. CheckResults.txt
  20. I running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 on a 64 bit OS. I have had Malwarebytes Premium running for a year with daily scans. Two instances of iexplorer have started running and chewing up the CPU cycles. I am unable to kill the processes as the pop back up. Does anyone know where I could have picked up this problem and how to get rid of it. Thank you for any time and consideration you can spare.
  21. After the last big upgrade my windows 7 shut down button would not work and then my issues got worse until I went to the forums and learned that many others had issues. Issues were finally resolved. Now, I upgraded again and yes, the shut down button won't work. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi, as the title said, i can't get the ransomware protection to run. This has happened before, but i was able to fix it with a restart / clean reinstall. Not so this time. I did several clean reinstall with your 'Cleanup Utility' with automatic install, manual install, with early start for self-protection, without... nothing helped So here is the log generated as per your instructions. Thank you p.s.: can you PLEASE make this thread private so that not the whole world can download the logfile i just sent you?!!! Why is that not the default setting!!!?
  23. I recently rid a friends computer (PC with Windows 7) of some Malware with a Malwarebytes scan. I further installed Malwarebytes (the trail version of Premium). Today the person called and said she was being prompted to install an upgrade. I told her that is normal and to click on it. She then said the program was asking for her Xfinity password. Huh? I could not imagine why Malwarebytes would request her Xfinity password (she Xfinity as her email client), so I told her to stop and close the request without doing anything else. Has anyonr heard of such a thing?
  24. Hi - I am helping someone with their windows 7 desktop and I would like to use MalwareBytes; however, it does not have an internet connection. I can use my Mac to download MB to my flashdrive. I just need help on the proper way to download MB for windows via my Mac and then update for latest threats, and execute it on the non-connected windows 7 PC. Thank you in advance
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