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Found 8 results

  1. I have a hosting account with one of the major hosting providers in the UK – https://www.vidahost.com/. I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for many years without problems relating to this host. However, in recent weeks I have noticed that the standard URL for my host's "Website preview" option (i.e. for use to preview website prior to transfer and propagation from old host) is always rejected by Malwarebytes Premium when I try to access it via my web browser. For example today I added a domain wsmprinting.com and have enabled the website preview option in the Cloud Control Panel, which it tells me is www.wsmprinting.com.gridhosted.co.uk. However, when I enter that URL into any web browser on my PC it redirects to https://block.malwarebytes.com/ with a warning message “Malwarebytes blocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program”. I have tried setting up a web exclusion within my Malwarebytes program for both www.wsmprinting.com.gridhosted.co.uk AND also for just the domain gridhosted.co.uk. However, whatever I try, Malwarebytes just will not let me access the preview URLs. This has only started happening in the past few weeks. If I disable the Malwarebytes Web protection module it lets me connect to the preview URL. However, I do not want to permanently disable that protection, and it’s odd that it’s only recently that Malwarebytes has stopped trusting these URL’s. I am using Malwarebytes Premium v3.3.1.2183. Has anyone any idea why this is happening, and how it can be fixed? Thanks Gareth
  2. Even though I have the Mailbird.exe process as well as ALL of individual e-mail server domains (incoming and outgoing) added as web exclusions, Malwarebytes still blocks them when malicious website protection is enabled. I don't get a popup indicator, but the minute I disable malicious website protection, Mailbird works fine again. Is there any other fix for this other than leaving malicious website protection disabled?
  3. Hello everyone i have few questions + little issue here with web exclusions so i want to whitelist few url that blocked by malwarebytes do i need to add www. before domain name to whitelist? or with or without www. it will cover all .... can i make rule something like *.whitelisteddomain.* ? so anything in front and either .com/.net/.org etc. whitelisted the issue i am getting with web exlusions is that, even i add domain name to whitelist, it still not letting view the sites... i need to add server IP also to whitelist.... is that they way web-exclusions work ? or they more better way for whitelisting domain thanks in advance
  4. Recently I discovered suspect IP addresses in Web Exclusions field under Settings. I did not put them there knowingly. I have sought advice on this. I have deleted the IP addresses and run MBAM and AV software and do not think I have any infection. My concern however is that the green smiley face and message ... Your system is fully protected ... is inconsistent with the presence of rogue IP addresses in Web Exclusions. I am not a computer expert but have sufficient interest to discover these exclusions and join and post to a forum. I suspect that many (the majority?) of users would be happy to see the smiley face and never for a moment think to check Web Exclusions. Maybe a lot would not even know what an IP address is ... it's true ! Would it be possible to have a regular notification feature in MBAM to alert people to IPs or domains in their Web Exclusions that they might check and delete those that should not be there. OwenS
  5. I discovered about 2-4 IP addresses in Web Exclusions on each of my two desktops and laptop. I think they had been there for a long time because honestly I did not check this settings earlier. IP addresses were from Nigeria, India, Moldova, Netherlands. I removed them immediately. I contacted support who said they are there by user action on purpose or by accident. I have looked at forum and surfed.Others have had this problem. My impression is that nobody know for sure how this happens. One poster suggest it might be an inadvertent response clicking on the Malwarebytes popups notifying a block. I saw also Escatel mentioned by others which came up with me. There is no signs that my systems have been taken over or passwords changed. I check Web Exclusions now several times a day over last week and no new IP addresses have appeared. My virus software (Norton on my main desktop) and Malwarebytes is not picking up anything. I am not an expert and am a bit worried. It would be nice to know how this could have happened, because certainly I did not add these IP addresses myself deliberately ! My main concern though is whether the websites of the IP addresses in question could have been accessing my computers and spying or adding code. Am I correct that Malwarebytes itself would have picked up any malicious code from these sites when a threat scan is carried out. Also would the appearance of an IP address in my Web Exclusions allow it to bypass firewalls or evade detection by my other virus software. I would be grateful for any feedback. Thanks. OwenS
  6. Hi, I upgraded to the newest version of Malwarebytes when the program prompted me to, about 2 weeks ago I beleive. Either way since then I notice that whatever websites are blocked are blocked permanently OR until I turn off Malicious Website Blocking (webproxy). For example, I got to website a.b.com and it is blocked. I add a.b.com to the web exclusions list, which should take effect immediaetly, without any restarting of the program or anything, and then go to a.b.com once more and it is still blocked. I use firefox, so I go and delete all the web cache and temporary files from firefox AND close the program, ending task on webprxy.exe within Task Manager. Then I restart Malwarebytes and firefox. I try a.b.com once more and it is still block. I check the exclusiosn and yes a.b.com is STILL in the exclusions list. OK, so I turn of web exclusions, a.b.com now loads with njot troubles. Gettng frustrated I do all the above steps again except I do not restart malware bytes or firefox...instead I reboot my system letting windows startup do what it does with malwarebytes. When I load up Firefox and go to a.b.com it is still blocked. I turn off Malicous Website Protection and the site loads with no issues, I turn on Malicious Website Protection, check the exclusiosn and a.b.com is still in the exclusiosn list but the website is blocked, and around and around and around I go. Whats the point of putting this in your program when it is clearly non-functional on some systems? So, for now I cannot use this fucntion of Malwarebytes-I like this function but it HAS to have a working exclusions list. I have not experimented much but I have the folliwngin system: Windows 10-all updates applied Vipre Anit-virus Firefox using noscript and adblock (a.b.com has been allowed full script functionality within noscript and in fact the symptoms only occur when Malicous Website Protection is enabled within Malwarebytes) And to make matters worse, Malwarebtes now shows a BIG RED EXCLAMATTION mark on it and Windows Security Center reporst and issue with Malwarebytes. OK, now before some gung ho youngster starts yelling VIRUS,VIRUS,VIRUS-uuummm no. I have more than 30 yeras experience protecting from and getting rid of malware and virii. This system is clean, period-other than the windows 10 virus currently infecting it there is NO virus or malware on this sytem. BUT, jst cause, I also scanned the system with two online virus/malware scanners and a third offline scanner from within a linux Live USB...AND if that doesn't seem like enough well, I loaded my harddrive into my USB external toastter and hooked it up to my laptop whihc is running windows 7/Linux Mint(dual boot) and use BOTH of thsoe operating syustems to scan the hard drive while it was mounted but not the system disk So, WHEN can I expect the Malicious Websiute blocking exclusions list to work proerly? Thank You, John
  7. I'm referring to this thread, where I was advised to start a new topic here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/167562-no-prompt-for-web-exclusions-manual-exclusions-not-honored/#entry956623 I do do not get the prompt for adding websites to trusted list anymore. Manually added domains are not honored. I do not see any signs of being infected and did various scans: TDSS-Killer Hitman-Pro Panda-Cloud Cleaner, recommended to delete startup items, that I set myself : J-Fritz and Desk-Drive, both legal APPs :-( Trend-Micro House-Call Malwarebytes, of course Non showed an infection. CheckResults.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt TDSSKiller.txt
  8. I have the Free version of Malwarebytes, while looking through the settings i clicked on web exclusions. I see 2 ip adresses that i do not recognize and i know that i NEVER added them or allowed malwarebytes to add them. I cannot remove them from the list because i have the free version. Should i be worried? Are these being skipped because they are in the list? Here is a picture of my Malwarebytes and the IP's that added themselves. Are they viruses? What can i do, i'm scared.
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