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  1. I was going to update my out of date Malwarebytes after months of no updates. However, I notice that the update gets stuck at 79% under the category: ''Waiting for the service to become active.'' It then fails with the message: ''The installation failed to start. Please try running the installer again...'' I've tried to run the installer again about 5 times now but the update keeps getting stuck at 79% and then aborts the installation. How can I fix this?
  2. My computer hasn't been automatically been Malwarebytes installing updates for a while, even during scans. I was able to install updates manually for a time but today I checked for updates and it said it couldn't contact the update server. I have tried reinstalling malwarebytes and was met with the same message. The internet itself works fine as I'm using it to make this post. I have tried using Malwarebytes support tool but after repairing it faces the same issue, any suggestions?
  3. I've been wanting to ask this question for a while now but didn't find anything related to this so I just ignored it. My space on the C drive is decreasing ever so slightly. Within 2 days I lost 4gb worth of storage and it seems to be decreasing drastically after scanning with malwarebytes. At first, because I was installing Creative Cloud/Steam and Unreal Engine I thought its a necessary decrease but after a while I observed that every Malwarebytes scan is taking up more storage than supposed to. Ran disk cleanup but only 200MB of junk was found. I just reset windows completely in fear of a trojan but this phenomenon still appears. I currently have the trial version of malwarebytes, real time protection is on so the possibility of an infection seems extremely low, as I just reset my pc and barely even have any software installed (all games and software are installed on a different drive as well). Should this happen? How do I know if I am infected when malwarebytes says I'm not? Could it be something else? Help.
  4. I realize that this is a very anecdotal report but I wanted to mention it nonetheless... I recently updated from Malwarebytes 4.8.12 to 4.10.4 using the apps built-in updater on a MacBook (Mid 2010) running macOS 10.13.6 (with FileVault enabled.) Shortly afterwards I restarted the machine, selected a user and entered the password. The fans on the machine started running at seemingly full blast and the login progress bar failed to show any activity. This continued for at least 20 minutes at which point I reluctantly decided to force the machine to power off by holding down the power button. After waiting a few minutes I powered on the machine and was able to successfully login and boot up.
  5. Hi, I am facing since mid March same infection as Gigaset-Siemens users: my pre-installed update app keeps pushing 'gem', 'smart', and 'xiaoan' trojan. My Whatsapp account has also been blocked. My phone is SG INO 6S. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  6. I was using the 20H2 version of Windows 10 when a pop-up on the desktop asked me to update Malwarebytes (I've scanned prior to that, so it isn't a malware). After updating and restarting, my PC couldn't boot into Windows. I can't get to the BIOS or Recovery Mode because my keyboard only starts working way before the POST. Also, there is no video output on VGA and a black screen on DVI-D. System information: CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 1050 TI Memory: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz⁽¹⁾ Motherboard: iSync CYBH61 LGA1155 OS: Windows 10 Pro 20H2
  7. On Nov 13 MajorGeeks (Official Mirror for Malwarebytes) showed that a new version of MB was available - I have looked everywhere on the MB forum for this release. I have not downloaded this "update" as I cannot verify it is a legitimate update - not even as a beta. And I let MB decide when to update. What's the story? I like MajorGeeks very much but I'm concerned that wrong information might exist. Thanks.
  8. I am trying to update my windows 10 system. The updater version is 1.4.9200.23072. It is marked as a Microsoft copyright. Size is 1.86 MB. When running this, MalwareBytes reports it as being "Ransomware" and blocks the update. Is this a known problemtic version of win10 or MalwareBytes? Thanks Chris
  9. Starting yesterday Malwarebytes has consistently requested restart after update. I did restart the computer and all seemed to be well, but now the software periodically is requesting restart again. I am currently using Malwayrebytes version:, Update package version: 1.0.25965, Component package version 1.0.931. Please advise.
  10. Hi, I am encountering the following error whenever I try to manually check for updates from the setting menu or perform a scan: "Something went wrong - One or more items in the current update did not complete successfully. Please check your internet connetion and try again. If you need more help, visit our support site." Also note the spelling mistake in the error message (i.e. 'connetion' should've been 'connection') not relevant by any means and I misspell often myself but just putting it out there just in case. There's nothing wrong with my internet and restarting my computer also didn't help. This was installed onto a new Windows 10 Computer, with all current updates as of yesterday. I also have an older built computer, with same OS, updates and MBAM version/updates and also seeing the same issue with that one as well.
  11. Help. I've spent several hours trying to figure this out. I had (more on this in a bit) Malwarebytes Premium installed. It notified me that there was a new version through a window that popped up. I accepted the install... then nothing happened. So I opened the app and there was an orange button saying there was an update. I clicked it. I accepted or whetever... then nothing happened. Malwarebytes would keep running. I ran a scan, no issues found. Tried to update again... nothing. I downloaded the online installer and just tried to update that way. Ran MBSetup.exe as Administrator... I got the hour glass for a second... then nothing. I downloaded an offline installer (a suggestion from one of the many posts I found through Googling)... ran mb4-setup-consumer- nothing. I booted into Safe Mode but I couldn't do anything. I have closed as many running apps as I can, disabled things from startup, but NO installer/uninstaller/updater runs. I found a support tool, mb-support- ... I get an error that it couldn't run successfully and to please try again later. So I ran the Malwarebytes clean-up utility. Ran mb-clean- after a few minutes it asked me to restart to finish setup. Now Malwarebytes seems to be gone but I STILL can't re-install it. H E L P. Thoughts?
  12. Hello, I clicked on my Malwarebytes icon to run a scan, but a pop-up message appeared that said, "Unable to connect the service." How should I proceed? If I re-install, will I be able to utilize the same license and license key numbers, or will I have to purchaser a new one? Your advice would be appreciated. Regards, Fred
  13. Hi Missing info of ( availabiltiy unsure of version 4.1.1. ) The update function of v4 sticks at 4.1.0 Where's the update ?
  14. So MB was stuck in the "installing update" screen for quite some time and after about an hour I just gave up and shutdown thinking i'll just apply the update later. Tried it again in the morning, and now the program gui doesn't even display. It didn't even auto run in my startup, and has been removed from that. It's there in task manager but I can't get the interface to load (as a standard OR admin). elevated task manager gets access denied when i try to terminate it. There's a similar thread where the suggestion was to collect the logs from the recovery tool but twice now the tool has said it's made the .zip but it's nowhere on my desktop. What is going on? Please help I feel naked without MB. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I made my first computer about 5 months ago, I activated the Windows with kmspico. For the first 2 weeks everything worked fine: Windows update, Windows defender etc. But then problems started to occur: I stopped getting the update, the Windows defender stopped working and the computer started acting strange, sometimes it would shut down or restart or lose the signal from gpu. I would just like to try to fix the windows update and the windows defender because I do not feel safe while using this computer. Even though I know reinstalling Windows will be the best option, I do not wont to lose all the data and files, first I want to try to fix it. I started looking at this post: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/241381-kmspico-installed-problem-with-windows-10/ but i figured out the post was closed so i decided to open my topic. Thanks in advance.
  16. I experienced a dramatic slow down of my Windows 10 PC about 5 months ago, and I did everything I could think of to figure out what the problem was - deleted all extraneous programs, etc., etc. I would hate to know the hours I wasted, and I admit that I'm far from a techie. My computer was running at about 5% of its normal speed, and it was so dramatic that I was looking at new machines. Then Malwarebytes made an update about 11-25-19, and magically my problem disappeared. I was very happy, but also a little angry that Malwarebytes let this bug go on for so long. I am running Malwarebytes Premium, and it will be the first thing I disable the next time if the problem ever recurs. I couldn't have been the only one living with this conflict, and I think Malwarebytes owes it to it customers to avoid such extended problems in the future. 😖
  17. When an update to Malwarebytes becomes available, it would be nice if the user was given more information before updating. When an update becomes available it's standard for well-written software to provide the user with: - the version number of the release they're currently running, - the version number of the new release, and - access to release notes so that the user can determine what will change with the new update and all before the update is applied and without the user having to go information-hunting outside the update process. I think that would be a nice and helpful addition to Malwarebytes. As it is now, Malwarebytes informs me that there's an update available and allows me to chose whether to update, but that's it - without the aforementioned information-hunting I have no idea what version I'm running, what version I'll be updating to, nor what will change. Thanks!
  18. When I click on "Check for Updates," the exclamation point disappears for a moment, to be replaced by a green check, only to be replaced by the exclamation point again. I have not been able to update the protection since July. Thoughts?
  19. None of my computers can update or access the Malwarebytes license server. Are the servers down? Thanks!
  20. A few days ago I restarted my computer before a long time without re-starting it (like 1 week with the pc on) and I noticed that "Explorer.exe" was requesting to initialize, but the real explorer.exe task was already running... I said no but then I checked the directory of the file and the system said that the file was on %windir%/resources/themes, well going into folder to check if the file exists I noticed that theres nothing more than aero themes in this folder. So did a scan in the folder using malwarebytes and it recognized svchost.exe malware and explorer.exe, before adding they do quarentine I wanted to check why the files didnt apeared, so I enabled "show hidden folders" in explorer (the real one, from microsoft) and it changed nothing, well, so I tried to open the archive by going with %windir%/resources/themes/explorer.exe in the explorer path, it worked, but I still uncapable of seeing this file... So I started CMD as admin and did " cd " to %windir%/resources/themes and did " dir " inside the folder, as I expected the dir shows the same as explorer, but appeared 2 new items that the was named as " . " and " .. " I deleted both sucessfully. Searching for this in internet I found that there's an other way to hide files in windows, that was adding them to" important system files or protected system files" list, and following the instructions to disable this privilege, I finally could see the archives, well, I added them to the quarentine list and continued using my computer since yesterday that I realized that everytime malwarebytes send two addwares to quarentine (I left the results of scan in the post as "Annoying addware.txt") they come back right after I finish the task... When trying to solve these issues I realized many things... 1- I cant use commands as DISM, sfc /scannow, windows update, windows defender( I will let write happens when i try to use them bellow this part) , net start/stop wuauserv (the wuauserv service doesnt even exists in registry, I didnt checked windows defender one...) 2- there was a folder called QEMU hidden with the "important system files" method, I deleted all content Inside and then deleted the folder after taking out the folder privilegies 3- Theres two "program" files in "Inicialize" section of task manager wich I cant go to proprieties ( I dropped the print down on anexed files named as "Program" unknow files) When I try to use with /checkhealth everything go fine, but when I try to use dism with /restorehealth it stops at 87,5% and gives an error 1060 messages saying " the specified service does not exist as an installed service " ( I left the DISM log file right bellow named as DISM.txt ) When I try to use sfc /scannow it says that cannot fix all issues When i try to use windows update it says that my organizations disable windows updates ( ? ) When I try windows defender it just goes black screen on the window Well, it would be great if someone could help me, I dont really want to re-install windows... I would take a month to setup my pc again Also, I run Windows 10 Pro 64bits, version 1809... dism.log Annoying Adware.txt Rkill.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  21. A prompted update notice has led to Malwarebytes not working. I have reinstalled. I have used the support tool and reinstalled. HELP!!
  22. Hello, I have Malwarebytes installed on my windows 10, with a license installed. Now I have a problem on updating Malwarebytes, occurs an error that means "acces denied" like the image. How can I fix this problem?
  23. Today MBAM started showing a message that there's a new version available. The problem is i click install, MBAM closes itself but nothing happens. How do i install the new version? My current version is
  24. Lately I have been getting notifications that the 2 databases (malware and phishing URLs) are out of date. When I press the update database button nothing happens. Can anyone help me with this please?
  25. Well, I've got some bad news. After turning on self-protection and restarting my computer, the tray disappeared again. And I have the latest version too.
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