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Found 8 results

  1. Hello All, Just switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Succeed installing FL studio 20 under Playonlinux. Next program I really like to have on Linux is Malwarebytes (3.7.1). I keep getting the error message " Runtime error (at 433:375) Could not proc". Anyone have success installing Malwarebytes under playonlinux and or directly with wine?
  2. Hi I noticed that Malwarebytes breaks the Windows subsystem for Linux if I run "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade". This is very annoying because I have to reinstall the whole WSL system every time this happens. dpkg is NOT malware, it is a package management tool in Ubuntu. Please see: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/dpkg.1.html Please see the attachment.
  3. i was wondering if you guys could make a version or malwarebytes for ubuntu as there are malware out there for linux operating systems and i have checked everywhere and there is no programs to fix or remove them if and when you do get them
  4. I did a search for the forum and what came up appeared to be unrelated. I did find this: "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware does not currently support non-Windows OS platform, such as Apple devices or any forms of Linux." link I believe that was from January of this year. With Windows 10 being a privacy nightmare as well as using people's bandwidth and so forth I was thinking of, when a new computer will be purchased of getting Ubuntu as the OS. However MBAM is SUCH an outstanding system that I would very much feel UNprotected without it. If it is not available currently for Ubuntu is there any plans for the near future? Thank you. Patrick
  5. I'm currently using Ubuntu OS with wine environment. I was able to set Malwarebytes to run automatically on startup, but I can't set realtime protection through the fix it now button, only manually after startup post bootup of Ubuntu. Is there a grub or other file setting through terminal I need to, and are able to change, in order to have real time protection set on autorun during bootup?
  6. Desktop Compaq Presario CQ5300F, Windows 7 A client fell for the phone call, with the strong Indian accent, supposedly from Microsoft, and released control of her computer to the hackers. She does not have the recovery disks. When Windows starts, an old-fashion window - looks like XP, if not 98 or 95 - pops up asking for a password. Using Ubuntu, I was able to back up the important files, The recovery partition is present, I do not know in what shape. The client is willing to reset the computer to factory settings. When I press F11 after powering the computer, instead of bringing the Recovery Manager, I am asked for the disks which I do not have. Going to the "Rebooting to last known configuration" goes back to the same as hitting F11. The BIOS looks fine and password is not set up. Any suggestions to 1) access the Recovery Manager 2) Using Ubuntu, find the routine/code that is asking for the password and disable it 3) Or???? Note: I will be looking into "How to install Windows 7 without the Disc," however faster/easier solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help, Franou
  7. Hello, I have a unique problem. I downloaded malwarebytes free version on my windows 7 computer and ran it. It comes back clean. I have ubuntu installed on a flashdrive through which I sometimes boot from. I installed Wine (a program that lets ubuntu run windows programs) and used it to run Malwarebytes while using ubuntu. The scan from using ubuntu comes back saying there are multiple threats, however they are all files from C:\windows\.... such as system32\dmusic32.dll or syswow64\iexplore.exe. Does anyone know if these are actually bad files or just something picked up because it is scanning an HDD with windows installed on it? I'm not quite sure why it would detect windows files as being threats. Thanks!
  8. My name is Jacob Anderson, and I absolutely LOVE freewares. I'm a Windows freeware fanatic, a guy with no credit card but a nag for software that does many things for me. Malwarebytes and MSE are the two antivirus freewares I use in combination to protect my computers and my friends' computers. I love the idea of a free OS, too. I'm into using Ubuntu, and I have even got an 8 gig flash drive that I can boot Ubuntu up from on any computer that boots usb. Thanks to Linux's amazing hardware compatibility, drivers are RARELY an issue for booting from the flash drive for any computer! I'm posting because I think it would be one small step for me and a giant leap for Malwarebytes if they created a .deb installer for Linux that scans hard drives with Windows installed on them. The reason I'd like to do this is because I dealt with the Windows Pro Defense virus on one of my friends' computers. It was the worst spyware I'd ever seen! I had to rename the mbam.exe to something random lik jfkldssdl.exe just so it would run, and then every time the scan completed and I tried to remove the files the spyware caused Malwarebytes to stop responding. I had to use a portable task-manager freeware called Daphne Portable (Because Windows task-manager was not being allowed to run) to find the process, then find the executable. I couldn't delete it in windows so I took note of the file path booted from Ubuntu on my flash drive to delete the virus's executable file. Finally I booted, scanned, and cleaned off the mess left from the virus's war we had. I just think it would be amazing if we could boot up a free operating system (Linux) that was compatible with Malwarebytes and clean off these extremely clever and complex spywares like Windows Pro Defense. I don't know what kind of work it takes to make a stable version for Linux, but unfortunately it's just something that Linux Wine will never really handle. Linux and Malwarebytes working together would be an amazing freeware combination that will knock viruses and spyware off their feet before they know what's happening, and I'd be thrilled to see this happen sometime. Thank you everybody for your time and consideration! =)
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